smile I guess this is just a random holiday check up biggrin Love and miss all of you guys! And Aneria I still remember you ^^ My art has improved alot since then >P

If anybody ever feels like givving me a holler xd feel free to email me, I still use the same one ~

Updates on life so far: I finally Quit MU because it is evil and full of horrible guys that drive people to the brink of insanity with KSing, hacking, stealing accounts, keylogging, etc,etc. I finally realized it was what drove me and my boyfriend apart. We both quit (and yes Im still with the same guy, it's been 1yr 7 months) and live happily biggrin He's always nice to me now and always ready to go out and do something special for me :3

I'm doing good in school and want to graduate and go to Ringling School for Art and Design in Computer Animation, only problem is that it's really expensive (36,000 - tuition 24k, room+board 10k, books+supplies 2k - per year) And I really don't know that many scholarships I can apply to to get that kind of money ><; All I know is that Ringling is the school I want and I can't afford to settle for anything less. My future is still blury but hopefully I'll have an answer soon. :p

<3 you all, Peace XD