I am soo happy i update my avatar...isnt she cute?!? 4laugh I havent been on gaia in a while...i doubt anyone reads these but in case u do my life has been a nightmare lately and i couldnt. burning_eyes finally i am able to and i have something to say...yesterday i screwed up my life big time...because i was lonely i encouraged one of my friends into taking our friendship to the next level when i didnt mean too. wahmbulance i mean that he is a nice guy and all but i wasnt interested in him that way...i just was giving in to a moment of weakness... xp i didnt think about what i was doing and then the next thing i knew it was totally like i was trying to date him! ARG!!! pirate to be honest this makes me a huge hippocrite bc i really dont like situations like that...i guess i shouldnt think before i accuse someone of acting stupidly in those situations... talk2hand but thats only half the problem...now i dont know how to fix what i broke...i mean being friends is what id like but right now i have no interest in him like that... gonk soo now ive broken a friendship and i had to talk to someone about it because i have no freakin idea what to do and that person said i was just over reacting to the situation and that its no big deal. that person maybe be right. BUT that didnt tell me how to fix this!! crying i dont think ignoring the whole matter will do much good but i think that thats what im gonna have to do... stare geeze who am i kidding i am such a a** evil well im gonna go contimplate stuff...maybe write...or just ignore everything and sit down and read some manga.... neutral i think i'll go with option c....here i come bleach! exclaim