11-17-09 was the best day ever! wanna know why?^^coz..I GOT MEERIED TO THE PERFECT GUY!~ satsukiii-chan!!~ i love him so much and i always always BUT! ALWAYS!~ wanna be with him<33 ^^ i am so happy coz we are husband and wife >//w//< and will always be together for eva!!~ biggrin >//w//< but ya i love him so much <33
we had ya some problems at first coz of the stuped ppl that didnt prest atention ..but wen they left ^^ alll was OK!~ Lol ^^ but ya the only ppl that ware theer ware the one that helpd ur get merried ^^ >//w//< and im so happy im merried to the one and only perfect husband ever!!~ and satsukiii-chan!!~ I LOVE YOUUU<3 heart