sometimes there are rough patches in life and the one you can count on is the one that caused the problem. i reasently went threw an area were me and by best friend didnt talk for like 3 weeks it was practicaly hell in earth (yes i realize thats and exageration) i was so mad at her for ignoring me and i took it out on her and made her feel like that we ended up both giving the silent treatment to each other. well we had been at a week long church camp when it started and i ignored her pretty well in the end but we had to ride home in the same car and we kept getting asked questions about the camp and it was horible i cracked and told her that i was feeling left out of our group and that i hated it durring that camp i had gotten us friendship bracelets and the were our second favoite colors blue and yellow well after i told her that i was mad at her i took the bracelet of and threw it on the ground because i was so mad that she kind of forgot me. i thought i lost it about 4 months after we made up i had her sister staying at my house as she was here i found my bracelet and i put it on my wrist the way i was shown how by the one was originally mad at two days later i stayed at there house and she noticed the bracelet and said hers was in her room after that it felt like i abandoned all hope when i took that bracelet off the first time cuz she kept hers on for a while after the original argument in the car that day but now after all of that i learned just because you cant have everything the way you want it all the time doesnt mean you have to throw a fit about it i was so sorry for that mistake but its to late to fix it now but i hope that by me writing this that it may help the person who read this and may even stop the mess that will happen in the future