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Down the rabbit hole...
Lay me to sleep chap. 5
Noodle stopped dead in her tracks. Murdoc and 2D stared at her, their eyes red. Blood dripped from a wound on Murdoc's arm; the bat lay discarded next to them. Lightening flashed, and Noodle slowly turned. Russel stood behind her, his eyes red, also. His mouth hung open, and a low moan escaped.

She screamed. It wasn't the fact that they were zombies, it was the fact that they were zombies; the men who raised her! Her bandmates, her friends. She had thought them her brothers! And now they were undead flesh chewers! Noodle jumped up, round-house kicking the zombie-fied drummer in the gut. He fell sideways with a grunt.

The music that normally played inside Kong changed. She realised with irony that it was perfect for that moment: M1A1. The Dawn of the Dead intro sounded, and the guitarist turned. Her bandmates stood side by side. Lightening flashed again, covering them in shadow; only their eyes showed, glowing red. Noodle jumped as 2D's wailing vocals came loudly, sounding through the hallway as she ran.

''M1 A1!
Thousand miles an hour
Gorillaz got the bass drum
Gorillaz say want some, some La la la la la la la la la hey!
La la la la la la la la la hey!
La la la la la la la la la hey! M1 A1!
Thousand miles an hour
Gorillaz with the beat y'all
Sailing with the sound We go M1 A1!''

Noodle ducked into a room, her heart pounding. She could hear her bandmates shuffling after her, and she had no weapon! ''This is not good!'' she hissed, grabbing at her hair. This was not the way she had wanted to die!

''It's a thousand miles an hour
Gorillaz with the bass drum
Keep that sound Wig it out
Check it out, even more craze
D├Żou hear that?
I said M1 A1 La la la la la la la la la hey!
La la la la la la la la la hey!
La la la la la la la la la hey!''

As the last instrumentals of the song sounded, her bandmates pounded on the door. Noodle jumped, her face pale and eyes wide. The guitarist back into a corner, staring at the door. She had never felt such fear before; she did not like it one bit. Murdoc's fist crashed through the door, making Noodle scream. She sunk to the floor, grabbing her hair. The door flew away, revealing the glowing eyes of 2D. The men shuffled towards her, moaning lowly.

Noodle closed her eyes, screaming. She felt hands touch her, shaking her. She shouted incomprehensible curses in Japanese. She could barely breath, the fear had her lungs in a death grip.

''Noodle, Noodle! Wake up, it's just a nightmare!'' The guitarist opened her eyes slowly. She saw the worried face of 2D, and she sat up. ''2D- kun? 2D- kun!'' Noodle jumped at him, wrapping her arms around his scrawmy neck. He gasped, laughing. ''Yes, Noodle, it's me. I fink you was havin' a nightmare, or summink.'' Noodle let go, grinning. ''Yes 2D-kun, it was just a horrible nightmare. But every thing is ok, yes?'' 2D nodded, smiling in a confused way.

''Cmon, Noods. Russel has dinner waitin'.''

''Hai.'' Noodle exited her room, followed by the singer. As she walked towards the lift, he smiled, his eyes glowing red, a low moan escaping his lips...


Lay me to sleep chap. 4
''What'd she say?'' Murdoc asked. They stood up, hurrying to the lift. ''Um, I think she said help.'' The satanist punched the button. Shaun Ryder's voice came, singing, ''It's coming up, it's coming up, it's coming up, it's there.'' Murdoc scowled. That got annoying when you were in a hurry. Russel pushed him inside, and pressed the button to go up. They stared at each other nervously, wondering what it could have been to scare Noodle.


Noodle backed up, and 2D stepped forward. It was clear he didn't remember her. Tears rolled down her face, and she dropped the bat. She had neevr felt such fear and sadness before. It seemed to squeeeze her until she couldn't breath. He tilted his head, staring at her, then lunged. Noodle covered her face with her arms, screaming.

The blow never fell. Noodle un-covered her face. Russel had thrown his sneaker at 2D. Murdoc went to her, protectively holding her shoulders. The singer was on the ground, looking confused. Russel ran over to Noodle and Murdoc. ''You ok, baby girl?'' he asked, touching her face. She nodded, then screamed. It was too late. 2D bit down on Russel's shoulder. He yelled, trying to grab for the singer, but he was too big to reach around.

Murdoc cursed, picking up the bat. He swung, knocking the zombie-fied singer off of Russel. 2D hissed, and the satanist swung again, missing the singer. Noodle ran to the drummer's side, concern on her face. ''Russel-san?'' her voice was teary, and on the edge of screaming. Lightening flashed, lighting up the hallway. 2D' eyes were glowing red, and Murdoc's body was lit up with white light. Russel groaned, knocking Noodle out of her fear. ''Yes, Russel-san?''

Her face paled. His eyes were red, and his skin was pasty looking. Blood covered his shirt, neck and face. He groaned again, reaching towards her. She jumped off the ground, tears dripping off her face. ''Murdoc-san, Russel!''

Lay me to sleep chap. 3
Murdoc unlocked the front doors of Kong, groaning; he hated grocery shopping. Russel followed, holding most of what they bought. Noodle followed him in, holding one paper bag. She had a scowl on her face. ''Can you two not cease fighting while we are shopping?'' she asked once they were in the kitchen. She slammed the bag on the counter, and the polar bear laughed. ''Oh snap! Girl has 'tude!'' The two men looked at her sheepishly, holding their bags akwardly. Noodle sighed, taking the groceries and putting them away.

Russel smiled a small smile, sitting down on the couch. ''Sorry, baby girl.'' Murdoc flopped down next to him, rolling his shoulders. His inverted cross glinted. ''Hey, wheres the dullard? he usually comes running to help us un-load sh*t.'' Noodle shrugged, putting the last of the items away. ''I'll go look, Murdoc-sa-'' her sentance was cut off by a wail from the floor above them. They tensed. ''What the bloody 'ell was that?!'' Murdoc said, standing up. The guiatrist's mouth went into a hard line, and she grabbed a bat from the studio room. She turned to her older band-mates. ''Stay here.'' They nodded, knowing not to mess with Noodle when she's serious.

Noodle hurried out to the corridor, her small body tensed. Even though she was 17, she was still a Japanese super soldier. Once in the lobby, she hurried to the lift, punching the button. She grimaced, wishing it didn't say, ''It's coming up,'' so loudly. That sort of ruined the element of surprise she was aiming for. Once it finally camre around, she jumped in. The ride was rickety, as usual, but it seemed too quiet for her liking.

The lift came to a rickety stop, and Noodle jumped out, her bat tensed. Seeing nothing, she walked down the hallway. Another wail started up, causing the guiatrist to jump. She swung around, her bat tensed up, ready to smash. She saw an arm being dragged into a room, and she slowly inched forward. Muffled noises were coming from the room. Noodle poked her head in. It was dark, but she could make out a tuft of spiky blue hair. She smiled. ''2D-kun!'' He turned, and her face paled. She almost dropped the bat. ''2D-kun?''

In his eyes, Noodle could see red dots. She asumed it was his pupils. His neck was covered in blood; it came from a wound on his neck, which was turning blue and purple-y. His skin was deathly pale, and blood covered his clothes and hands. A headless zombie lay near him, and a tiny fox key-chain was in 2D's hand. It was clear he wasn't among the living anymore.''Tasukete!! Russel nii-chan, Murdoc nii-chan! Tasukete!''

Lay me to sleep chap. 2
2D leaned against the wall of the lift, his face paler than usual. ''Why the hell are they in here?!'' he squeeked. He could hear the zombies screaming and clawing; their voices carried. The lift came to a rickety stop, and the singer stepped into the hallway. Plaster lay on the floor from the crumbling walls, and a tiny demon scurried away from him. It seemed Kong was the usual, but the feeling of unease washed through him.

The singer stared at the blood stains on the wall and the bloody handprints on the doors, wondering how they came to be. It scared him how Kong was so quiet. He was lost in his own fear that he almost didn't hear the wails. Almost. The door opened, letting light enter the dimly lit hallway. A hunched, stumbling shadow blocked it; a low moan escaped the shadow, and 2D's eyes widened.

The zombie lunged at him, and he screamed. The video for Clint Eastwood flashed through his head, and he realized that irony was a b*tch. The zombie sunk what few teeth it had into his neck, causing him to scream. 2D punched the creature in the chest, trying to pry it off of him. His fist connected with the side of its head, and it flew off. The singer grabbed his neck, feeling the wet, sticky-ness that was his blood.

He could feel the zobie's poisen seeping into his blood stream. His eyes fluttered, and his heart beat slowed. As he lay, dying, 2D sang.

''This is what I brought you
This you can keep
This is what I brought you may forget me
I promise to depart
Just promise one thing
Kiss my eyes and lay me to sleep

This is what I brought you
This you can keep
This is what I brought you may forget me
I promise you my heart
Just promise to sing
Kiss my eyes and lay me to sleep

This is what I thought
I thought you'd need me
This is what I thought so think me naive
I promised you a heart
You promised to keep
Kiss my eyes and lay me to sleep

Kiss my eyes and lay me to...

His eyes closed, and he took one last shuddering breath. The echoe of his voice trailed through Kong, and from Murdoc's Winnebago, Cortez crowed, aware that a life had been taken in the dark halls of Kong studios.

Lay me to sleep
This one has chapters! Please, give me comments on it!

It was the silence that woke him. 2D sat up, slightly startled. Kong was never quiet, there was always some type of noise; so why was it dead silent? The singer slowly got out of the safety of his sheets, touching the cold floor of his bedroom. A strange feeling of unease settled over him; it reminded him of every zombie movie he ever watched.

2D pulled on a blue, long sleeved shirt over his thin body. He grabbed a pair of wrinkled jeans before exiting his room and entering the car park. His black eyes nervously scanned the rubble next to Murdoc's Winnebago, which was also silent. ''This is creepy...'' 2D muttered, rubbing the cold from his arms; he could barely feel his feet. ''Damn it, why didn't I get socks?'' He shuffled over to the dented mobile home, knocking on the broken door.

Cortex cawed from inside, startling the singer. He fell backwards, tripping over his own gangly legs. 2D yelled, hitting the cement. His voice echoed throughout the carpark, causing him to flinch. The ominous feeling grew. His black eyes scanned the rubble again, and he spotted Murdoc's Pazuzu statue. It stared at him, as though amused. Something shifted next to it, causing 2D to curse. ''Sh*t, zombie!''

It shuffled towards him, maning lowly. The singer scrambled up, making a strange noise in his throat. His face was pale. Two more of the undead creatures followed it, making the same low noise. The one in the front screamed, making the singer cover his ears. The started a strange jogging, shuffling run. 2D cursed again, running in the opposite direction towards the lift. He punched the button, making a high, frightened noice in his throat. He squeeked, the sombies were right behind him. The lift doors opened, and he jumped in. The simbie's hand touched his shoulder, making him scream. 2D panted, leaning up against the wall. Yeah, things were strange in Kong all right...

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