Okay i love all my friends, i wish my friends were just my family instead a mom who is never home (only about 5 hours a day) and a dad who hates me, he has admitted to me that i was a disgrace to him and i should be like my brother, who is a 6'7" foot ball star, and most popular in his school.
But no i like being who i am;
who am i? I am Emily, i am 14 almost 15, i am in the marching band at my high school and play bari sax, we got rated 2nd best marching band in the state of Ohio (: i am 5'9 1/2, My hair is black and my eyes change color with the color of my cloths, i have black glasses. I am schizophrenic and OCD, i have a phobia of being surrounded by more than 3-5 people (hense the reason i'm not the most popular person), I love my friends and i currently have the greatest job a teenager can have- i am the photographer for my towns news paper (: I have a
Cannon EOS D60 removable lenses camera. I have a passion for drawing and photography, i also LOVE music with all my heart. I have a weird problem where when i get up my vision goes white, loss of appitite, i have been getting migraines that bring me to tears since 6th grade, also i get car sickness; but fine on a bus.
YES i am strange; i am okay with that. I have a BEST friend who is my twin, my twin is awesome and i love her so much.
My family; well we're a strange bunch, my cousin, Barbie (short for Barbra) is bi, my cousin Bob is emo and smokes; they are fertirnal twins. My cousin Tim, he is a transvestite, my aunt Linda acts like she is 10, and my grandma is O.G.H.C- old grandma hard core... Yes she is my real grandmother; she is also where i get my cussing mouth from (:

I am a pacifist.
I hope this lets you get to know me better,
- heart

-Blue girl