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random writings
This is just where I'll share my poems or links to my stories.
I love watching rain fall to the ground.
I love hearing the splashing sound.
The splash, the smell,
Free me from my living hell.
I guess I like rain 'cause it reminds me of me in a way.
Important for a moment, but soon, noone notices as I fade away.

You're my sweet little angel lost in this cruel world.
I wish I could help you, but I can't reach you.
I wish I could hold you, but I can't touch you.
God took me from you, god took you from me.
Oh what did I do to deserve this agony?
I see when you get your bruises and scars.
But I'm trapped behind these invisible bars.
I scream and shout, I desperately try.
But my energy fades as time goes by.
And though my energy fades, my love remains the same.
Even though I can't help you in this twisted game.

Inspired by L'ame Immortelle - Fallen Angel

This is one for my favorite celebrity couple. Half of which should be obvious.

It was the fate of the apes
That brought these two together
There was no beating around the bush
With cheesy love letters

Instead he gave her drawings
Scribbles on paper filled with love
Be he was oblivious to the fact
He had drawn her into his life long ago

They spent all those years together
And on two of them got nice little gifts
A boy for Halloween, a girl for Christmas
Now they answer to mommy and daddy

It's obvious they belong together
Destined to be with each other till death
When she will become his beautiful blue bride
And he will become her skeletal king

Don't have a title for this one yet...

I love him and I know he loves me
We want to be together for eternity
Out family's here, our friends too
At this ceremony ending with "I do."

We promise our love and say our vows
And noone will believe what we do now
I pull up my skirt and pull out a blade
He unsheaths his sword, we're ready for our graves

These blades, both mine and his
Completing our moment of wedded bliss
The crowd watches in awe at our odd feat
Too surprised and shocked to speak

We plunge them in, our hearts now one
Our souls together, as we burn in the sun
A mark on our palms from the blades, a burn
To die together, for only that we yearned

Now, together forever, noone can seperate
Our souls, our hearts, or the red string of fate

And notice I said BURN in the sun. Not SPARKLE. 3nodding

Big, small, big, small, always changing
Can't size make up its mind already?
Small as a mouse, then big as a house
It's almost enough to drive you mad!

Like the hatter and the hare
'Cause the smiling cat tells me
That they're mad, like everyone here
Especially the queen dressed in red

For her the symbol of lasting love
Is the symbol of a bloody death
And don't forget the twins, dee and dum
Who fight each other over an old rattle

And tell you the story of two men
Who tricked children onto their dinner pates
Or the gryphon and the turtle
Who sing you a song of a truly beautiful soup

What about the knave of red, the thief
Who stole the queen's tarts that summer day
Or the cook who likes too much pepper
And the dutchess with the crying pig

The caterpiller general who just sits
And turns into a beautiful buterfly
The white rabbit, always late for something
Like the queen's croquet game

I still wonder if it was real
If all those people and creatures existed
Or were they just a strange dream?
Was it all imagined? I wonder...

Betcha can't guess what this is about! blaugh

Here's one I wrote to go along with my Sweeney fanfic. It's from Mrs. Lovett's pov. The first part is after he was arrested and the 2nd half is for the beginning when she's questioning his feelings for her.

I miss you, my love
Since you were thrown into that living hell
If we meet again, will you remember me?
Only time will tell

What did you do?
To make him take you from me
To make her want to torture you
Causing us both agony

Was it her fault?
Because she just couldn't take
The passionate nights we shared
That our love wasn't fake
Don't you remember?
How strong our love used to be
The undying devotion to one another
Don't you love me?

Was I just a toy?
A plaything to be used than tossed aside
Forgotten and later you leave me
Alone to cry

There's just no way
What you said couldn't have been empty
Such a thing just can't be possible
It just can't be

And another out of nowhere about Emily from the Corpse Bride.

Marriage? Don't make me laugh
I could never find a husband and keep him
My first try betrayed me horribly
My second was already taken by another

Since I'm dead, quite literally actually
I can't get a third, I was lucky for the second
I'll never be married, no matter how hard I try
I'm cursed to remain the bride's maid and never the bride

Another one that came out of nowhere. This one's about Redd(Rose) Heart from The Looking Glass Wars and from her pov.

The Crown
She wants to wear the crown
It was her birthright in the first place
But her dream was crushed
She was to be isolated on a lonely mountain

A mushroom on the tongue of her sleeping mother
And she never again opened her eyes
Her sister, a new banisher
Sent her to the desert of lava rock and ice

Her rage forever building
Her thirst for revenge not satisfied
Until the new queen is gone
Unmoving, not breathing, and cold

Now that her maze in done
They are at least evenly matched
But of course she is the stronger one
The most powerful Heart of all time

She will not let her feline friend have her
She will kill her niece herself
Imagination or not, she will win
And she will again wear the crown

i just found my favorite version on Peter Pan on youtube and decided to write a poem for it. I have no idea why. 4laugh

Never, Never
When you find the 2nd star to the right
If you travel straight on till morning
You will find that magical land
Where noone will ever grow up

The clanging of the pirates' swords
The music for the indians' dancing
The mermaids swimming in the sea
The boys, lost in childhood

Where shadows don't always stay with their owners
And a single sentence can take a life
But clapping can bring these poor creatures back
These pieces of the first baby's first joy

The crocodile that sounds like a bomb
And the pirate captain that fears it
Then there's the boy, the reason for that fear
The boy who crows, fights, and flies

I tried swimming in your red sea
Your love, the only thing keeping me alive
All these blades of hate from her
Cutting and slicing my skin

But even they are not strong enough
To make me forget your soft touch
She tries to pull me up for air
But I refuse and stay under

I hold my breath
If I breath I will never make it
As I sink to the bottom it gets hotter
This sea of blood leads to flames

I will never go up for air
Now that I've reached the core
I breath in deeply, my chest heaving
As I drown in the flames of your love

My first non-rhyming poem. About Sweeney Todd and Mrs. Lovett, no less. lol

Can you hear the screaming
It echoes through the halls
They don't want to be here
So they bang on the walls

They hear voices of invisible people
That only they can hear
They grow louder and louder
As they echo in their ears

Some see people trying to kill them
Others see people dying
The doctors say the treatments are painless
But the patients know they're lying

Though the reasons may change
Most never get to sleep
So they sneak out of their rooms
And through the halls they quietly creep

Her lips stained with blood
Her skin porcelain and pale
Her beautiful face hidden
Beneath a blood red veil

A cruel twist of fate
A twist of the knife
She gives one final kiss
After ending his life

The guests at the church
All ran away screaming
As she swallowed his soul
Her crimson eyes gleaming

Her heart became darker
Her dead soul replaced
She bit into his corpse
For just a small taste

Take my soul
I can't take the pain
When I sit here alone
By myself in the rain

Take my heart
It's got plenty of room
Practically empty
Please fill it up soon

Take my existence
Take it for free
I want to escape
This horrid reality

Take my life
My final request
Kill me my love
With one final kiss

A dream made of sand
Will never be reality
The grains slip through my fingers
Just another fatality

A heart made of sand
Will easily break
The grains fall apart
And will forever ache

A love made of sand
So delicate and frail
The grains slip away
In the night, the veil

A life made of sand
Won't last very long
The grains fall away
Was it even there all along?

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