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♔True stories♡~
About this Journal? oh.. I'm sure you'll love my journal, because the words that i will write here are true.. :) It will actually base on true story :) Story of my life, friends, relatives, etc.. It will be wonderful if you will subscribe to my Journ
"The Story of 2 Stupid love-'errs' "
There's a girl named Jasmine (oh that's not her real name), she is small, cute, talented, jolly, friendly, talkative (when with her friends), has a childish acts, lovely teenager. She have a boy bestfriend, Daniel (oh that's not also his real name). Daniel is the only boy best friend of Jasmine. He is also the guy that Jasmine is secretly loving, Jasmine cannot tell her love to him.. (WHY? i'll tell you why later wink neutral sweatdrop ) they met when they were in 3rd year High School through a text. So this is the story..

Daniel got the number of Jasmine from his friend. He sent a message to Jasmine saying, "Hello.". Jasmine was shocked because somebody got her number. She replied and said "who's this? how did you get my number?". Daniel replied "this is Daniel, i got your number from Rich" (Rich is not the real name of Daniel's friend). Then the two of them started to text each other.. Even though they only knew each other from a text, when Daniel speak to Jasmine as if, they were that super close, in other words he is "FC"--- "Feeling Close".. But because of that they become close. biggrin In School, because of their closeness, their other batch mates thought they have something, so the classmates of Jasmine & Daniel (note: they are not classmates), teased them like.. "yiiiee.. ayiiie" because of that Jasmine had no choice but planned to SNOB DANIEL in school (not letting know Daniel), even though she don't want to. So whenever they see each other in the corridor, Jasmine snob Daniel, but Daniel always say "Jasmine! Jasmine! hey! why are you not even saying to me a simple hi?". When they talked on the telephone, they told each other that they will not act that too close in school to avoid issues.

As months, days, gone by, they become BEST FRIENDS. They tell secrets to each other, especially Daniel.. Daniel is so open to Jasmine. I don't know why Jasmine is so silent when she's talking to Daniel on the telephone/cellphone. They tease each other, but Jasmine cannot win from Daniel. One day Jasmine realized that she already love his best friend, not as a best friend but more than a best friend. Jasmine tried to tell her true feelings to Daniel, (from a tone of joke to a serious tone of voice). THIS IS THE CONVERSATION:

"Jas: hey! you know what?
Dani: what?
Jas: i have a crush on you. smile
Dani: wehh...i have a crush on ____ (Daniel's crush)
Jas: so? i don't care.. i'm in love with you. smile
Dani: nice joke.
Jas: I'm not joking (Jas is serious)
Dani: stop.
Jas: why?
Dani: Please stop it. WE'RE BEST FRIENDS
Jas: haha! ok ok.. smile ) ei you think i'm really serious? smile )
Dani: yea. "

So from that moment Jas promised to herself that he won't try to tell anymore her true feelings to Dani. But she always broke that promise. Jas always joked Dani that she loves him (even though it's not a joke). Jas always make Dani feel her love, but Dani don't feel it. sad . Dani always tell story to Jas about her crush, while Dani is telling the story.. Jas is escaping from the pain that she always feel sad .

And this is the sad part. While the 4th quarter exam (They are already 4th year high school this time) is coming, their closeness is fading.. less talk, less closeness, Jas don't know what happened to their closeness. It started when Dani became friends with somebody else. So they don't talk to much in the phone neither on the cellphone, they don't communicate, they don't say a single word to each other in school.

Until now... Jasmine still love Dani.. she don't know if she will tell her true feelings (without the word "Joke" wink or she will not let Dani know it. How about you? Do you think Jasmine should tell her true feelings? Even though Dani likes someone else? and it can affect their friendship? Please comment. smile

P.S. Jasmine & Daniel may not see each other anymore, they may not communicate because they will get ready for college. sad And oh i forgot, they are not talking too much already. crying cry

*This story is based on true story.*

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