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Random Writing bits' and pieces RP ideas/starters that I've made in to short or in complete maybe epic stories. I dunno.
Run Tera Baby
"Tera Baby run little one run." She shuddered at the coldness in his voice. There was no way she'd out run him,
"Aiden what happened to you?" The sweet lovable fatherly Aiden. There was something wrong with him.Mostly because it wasn't him. It was Death. She didn't want to see it the man she loved had another job. He worked for the god's as a killer the bringer of the souls to judgement where they where found guilty and sent to the next world, sometimes back to this world. It depended on how badly you failed if you did okay. You where sent someplace else to live a better life with no memory of your past life. it was a big, endless circle. Aiden was one of the many Master's of Death in this world, there where ten to twelve in each world
"Nothing happened to me love. Nothing at all." He had a crazed look on his face she took one chance she saw shifting to her wolf form she bolted from where she was her back against a tree.She flew through the bushes and deep in to the NeverEndingForest. .

The First Part Of The Epic Life Story
What are you?
Where are you from?
What is your name?

The three most important questions of her life. The three questions that could save her life. The three questions that could kill her. She didn't know. Her memory was gone abolished by the want to forget, and the devastating blow that brought her here. She could remember two faces, well one really it depended on how you looked at it. There was two, always two side by side, they had short trim hair, an unusual red like her own, and golden silver eyes. She had faces, but no name, no memory, and she couldn't tell you a thing about them other then their hair and their eyes, the fact that they where the same. Twins.

Should we get you caught up? Tell you what happened? Show you and the rest of the world why SHE of all people was being held like a prisoner. Why she was hurt almost every day for hours trying to get her to tell them the things she couldn't remember.

To know this. you have to go way back far in to her story. For it to all make sense.

We start this story when Tera was only three. The years when she was still a babe, learning growing. Needing her parents. Parent. In her family she'd never known her father, he'd gotten her mother pregnant and fled, the second time. He'd done the same thing before and her foolish mother kept allowing him to do so.. Her two older brothers where twelve. They studied weapon making. A good profession in the little town as many travelers came through. Hunters wanted them along with the robbers, though you couldn't tell who was what. Travelers always needed new ones from getting theirs stolen by the well armed Robbers. Ahhh the circle of life. Tera's mother Lily, she worked in the small tavern and inn, the only one in the city it's name was Haven.She loved the place and the people she worked for and with. A man came in to Haven on one of the nights when she was working, his name was Edwin. He was a vampire, one of the many races that live around the town and forest. Lily caught his attention almost immediately.
"Hello love." He smiled putting an arm around her waist. Touching the waitresses was forbidden and the bouncer a large well controlled lycan came over.
"OUT." HE pulled the vampire out no problem.
"Thank you." she mumbled softly to the Bouncer and returned to her work. Several hours later when she left the other girl coming on to work the afternoon/night shift. The shifts where set up like this so it would be easier for her to care for Tera and the twins Justice and Justin. She didn't notice the vampire shadowing her. That night something was wrong, they had two dogs, neither of which could be found. They lived out in the woods but the dogs never went missing, not at night when the wolves where out, they always stayed close to the cabin. There where barks the two dogs and then yips of pain and deathly silence.
"JUSTICE!" She whispered frantically as she knew what was going to happen "Justin!" She held Tera who was confused the signals of distress almost bringing the child to tears. "Take your sister, run. Nothing good is about to happen, go to the safe place okay? Victor will come for you in a few days at the most. Keep your sister safe please." She kissed Tera's forehead, "Be strong Ter"
"Yes mother." Justice nodded though it was done grimly
"Mommy?" she asked as Justin pulled her close to his body Justin standing at his side. "MOMMY!" Tera screamed as she saw her mom in tears. The inevitable ending, she knew it would happen now.
"Justice, Justin. Don't fall apart, keep her safe and stay together."
"Yes mother." The nodded biting back their own tears knowing it would be the last time they saw her, The vampires where close now and she ushered them quickly out the back door. Once far in to the woods the path ended the three of them shifted to their wolf forms. Here's the thing The three of them where pure breed Wolf Demons. They were a half step between wolf and Lycan. They had a human form and a wolf form much like the cat demons and they where often times mixed with Lycan's simply because of the wolf similarities. The safe place was six miles in to the forest it was three when they left and they where there in an hour and a half, Tera had gotten tired quickly so the two boys who's forms where those of a full grown wolf took turns carrying her. The safe place was a large den made out of stones on a lake shore, they crawled in and curled up. They would wait for as long as they needed to.

Victor showed up the next day. He'd seen this coming. So had she. Lily was gone.

The next few years they spent with a good friend of Victor's Aiden, he had a large estate not far from a larger town. Things got better and time progressed, Seven years. Tera now ten. Justice and Justin nineteen. They lived every way their mother had taught them. Staying together. Justin was clearly Tera's favorite, they got a long far better then she did with Justice who seemed to have a short temper. The difference between the twins, Justin was less violent he fought when he needed to but never after that. Justice was the opposite, he caused fights when ever he could he was rude and often times would snap at Tera when she got on his nerves which was quiet often

Aiden had also taken in two lycans One's name was Michal but they called him Mike or Mikey all the time the other Henry. Though he was worse the Justice and almost never showed his face to the children claiming they made him feel old or something like that. Aiden took care of them and Mikey had attached to Tera, in a loving way. The Lycans sometimes bonded with others. Though he knew eventually Tera would grow old enough to find her own mate he could still spoil her and lover her more then her Father ever had even tried. Speaking of her father, he didn't mourn the loss of their mother or try to come find them. Life was easy they studded fighting from Aiden, all now destined to become Mercenaries or Assassins.

By the age of ten, Tera was a match for the most seasoned fighters, she was quick to learn and very strong....

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