Ramble section~Oh, you know. Just re-writing the history of the gods and the Earth. Not. Nah, I'm just explaining the background of the flat planet Eroal. Which, I'm sure, none of you have heard of until you read this, making it slightly inaccurate. Just read it, dammit. I have drawn my inspiration from Norse mythology and Wiccan mythology. Kinda. I wrote this in. . . oh. . . about four hours.

~Note: I don't actually have any names, besides the ones I made up on spot plus The Lord (Time), The Lady (Space), and Nothing (Nothing/The End/The Beginning). SO, if any of you have any good names, please, post them in a comment or something. Also, sorry about the apparently random capitalization. It is not random, for everything with a capital is being used as a proper noun, or more correctly, as a name.

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~ In the End of all time, the worlds crumbled and the stars collapsed into the gaping maws of Nothing. At the very End, Time itself was swallowed by Nothing. Nothing lived alone, and in peace, though without Time there was no way of saying for how long. Nothing ruled over All. For, you see, Nothing was Everything, and Everything was Nothing. Then one day without warning, a hole was ripped in the fabric of All, and through the hole stepped two children. With their appearance was the ending of Nothing, for they existed, and they were not Nothing. But the children were sad in this dark place of theirs. It had no light, unlike like the place they had come from. So, in an effort to brighten the dark world they plucked an eye from each of their sockets and fastened them to the fabric of the world. The two were amazed, for one eye burned bright gold, while the other glistened in a cool silver.

~ The eyes were coveted by the children, and the two stared at them all of the time. But, once, the gold eye went missing. The Lord instantly knew who to blame, and turned to The Lady in a fit of rage demanding for it to be returned. The Lady just shook her head no, no. So The Lord smashed the silver eye into a countless number of small fragments, all shimmering from their place in the fabric of the world. With this new development, The Lady plucked one from the sky and flattened it using her fist. Then she dropped the golden eye next to it. Next, she cut a piece of skin from her foot and dropped it onto the now flat star. Finally, she let seven drops of blood fall upon her creation. This created the dirt, stones, and water now covering the new world. The Lord, envious of The Lady's creation, ripped a piece of fabric from the sky and wrapped it around The Lady's flattened star. And thus, in a jealous rage, The Lord created the Heavens and the Underworld.

~ It could have been seconds later, it could have been eons later, without Time to tell us, we do now know. What we do know, however, is that The Lord and The Lady have made up their petty argument and are now working together to finish the incomplete world. The Lady had decided to plant a strand of her hair in the dirt. The Lord had decided to spin the golden eye, and move things forward, thus creating Time in a Timeless world. With every turn of the golden eye, The Lady would sing to the planted hair, and would pluck another strand from her head. So she sang, for many years, until she had fashioned every hair into two dolls; Creation and Life. With the completion of her dolls, The Lady breathed on the dolls, bringing them into being. With each step they took on the world, new plants surfaced, and were now a part of the new world. That, and The Lady's hair had sprouted, becoming a tree that stretched into the heavens themselves, with roots stretching beyond the underworld. It was named Ryr. The Lord and The Lady were happy, but the world that had made was unpopulated. So, The Lord cut off one little toe and stuck it into the dirt where it became the first Wyrm. When there were many wyrms, The Lady gave one some hair. Soon the creature was living in burrows, where The Lady decided to name it Mole.

~ Behind the back of The Lady, The Lord fashioned a doll made form the black clay at the roots of Ryr, the great tree and breathed life into it. For he had seen how all of The Lady's creations lasted as long as they did, and that worried him. For this reason, he created Death. Death's presence was known only when Life, on her daily stroll trough the world, discovered a dead wyrm. Not knowing what to do with the dead creature, she ate it. Within her, the life of the wyrm was revived, though it had no way out. So it decided to live within Life forever. Soon, though, it started to mutate. Life carried the wyrm for nine months, before finally birthing the twin creatures she named Harn and Harlf, the first elves. Fearing for her child, Life hid her children for eight hundred years, and when Death finally came to take away the first elves, they had brought many more elves into the world. Because Life was able to hide her children for so long, all elves have extended lives.

~To be finished at a later date~