Xigbar Prov:

Well s**t. I recently relized that if you talk to a person who's played KH 1 and 2, and ask them who Xigbar is, they'll stare at you. Ask them who Demyx os, they might know. If They playe 358/2, they might remember "That Guy With Pnk Hair".

Or maybe "The Guy With The Eyeptach."
"The Guy With The British Accent."
"The Guy With The Guitar."
"The Guy With Blue Hair And X Scar."
It doesnt work that way.
We have names.
We're important too.
Without me, Sora wouldn't have gotten super pissed about the whole "Whay are you calling me Roxas thing."
Without Saix, he wouldnt have found Riku.
Without Demyx.... Neh, he didn't do much.
But we are important to the plot Hitias, and we do have names.