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You don't know just how much I need you.
He slowly brought his lips to hers & kissed them. She slowly brought her lips to his neck & devoured it.
I hate how you're the only person in the world that can make me forget everything.
I hate how all it takes is hearing your name & I turn into a complete pile of goo.
I hate how you're the only person that can make me loose my mind & act like a complete girl.
I hate how you're the only person that I care about seeing, how you're the first one I want to run to.
I hate that you won't talk to me, & probably never will again.
I hate that I think about texting you almost everyday, but won't, cause I don't want to deal with the disappointment of you not answering.
I hate how I want you to just hold me & tell me everything's okay, cause you're here.
I hate how I want to cry when something reminds me of you.
I hate how I go nuts when I see someone that looks like you.
I hate how I see you absolutely everywhere.
I hate how every time my phone rings, I hope it might be you, telling me that you love me.
I hate that when it's not you I want to cry.
I hate that everything makes me think of you.
I hate that I can see you so perfectly when I close my eyes.
I hate that I can still smell you on my clothes, even though they've been washed a million times.
I hate that I don't have the heart to take down your picture.
I hate how I still call you my boyfriend.
I hate that when I drive by your house, I look back at it until I don't see it anymore.
I hate that I'm this obsessive.
I hate that you turn me into a crazy person.
I hate that I can find something that reminds me of us in every song that I listen to.
I hate that I don't sleep at night, because I'm scared of dreaming about you.
I hate that I can't tell you how much I miss you, & that I think I might love you, & that you're the only one who means anything to me anymore.
I hate how I hear your voice in my head.
I hate how I write gay poetry about you.
I hate that you will never begin to understand how much you tore me apart.
I hate that I'm still being torn to pieces.
I hate that I don't want to hate you.
I hate that I still think that maybe I can save what we used to be.
I hate how I don't even want to move on.
I hate how perfect you are.
I hate that you are everything I have ever wanted.
I hate that I replay memories of us in my head over & over.
I hate how I can hear your voice as if you were standing in front of me.
I hate that you gave up on me.
I hate that you fixed me & then broke me down again.
I hate that I cry every night because of you.
I hate that I miss you so god damn much, & you don't even care.
I hate that you were everything to me, & now I have nothing to replace it with.
I hate that I can't even get so ******** up that I can forget you.
I hate that I remember everything about you.
I hate how much of a ******** girl I am when it comes to you.
I hate that I can't treat you like every other a*****e in the world & forget you.
I hate the fact that you were ever in my life.
I hate how you don't even have the balls to tell me how ******** retarded I am, that I need to get a life, & move the ******** on cause you don't care about me.
I hate how I hope you'd be lying if you said that.
I hate how I could never be mad at you, & still can't.
I hate how much it hurts to know there's nothing I can do.
I hate how I'd drop everything in an instant to be with you.

Boy, you can't even begin to comprehend how much I love you, & that tears me apart more than anything you could ever say or do to me.

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