Chapter 4:
"How can I forgive you?"

He sighed gently as he walked into the garden of roses. Different as can be he picked up a golden rose that had dew on its petals,"If you don't mind...Can I give this to my friend? We...We are currently fighting about something and i need to make it up to him.."he sighed closing his eyes. "I'm sorry to hear that..please take it..I hope that he enjoies it.."The farmer said smiling gently. "Thank you..."He bowed and ran back to christian."I'm sorry if i worried you Christian...Will you let me make it up to you with this?"he asked smiling as he held it out delecately to him. Christian sighed"I can't believe you let her do that to you.."he looked away tears in his eyes.
"Christian! Nothing happened!"He said looking down, he got down onto one knee and hugged christian softly,"I promise....". Christian pulled away hashly"That's not what I saw! Sasori, she was on top of you naked! She was even kissing your neck! Have you forgotten your promise?!" he cried out standing as if about to run off. Sasori reached out,"Christian, please don't do this!"he said pure pain and agony on his face. Christian turned away,"You promised that if you ever lost it you would lose it to me!" he cried out, his tears strolling down his cheeks. Sasori stood, putting a hand on his shoulder,"Christian...Forgive me for what i have done to make you cry..."it was clear in his voice he was being torn apart by this. "How can I forgive you after you broke your promise and my heart?!"Christian cried pulling away and running away. "CHRISTIAN!!"Sasori cried out running after him.
The crowds were thick like molasis. The street with vendors and visitors of all kinds. He saw Christian disappear into the crowd. He continued to run after him,"CHRISTIAN!!! where are you?! CHRISTIAN!!" he shouted christian's name many times he watched as christian turned down and ally.He fallowed, shouting christian's name constantly, worried about him. Suddenly the was a crash and afterwards came a muffled scream.
Sasori quickly fallowed the crashing noises, quicker than anytime before, his incubi blood kicking in his eyes turning to a lusterous silver. In the blink of an eye a cloth was on his nose and mouth. the cloth was drugged with tranquilizer. He struggled wildly, his limbs began to fill with sleep, going numb. He heard a voice from behind chuckle,"A wild one arn't ya?" he laughed as he felt Sasori go limp. Once more.....He fell into the warmth of the darkness.
Sasori awaoke gasping for air, he tried lifting his arms to wipe the sweat from his face.He winced as he felt himself restrained,"What the--"he bliked looking around. The lighte flickered on,"....Itake its....I've been kidnapped...Again...."he groaned. A deep chuckle rose from the pitch black shadows,"Thats right, you and your friend". A figure of absolute darkness emerged from the shadows. He was overly muscular, he wore a one size too small, black, tank top, baggy, black, denim pants. He had pure black hair with white streaks; One eye was white with a pure black pupil and the other was pure black with a clean white pupil. He was very tan, almost the color of carmel.
Across the room was something, or perhaps someone covered with a blanket of some sort.The man grinned,"Don't you just love broken promises?"he asked rubbing the blanket. A soft whimper could be heard from underneath. Just the the man pulled the blanket away. Christian was on his stomach, with his a** in the air crying his small c**k hung there. Christian was suspended a few feet off the ground. Sasori blushed, but was furious,"LET CHRISTIN GO!" he screamed, the once shocked eye had turned furious. The man snickered"Name's Cello"he said rubbing Christians tip,"Come on out boys.." he chuckled. Two muscular men came out with only towels on grinning.
Christian cried out even more,"Sasori help me!"he cried in fear. Sasori's eye twiched,"I told you leave him alone!"his eyes slowly began to change. Cello stripped down to nothing grinning,"Take your medicine like a good little boy"he said grabbing christian's a** thrusting himself in. Christian cried out in pain as the massive c**k was shoved in his a**. "SASORI!!"he screamed just as on of the men started to suck on him and stuff on in him mouth. Sasori grinned,"I told you to leave him alone..."he started to laugh. His voice was no longer the swet and sexy, but now deep and demonic and sounded through out the warehouse. Cello stopped, as well as the others, christian whimpered in fear and pain, the massive c**k still in him. Sasori's eyes were now pitch black with red slits, and his furious aura burst out with a furious energy. The chains and shackles shattered and he stood growling,"You will pay for your sins!"he shouted growling. He walked towards them , his playful aura was no more, but now a terrifying aura. The purple hgad turned black. The tension was palpable, it was as thick as velvet, as he made his way towards them grinning a sinister grin.
His head was hung low as if looking to the ground sadly. He wasnt sad, in fact he had a sinister grin on his face,"Did you think i was kidding when I told you to leave him alone?"he laughed. This laughter wouldnt stirke happiness, laughter, or lust but it would strike pure fear into the deepest hardest heart. The windows shattered everywhere Christian was protected somehow from the flying glass.He finally stood in fron of them looking down on Cello grinning that sinister grin laughing.

To be continued!!!!!