List of Monster: the energy drink

MIXXD -purple; it tastes sweet with a grape taste.
Lo-Carb -blue; like it says, lo carbohydrates, but it still tastes good.
Zero-Calorie -the ice covered blue one; its cold and refreshing and good.
the original green one -nobody can ever replace the original good sweet taste.
M-80 -yellow; tastes sorta tangy but in a good way.
Khaos -orange; actually one of the better ones: it tastes like orange juice. biggrin
Assault -red; it tastes.... it has a funny aftertaste but the good kind.

This is just one total, theres over...30 different types of monsters. :] so far, I've drank all but 7. i plan on listing all the ones i've tasted, and the ones I'm going to taste!
I guess you can say I'm a monster-holic. <3

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