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I thought I'd fially post the prologue and first chapter of my story 'Night and Day.' Just a quick note, no matter what, this is NOT a werewolf story! Everytime people halfway read this, they stop because they think it's a werewolf story! Anyways, enjoy!



Nighttime. Its our favorite part of the day; we don't have many favorites. At night, we can let our true forms reveal themselves. We become one with everyhting, including things normal people don't seem to notice with their poor senses.
We... aren't as normal as we look.

<u><i>Chapter One</u></i>

Speed. Probably the best part of my true form. Its almost like putting all the fastest land animals together in the form of your average animals- only two times bigger.
My heart beats fast as I run on all fours and concentrate on my feet pounding the ground. The sounds of my heart and feet sync.
<i>Tha-thump thump, tha-thump thump, tha-thump thump, tha-thump thump...</i>
A perfect rhythm.
I feel the wind snake its way through my black fur and see the trees rush past me in a blur. I'm probably the biggest wolf in history.
A sand-colored wolf runs along with me. He and I are two halves of one whole- we complete each other. His blue eyes, full of compassion, stare into my red ones. We howl together as we run.
A beautiful snowy white owl the size of a jet plane calls out to us, her feathers glowing under glowing under the light of the moon. Her green eyes search the night for our faces as we reach a large clearing up ahead.
A tiger the size of a cruise ship was waiting for us as we enter the clearing. A graceful cat in her unnatural habitat, her felinic yellow eyes watched as we run up to her.
Then, we change.
The sandy wolf balances himself on his hind legs and, a few moments later, changes into a young man. His sandy hair- the tips dyed black- fel over his eyes. He smiles as I change into a girl with black hair, the tips dyed the color of sand. Our tan skin glistens with sweat.
The snowy white owl lands into the clearing. As she does, She changes into a lovely, angelic young girl. Her green eyes sparkle and her hair- so pale, it's almost white- and fair skin glow under the moon.
As the tiger pounces over to us, she changes into a young girl with mocha-colored skin and dark brown hair. She smiles.
The young man stands next to me and takes my hand, kissing me softly on the cheek. We all stand togehter in a big circle as a bright light shines down on us. We are a family, and nothing would seperate us.

And then I wake up to the sound of my alarm clock, the young shapeshifters still on my mind.


You like? I tried my best to be descriptive of the dream. Feel free to comment with any ideas you would like to share.

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