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XxxKeisyaxxX RP
Community Member
New Chars...

First- Keisya Grimmgouge
species- arrancar (i like bleach razz )

Picture- User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.[/img]

Desc.- A young girl who was murdered... She became a hollow and was later mutated with the hougyoku by Aizen....... Although she lives, trains and associates with the other Arrancar and Espada, she is on the Soul Reaper's side >:3

Second- Kyo Anyerisu (full name Kyone, but goes by Kyo because of Ukitake's... um.. aide? w/e.. Kiyone lol)
species- Shinigami aka soul reaper

Picture- i have not found a suitable photo yet, nor do i have the proper equipment to scan+upload a drawing by my own hand.

Detailed Desc.- About 5'7", Large chest - cup size FF, weighs about.. 130 lbs. Skinny.. nah.. more like Athletic.
Hair- Kept short and messy.. sometimes purposely spiked up with gel. Color- Red.. similar to Renji but a bit more to the scarlet side razz .
Eyes- Large and slanted, around Matsumoto's color but more white. Long, black eyelashes. Right Eyebrow pierced twice, close to the end towards her ear.. Silver hoop and a moonstone stud.
Mouth- Large, full lips, canine teeth are unusually long, some say they look more like fangs than actual teeth and tend to call her a vampire. Right-to-middle of lower lip is pierced, silver hoop.
Nose- Unpierced.

Marks/ Tattoos- Has tribal-dagger black tattoos covering most of her body. Out of embarrassment, she wears strong coverup on her face and neck and keeps her Shihakusho tied tightly to prevent any opening of it that could reveal the tattoos.

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