this post has been here since 2012.. LOL editing this every time lmao

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Name:: somewhere between A and Z

Nickname:: Gekka,Kawa, Gekawa

Age:: OLD wow... I am old as ********...
but we can pretend I am 23 y/o Fight me :V

Nationality:: Mexican

Languages:: Español / English / 日本語 / 한국어

Digital artist forever and ever even when my hands cant draw s**t

I may tent to be kinda sarcastic,
I am a super horrible person, talk to me under your own risk ; v;
I can imitate anime voices (the kink is showing up omg)
I can't stand with certain people, yeah i hate and love you at the same time
I feel pleasure with romantic literature & classical music

My original username was "Gekka Reijin"
"Gekka Reijin" means "Moonlight Lady" and it's a song of Buck-Tick. (Back in my old punk/goth/emo days)
Gekka means "Moonlight"
Gekkarts = Gekka + Art , b***h I'm sooo original....
KawaShit = I am a kawaii s**t
Gekka & Kawa are my OC`s
Always wishing for a romance like pride and prejudice and having my own nerd, social-awkward Mr. Darcy
I have been a member since 2005-2006
I don't like drama here, I am too old for that bs