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The TRUTH about the above the influence commercials.
Okay, so the above the influence commercials choose to stereotype stoners. I would never steal from my little sister. I did not get straight D's...I am actually a very intellegent person. Just because I smoke weed doen't mean I am some ******** stupid piece of s**t. I wouldn't care enough about someone to leave them 27 messages just because I was stoned...In fact...I can't think of anyone that would do such a stupid thing like that. I have never made my parents cry because of weed. If you fall asleep and people draw on you that's your own damn fault...and if you let them draw on you, who cares? And last but certainly not least I would never ditch my friends, EVER.

And oh, heres a little food for thought for you to chew on.
DIGEST THIS: Why does above the influence NEVER do any commercials involving drugs other than weed? Weed is not a bad drug. Why do they never make commercials about what heroin does to a person or what coke does to a person or what meth does to a person or what crack can do to you. SERIOUSLY. Why don't they do a commercial about how meth melts you from the inside out. Why don't they tell these young kids not to do those drugs. I want to see a commercial like that. I don't want to see some stupid ******** commercial about how I can't smoke a plant that grows out of the ground because it will ruin my life.
I want to see one that makes sense. Not one that is trying to cover up everything else.
Is it okay for us to do everything else...Okay, then.
I'll just quit smoking weed and stick a ******** needle in my arm. I'm telling you...
But, maybe if you make a commercial about it I won't.

*here's a comment someone left on this.
what's above this is a blog i wrote on myspace...
Hi. Total stranger here. I found your blog while I was browsing friend's friend's profiles. I'm completely bored out of my mind, so if my comments are welcome I'll share them with you.

First of all: "Above the Influence." What is it? It's a .org web address, leading many people to believe that it's some non-profit organization. It's actually the work of the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign, which is in turn run by the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy. This office is a direct part of the President's staff.

In other words: Big government is shoving the anti-marijuana advertisements down our throats. But why? One word: Profit. To explain better, the government brings in HUGE revenues simply by imposing fines on marijuana users. Though most argue that they could make more money through taxation, the Federal Government isn't a fan of changing its ways.

In addition, it's been alleged that the CIA is involved in drug smuggling operations to fund covert activity around the globe. Money brought in from taxes has to be accounted for, money made smuggling marijuana (and other drugs,) well, that can go straight to the black ops with no accountability.

So what does Above the Influence do? Simple: It runs the propaganda campaign to try and keep public support against marijuana legalization. If you look deeper into the claims they make, it gets much worse than insulting generalizations. It's all downright lies. Marijuana has been shown to boost cancer immunity, ease pain, and - get this - BOOST the production of new brain cells. It's not addictive, and you can't overdose.

The biggest lie is that marijuana is a "gateway drug." That's just a half truth, which is a fancy word for a "lie." While it's true that marijuana users are more likely to move on to harder drugs, this is ONLY because they have to turn to career drug dealers to get their marijuana. The dealers make more money pushing the harder stuff, so that's what they do. If MJ could be bought in a store instead of from the neighborhood pusher, the "gateway drug" effect would all but vanish.

So basically, Above the Influence is a government organization dedicated to manipulating the public's opinion about a harmless - and in many cases helpful - product. All in the name of serving the financial interests of Big Brother. And most people hate them because they said stoners are dumb. If those people only knew the half of it...

Oh, and consider this: Marijuana, a drug which has never been linked to addiction or caused an overdose death, is ranked as a Schedule 1 drug by the DEA. That's the most severe rating a drug can get, and it's the group that heroin, PCP, and LSD are placed in.

By comparison, cocaine, crack, and crystal meth are only a Schedule 2. There's not a person on earth who would actually buy the argument that pot is more dangerous than coke, crack, or meth. But that's the bullshit story the government feeds us anyways.

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