I donb't really write in my journal alot eh?
Not to worry, I never write anything at school either.
I'm not very good at expressing my thoughts..... Unless it's with drawing.... But it's not like you can hand in a paper with a picture on it, right ?
Oh wait..... There was this one time........
I was in Music class. We had a sub.... He gave a cross word to do (The same F-ing one we get every time theres a sub >.&lt wink and instead of doing the crossword... I.. Kinda.... Drew on the paper instead xD
I found 1 words that were actually on the paper to look for, and two I found that were.... words.
I drew a mad eyeball (Cause I hate crosswords) And I was soooooooo luuucky when the guy didn't look at the cross word.
Story of .... this week...