We all walked behind him, not knowing what was going to happen next. We stopped against the outside wall, the Doctor seemed to be thinking about what to do. Sarah Jane turned towards us,"I got an idea," she told us. The Doctor turned around in interest,"Maria, Cerridwen, make the boys look like gangsters."
"What?" we both asked confused. Even the Doctor looked confused. We did it anyway. We were putting their hats on sideways and backwards and telling then to make their pants look baggy, and more things. We were actually both really enjoying this. They looked like idiots! Austin looked in a nearby window on one of the cars,"You have got to be joking!" he exclaimed,"Why are we doing this?"
"All right kids, you boys are going to act like you are threatening the girls, and make sure that you talk loud enough to where the cops inside can hear you. They would have to run out." I think Sarah Jane was enjoying herself as well.
"Brilliant Sarah Jane!" the Doctor said,"...and while they are playing their act, we will sneak in without being seen!"

So, we began to walk across the street. The boys didn't really look forward to this, but Maria and I were excited,"HELP!" we both screamed while the guys chased us threatenly. We were trying not to laugh the whole time, and as Sarah Jane predicted, the cops came out. We ran and hid behind the cops. There were two of them, one really skinny woman, one fat man,"What do you think you boys are doing?" the fat one asked in a deep voice. The woman walked up to the boys,"I think you will have to come with us."

The boys, the cops, and Maria and I walked into the building. It was really bright in there with all the lights and white walls. Maria and I sat down in the two black chairs on the right wall, while the boys sat against the wall on the left. Maria and I were still trying not to laugh and the boys were still not really enjoying themselves, especially Austin.

The woman, who's name tag said Officer Cooper, went into the other room while Officer Jameston stayed in the room with us. He sat down at his desk eating a donut. It was silent for a while as we watched in disgust how fast he ate that thing. Then he did one of the most disgusting things in my opinion, he flatulated. The boys snickered.
"Excuse me." the cop said with a wide grin on his face. Maria scoffed, "That's revolting." she whispered.

More silence drove on. Whats weird is it didn't stink exactly, it smelled odd, like metal. The others apparently realized it to. Luke, Clyde, and Maria looked worried. Maria leaned towards me,"On three, run."
"Just do it."
I looked over at Austin and he had the same reaction I had. Clyde held up his fingers. 1...2...3! And we ran out of there into the other room. Behind us was this bright light and this earsplitting sound.
"RUN!" Luke yelled.
It was coming after us.