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Fan Fiction
Stories I have writen. Mostly yaoi...some blood. range from Hetalia, Naruto, Hell Girl, Soul-Eater, FMA, Fruit Baskets, Boichi, Assassin's creed, Kingdom Hearts, etc Most stories will go to my fanfiction account.
You allways want what you cant have, prolong
(Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya, not me. I do not own anything besides the plot for THIS story)
It was after a conference meeting and Arthur invited Alfred over. Alfred and Arthur had been very busy lately, like every other nation, and they hadn't spent any time together (not like they spent time together when they had free time). Arthur had to make this a really good time, to impress Alfred. Alfred had to be on best behavior and stomach the "food" he would be served. And someone had to watch it all without being caught.
Alfred handed his work supplies to Matthew.

"I'll be spending the night, so dropthese off at my house will ya? I'm sure Tony will answer the door." Alfred said handing Matthew a folder that had "Epic ideas" written on it.

"And you're sure everything will be fine?" Matthew asked smiling at the folder's name. Typical Alfred.

"His cooking isn't that bad and I'm pretty sure he won't try and kill me as I sleep." Alfred said cheerfully patting Mathew's back.

"Alfred, I wasn't referring to that, though now I'm worried more than ever, I was talking about-"Well I got to go, Arthur will be pissed if I keep him waiting!" Alfred yelled interrupting Matthew. Alfred ran off before the Canadian could say anything. He stared off into space then looked down at Kumajirou "Pray for Alfred, Kumejuri"


Mathew frowned sighing.
Arthur was waiting by the plane to take Alfred and him to his place. Alfred was late. "Stupid git! Where are you?" Arthur growled tapping his foot impatiently. Alfred came around the corner carrying a sports bad, hopefully filled with clothing and not hamburgers, whilst whistling. Arthur perked up then frowned. "Where have you been, ya wanker? You're late." Arthur growled meeting Alfred half way. "Sorry I'm late! I was talking with….someone…I forgot who but someone…" And at that moment Canada broke out into tears, not knowing why.
Arthur and Alfred boarded the plane, unknowing someone was watching. A shadowy figure walked over to the plane and hid in the storage compartment in the back. All way going well so far. The figure curled up in the corner scheming his next move, letting out a soft but evil chortle. Followed by a gentle. "Kolkolkolkolkolkolkol"

Give me a hamburger and I'll love you forever...unless you're Russia...then it has to be two or more burgers...

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