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Everytime In School,

my classmate are noisy
but me i'm so very silence in school. I wish my
schoolmate are silence. when my teacher's call
me and she/he answer their question, but i can't
answer their question because i'm so nervous
but can you help me how to kick my nervous
to answer their question. please comment me.

Loving Someone,

I have love someone, but i can't get her heart
i want to love her more than my life
i want to see her everyday but my school is far away
on my school, i love her because nothing
i haven't number of cellphone on her to call or text her.
i want to know more about love but if you help me
to know more about love comment me.

My Friends,

When i'am in first and second year highschool
i'm taller than my friends.
but now on third year highschool
they taller than me now
so i can't believe now.
if you me, you can believe??