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the Suras files Doc#:12323434
The mind that fears itself.
i awake to the sounds of my own heartbeat. i bellows in my head like a pounding drum, but why do i feel this way? i look to my right and see my friend who was with me lying there..is she dead..no it cant be that, she must be unconscious...wake up..WAKE UP!!! why dont you here me. is it because my mind is not were its suppose to be?...what am i doing? i fear this time will come, and i feared this day as well. 'he' will attempt to break me from my body and make it his own. 'he' wants to destory everything that i know and cherish. my friendships, my love, my whole that makes me who i am. but why? why must 'he' taste the fruit that is know as 'destruction.' is 'he' the creature that dwells and consume the hatred that i get? the power that i use? the people i save? what makes him who he is. could it be that my b*****d of a father sealed him away, just to mock me? to show me that i was to kind to the humans he called 'cattle'. was my heart not cold enough to his liking that sealing away this creature is my punishment...? hehe, it seems that the only who can answer these questions is myself and myself alone...

The Suraki Cursa
'The Suraki Cursa'

Was known as "True Form Complex" for having the ability to transform the user into there utmost inner form. this power had symbols that were in assortment of colors and were mostly on the entire body, or a part of the body. the Curas was only use in certain families that were mixed breeds (vamp/demon, angel/wolf, vamp/wolf etc.) and with the family, this power was either good or evil. the Cursa also had different aspects good and bad. some of the downsides were self-inflicted wounds from using certain powers, losing control of the power, or having more then one sides of personalities.

the search for true love
blasted, she left my side once more. that happened over a year ago. my parents and hers decided to have us wed. just because of our childhood together. i was a brat back then, pulling on her ponytails and such. but we were kids back then. after i heard the news of what was to come of use (married) she left with out saying a word to me or her parents. so i decide to chase after her with no cluse not even a hint of where she might have gone. Oh, amenti, why did you leave. i could of showed you i've change so much to please you but in the mits of things i better myself in the sword arts, so that i may be able to find her soon....but to not avail. the know info i aquire was known that she was in a guild of some kind. hmmm. this may be the hope i been looking for. soon my love, so soon.

the story of two swords
not long ago, there were two warriors that were brothers. well it was said that one join the army of the northern stars, while the other joined the army of the southern stars. well it was said that they possesed the power of two swords, the one brother had the sword of mightus lord. a powerful demon dragon capable of taking countless lives. the other brother possesed the sword of the gigus bane lord. a powerful warlord that was said to have slain 2500 people before he die at the coral mountain. these two were to face each other at the battlefield on that faithful autumn day.

one brother who saw his other brother on the other force walked to the center of the field. his brohter doing the same. his brother asked " this waste of lives is pointless." he said. the other brother agree to this saying," this war shall end here if we fight each other....what shall we do?" so in a attempt oto spare countless lives the brothers ordered their troops to stand down and let them fight to determine the fate of the war. the troops stood back in shock as the brothers began there assualt on each other. one brother summoned the power of his sword. so did the other brother. when they struck the sword in combat, they created a massive wave of energy. both the brothers jumped back and regain the composure.

"i see you have gotten stronger" said one brother. " so have you." said the other, "but this must end now..." as the brother charge towards the other one let out a cry that was heard around the planet. a big wave of energy blinded the troops. when the smoke cleared. the troops only saw the two swords. the troops were in shock to see only the swords and not the two who were fighting. that day the troops and the northern and southern armys and town became one. and as for the swords? they were lock away never to return to the world because that day he who uses these swords shall be known as the warriors who died to save many.

this is just some thing i found from someone for gett a lot of gold okay so dont respond to this

Ok, here's the deal. I'm questing for enough gold to buy everything on my wishlist. I got the idea for this thread from one which showed everyone how to easily double their gold by first posting how muh they have, then counting down from that number to zero, all in different posts.
Well, that thread helped me, by more than doubling my amount. Then it hit me...what if I take that same idea, and use it on a large number. The number I'm choseing to start with is 10,000. My theory is that if i can count down from 10,000 all in different posts I should have about 30,000 when I finish. I estimated this number because I usually get 3 gold per post.
I also realized that if I was to accomplish this four times I will end up with more than enough to finish my wishlist. If anyone cares to join me, may they feel free to. Participants may use my number or come up with one of their very own. It doesn't matter to me. Also, participants may do this over and over as may times as they like. Seeing as how I will be trying to do this four times. Well, like I always say, I'll never get done if I don't get started...So, here goes. ((And yes, I know this will take FOREVER, but hey, time I got.))

the story of two lives
i take the road less traveled but yet my soul is untouched. i see the world through all eyes. the wind shall stray me not for i am strong willed. do you see me? yes. do you hear? I do.. can you sense the fiber of my being? i agree. take that which is mine? go ahead. but i shall not kill what i didnt create.

hahaha.... hate me for i am what you fear. the sin you lock away shall show itself in me... dont look away i am what you create. you can bond me but they can still see me. you can kill me, but i dont bleed nor scream for mercy. you condem me but i still wonder. in the eyes of ever sin. i feed off you live like a leech. i steal that what brings you happiness. imprison me? highly doubtful. for i am your hatred, your fear, you lust, your unsmpathetic soul. i can be you or the one you hate most. either way you suffer from me. hahahahaha!]

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