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Deep thoughts....
Ok so first of all my lovely amazing back ground was done by one of my favorite DA artist Olafpriol. I love her One Piece fan art, it's amazing!!!! Behold it and weep! >>>>> http://olafpriol.deviantart.com/

So besides her awesomeness, I'm guna post some of my lameness. Here's a story I thought of today while I was listening to my sister read King Arthur. It's a pretty anorexic idea as of now, but I think it has potential. It's set in a medieval kingdom and it's the story of some 16 year old boy, who may or may not be named Kenneth/Kenny, who is the squire of a knight at the kings castle. I wrote a really badly written summary to make sure I wouldn't forget anything and I'm going to post it. Sorry for the crappy-ness of it.

"In a kingdom of peace in a land of turmoil, King _____ reigns good and just. His knights of his land keep the peace and vanquish the darkness of the forests. However one calm night a cry rings out that the Castle wall have been breached. Strange powerful beasts rampage through the castle calling for the kings death. King ____ noble knights try to protect them but are sorely defeated. With only one of the knights squires left the king and the squire barely make it out of the palace alive. Though the king is gravely wounded he has the squire help him to the lake in the forest behind the palace. When they get there the king takes his mighty sword and thrust it into the water. Making the lake glow with a green light. The squire is shocked and questions what the king is doing, but then the king falls as if he was struck by and arrow. The squire can hear the strange beast coming through the forest and began to panic. The king takes the boys hand as he is dying and tells the boy that the creatures were from a different world, a world of magic just beyond there own. He tells the boy that he must go through and find a man named Morte d' Arthur and tell him "___(something)____". The boy is scared and confused and hesitates to go in. He says that he would not be a goo choice to send because of his fear for many things. Somehow the king get on the topic of the boys past (The boy was found wandering through the forest at the age of four with no memories of his past. The towns orphanage took him in but as he grew his ears became more and more pointed, and by the time he was seven they were hard not to notice. People began to think he was a demon, or his body harbored one, so they kicked him out on the streets. He began to run around the alleys trying to scrape up a living for himself by stealing. One day he was caught by one of the Knights of the king, but he was so impressed by his raw talent and character, instead of turning the boy in he promised to give him a home and food if he would become his squire. The boy told him about his "demon" and refused, not wanting to be rejected by anyone else. The knight told the boy that he didn’t care and brought him to the palace. From then on the boys life was happier, although the other squires made fun of him, and the other knights feared him, he was happy. But then when he turned 14 his knight went off and never returned. Everyone knew that he had died, but the knights still allowed the boy to remain in the palace.) He told the boy that the reason his ears were pointed was because he was from the world of magic. At first he boy didn't believe it, but as the king came closer and closer to death he decided to at least do as the king wished. The last thing the king said to him was to make sure that he took the sword with him. Before the boy could ask the beasts come through the forest and swarm the king. The boy attempts the protect the king but he pushes the squire in to the water and the boy sees nothing after that."

Yeah so that's it. I hope it goes well. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
~Jonesy pirate

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