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Random Shiz.
Well, what do you think? RP character info, fanfictions, updates on artwork... teh usual.
Halo Roleplaying Character Base.
Name: Tamera-042.
Age: Unknown.
Rank: Second Lieutenant. (changeable if needed)

Combat Experience: Extensive SPARTAN II Training, specializes in Covert-Ops. Fought in the Human-Covenant War, MIA for 10 years for behind-enemy-lines combat.

Weapons: Human Energy Sword and Pulse (weapon system built into her armor). Pulse is a cross between a burst of EMP and electrical. It has a very regeneration time (4 minutes) but when used, sends out a sphere-shaped pulse of energy that disables all electrical devices within a 100m radius and stuns (or kills in the matter of Infection forms) all lifeforms in a 20m radius. The Human Energy Sword is a bastardized human-prototype version of the Forerunner/Sangheili Energy Swords but in a more contained area (smaller but has a denser gravitational field). It has a longer life than the Sangheili sword but will become useless when its energy runs out (it will shatter if used as a cudgel).

Appearance: Grey/blue eyes, short messily-cut light brown hair. Sage (Dark Green) MJOLNIR VII EVA Armor with a non-regulation black belt with pocket used to store... things ^_^ Non -combat wardrobe includes standard issue UNSC clothing.

(Image can be made on request)

Bio: Quirky to say the least. Tamera outside the battlefield is a stubborn, friendly and had somewhat bouncy personality (for a Spartan, at least). This also makes her a loyal, empathetic and selfless. When insulted, hurt or embarrassed, she is prone to lash out violently (though its put down to the augmentations) and can become clumsy. In the battlefield, she will always go out of her way to keep her team-mates out of the brunt of most fights and like all Spartans, is a excellent tactician and warrior.

She also has an odd habit to growl during battle when being attacked mentally.


Example of Writing: http://www.fanfiction.net/~spartaness

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