I will begin school August 23. Actually I'm kind of excited to begin school, because I will begin a brand new school with a new class.

When I began the summer vacation, I had no big idea what I should do when I didn't had anything to do (except sitting in front of the computer the whole time), and around at the end of July, I knew that I wanted to learn japanese.
I'm using help of some websites and a program, and I have already seen result with my practising.
However, it's not so many days left to learn it, because when school begins, I will sure don't have any time to keep studying japanese (they don't offer it there, and I will then begin learning chinese). I cannot promise myself that I would learn everything before school starts (especially when I'm sitting on the computer like a free-time way long), but I already learned Hiragana, I can a few greeting words, and now I'm off learning Katakana. And I can already count the numbers, and it's actually the same counts as the chinese (japanese and chinese countings are the same), so I will not have any problem with that when I'm reading chinese.

Anyway, that's all for today. smile