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So i get there late at night and at that time i had long hair, so im already an outcast, i stuck out like a sore thumb, in a place like that, that’s NOT GOOD they gave me a bunch of physicals and i passed... blah blah blah than they made us take showers together and if that wasn't weird enough there where no doors on the toilet stalls, jeez talk about an invasion of privacy... bah blalala blah (Week 2) and then the real training started OMJ O_O blahblah blah (week 3) then I got my needle to a** injection and my leg went numb... blah blahblah blaaah (week 4) I blacked out at the firing range and almost shot someone... blah blablah bablah blaaa... boy was I surprised when the said i needed to see a psychologist and a psychiatrist... blaaaaaaaah ... blah so I went to see the psycho people on a very cloudy day, which did not help my confidence in my sanity... blaahahahaaaaaah DX (week 5) they told me I had "POST bipolar disorder"(liars) go figure? so they told me I was a "future" threat to the navy, in effect to that news they told me they were going to discharged Well it started out being hell and it ended up being hell... (Week 1) I got there with my long hair so i was already me under general conditions... blah blah I was given a big bag, I knew what it was for. I proceeded to my looker to clean it out... blaaah blahblah blahbla they sent me to a separate building called you guessed it separations, it was made just to hold the people that r being discharged (a crazy house pretty much) I had to walk 2 miles just to get there lugging a 50 pound bag on my back GRRRRrrr!... blah blah blah... b... blah?
Passen the flow
to the next action that goes
over and over to become repetitive blows.
As everyday is the same
you just have one person to blame.
If only you knew how to stop
whats already been dropped and cropped.

And as time passes
you just get left in the masses
that leaks all the screams and crashes.
But at the end of the day
which is really cliche to say
you just wanna be in your bed and say
tomorrows another day
and pray for the good to stay.

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