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The Demented Mind of Akana Nasaga
This is where I shall post poems, story ideas that pop into my head and random crap that I need to let out
Axel's dream
This had to be a dream, no a horrible nightmare. There bathed in moonlight and surrounded by sakura petals lies his lover. His sweet pink hair dyed a sick purple by the blood gathering in a puddle around his head. The fiery red head falls to his knees, his hands shake as he places them gently on his lover’s cheeks.
“Come on Mar this isn’t funny. Wake up, Marluxia please.” he begs lifting Marluxia’s head. Sapphire blue eyes stare lifelessly in to sea foam green eyes. On Marluxia’s neck there is a deep gash from which the blood comes from. Tears flow from the red headed mans eyes as he hugs Marluxia close to him.
“Who did this to you baby? Who took you from me?” he asks in a dead voice.

“Come on Axel, hurry up!” his lover’s melodious voice floats through the air a sweet song to Axel‘s ears. The bushes to his side rustle and out steps Marluxia in all his pink glory. He giggles happily as he runs to the edge of the cliff over looking a large lake. This spot is their special spot, the spot were they could go and be in each others arms with out fearing being found out.
“You were pretty bold leaving the note out there like. Who knows who could have found it.” he giggles again as he, Axel, steps out of the bushes.
“I knew you would find it Love.” Axel whispers gathering Marluxia into his arms. He nuzzles the soft pink hair, inhaling the faint scent of rose. He hated pretending to hate the soft spoken male, hated yelling at him. Marluxia also hated pretending to be a cold hearted b*****d, only a few select people other then Axel knew that he was sweet, caring and hated raising his voice.
“I love you so much, got it memorized?”
“Yup, forever and ever.”
They stare out at the lake, the moon rises slowly casting its glow on the lovers. Marluxia stands on his toes and kisses Axel softly wrapping his arms around Axel‘s neck.
“I won’t let anyone hurt you. I will protect you, got it memorized.”
Marluxia looks deeply into Axel’s eyes, compassion and trust glow in his eyes.
“I’ve never doubted that.” he whispers as he turns around to look at the lake. Axel slowly raises his hand and places it on the base of Marluxia’s neck, regret filling every part of his body. Marluxia shifts uncomfortably.
“Axel baby…” he starts but with a quick flash of silver he is silenced, blood flows from his neck and Axel gently lies him down.
“I’m sorry. I won’t let him harm you, got it memorized?”
Marluxia looks at him betrayal clear in his blue eyes a shaky hand reaches out to touch Axel’s cheek.
“W W Why? He asks coughing up some blood as his eyes dim.
“I you love so much. I won’t let any one hurt you.” Axel mummers.
The images fade as past catches up with present.
Axel gazes at his lover, the one person he told everything. The one person he loved more then life it’s self. He sobs harder as he kisses Marluxia’s cold blue lips.

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