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so. no one can ever tell me what to do. >P
new entry! i get to go to geram day for my school 'cuz im just that good at learning a new lanuage! i also got a penpal. im gonna finish the letter tomarrow, then of it goes! if i had a leaf on my head, a real leaf, and its more like in my head than on it, but if i had a leaf resting on my head, then all my dreams would come true...well by that its like what i want, 'cuz if my dreams came true, thatd be good and bad. bad 'cuz i cant remember most the stuff i dream about. itd good 'cuz what i remember i like most of what i remember. i learned how to draw manga eyes. so im all in a light fluffy mood now 'cuz my drawing has improved by, like, a lot! im doin really good in school, the best ive ever done in my whole life! all A's! so, thats a 4.0 average. im really glad that my brain can hold all that info. cool cool cool the things i dont like about school are: research and when my teacher leachers us about homework and how she has to do thid and that, and if she can do it and teach, we can all do whatever it is she wants us to do. she can be really annoying that way. ...anyway, bob is still in the ovenman. he's still livin good, but he's in an oven, so that puts a bummer on things. so thats all i gotta share. peace out. enjoy ur week. be nice to ur teachers and friends and ppl who arent ur friends. l8r. pirate pirate pirate pirate ninja ninja ninja ninja cool cool cool

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Gender: male
Name: Matt
Age: 17
Birthday: Dec. 4
Likes: blankets, fall, big hoodies, winter, sweets
Dislikes: sour, wigs, spring, loud noises, being cold
Guardian: mapleleaves13
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