New Year's is almost here! I got lots of new year's resolutions to make. whee I hope I accomplish all of 'em! I was reading in one of mai books and they had a small section about spells. And one of 'em I really wanna try! UWAH!~ I hope it works, and another part of me doesn't want it to work. Hmmm, I'm on Team Neutral for this cause of war for my consciences. A big thing I'm also ticked off about is that on my birthday it's on a Monday and I have a music test on it!! Greeeeeaat birthday present from the school... stare I'm also workin' on my second, and old, manga and just flippin' through some of my books for ideas..... burning_eyes Yeah...that's my brain burnin' up from all the thinking of my head, what of it, dude?? xp I don't want Christmas vacation to end!! I wish it could last a teensy bit longer! Oh well, guess that's how it is. Signin' off! Have a great New Year's, people!

From your Excited and Worked Up Journalist,
Dark Ririann ~:3