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Escape From Crystal Lake
Kay so me and my cousins, Preston and Ethan are a little obsessed with Jason. Jason is a boy that was pushed into Crystal Lake when he was 14. He drowned, and for 16 years he stayed there underwater. During those years, Jason's mom became the first "Jason," because she was so mad at everyone that pushed Jason into the water. She killed most of the people that drowned Jason, and also the ones that refused to help him. Finally, she died.
After those 16 years, Jason came up from Crystal Lake. His face was a tad demented, and his head was...(how do I say this politely...) deformed. (In other words, he was REALLY UGLY)
He put on a hockey mask, and so now he's a murderer that was BORN ON FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH. Jason is a stalker...
If he starts to chase you with a chainsaw, don't look back. If you look back, he won't be there. When you look back in front of you, there he'll be, and there goes your bloody head. (XD)
So me and my cousins were on Addictinggames.com, and we were looking up the scariest games they had. One of them was called Escape From Camp Crystal Lake, so we played it. It was so freaky...well, I'm not sure why but I'm just randomly writing what happened...
Kay so we were driving in our car. Our name was "Jason Killer", and we were born on Some Day. Suddenly, the car ran out of gas, convienently (did I spell that right?) right in front of Camp Crystal Lake. We took a map from the box thingie and we kept going down this path to a bunch of cabins. We walked to the office and opened the mailbox next to the door. Then we went back to the cabins and opened the door to cabin one. That was where we slept for the night.
A scream woke Jason Killer up, and the music went all creepy. The three of us lasted twenty seconds before we got a little too creeped out and we muted the PC. We went to a generator room and we duct taped a short in the line with tape from Cabin 2. (We got the key to Cabin 2 in some drawers in our cabin). We turned on all the lights because the paths were too dark, so the PC didn't let us go down them. We continued towards the lake, and we came across a bathroom. We opened the door, and looked at the first stall. Inside was a note that said "The body count continues." Creepy, right? Next stall, SOMEONE LEFT THE TOILET SEAT UP! Stall after that wouldn't open. Stall after that said "Jason was here" on the wall.
Stall after that...
A dead girl.
There was blood all over the wall and the floor, and there was also a bloody oar that Jason probably beat her dead with.
That's right, Jason killed a girl with a freaking oar while she was...doing her business.
Anyways, we picked up the oar and went back to the locked team office. We broke the window with the oar and went inside. Jason Killer turned, and there was a desk with a computer, a lamp, a trash can, and a bulletin board. There was a few notes on the board. One said "If you want to kill time, command the computer to RUN LETTERDROP."
So we did.
Turns out, it was a minigame. The game was a grid that had letters on top of it. You click a box on the grid and put one of the letters in it. Yours truly was the one that knew what it was before we finished.
The message the grid spelled out was
"WATCH OUT JASON IS BEHIND YOU" and then one of my cousins got too freaked out and X'd out internet explorer.

Then me and my other cousin forced him to watch as we restarted the game and got back to where we were. Naturally, Jason was behind us when we exited the game. So we had to defend ourselves with the bloody oar while Jason ran around like he was scared. Finally, he ran away, and left a key to the toolshed behind.
We weren't creeped out anymore, because then tension kind of left when we finally saw Jason. But he looked hilarious! Not scary at all...
So we go to the toolshed, and inside is a baseball bat. We go out of the toolshed and there's Jason waiting for us. We get to smack him a bunch of times and he runs away AGAIN. He left a key to the counselor's cabin.
That was as far as we got because we couldn't figure out what to do next...
so until we get past that second Jason part...


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