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After leaving Norway in Christmas, the next year soared past. From the moment they left, it was a welcome back/engagement party that Naty hosted, then it was fair season again, then she was busy with commissions. All the while they were planning their wedding. Days turned into weeks, to months that they spent over location, seating charts, food, invitations, flights, etc. It was all consuming at points. They spent a while planning their future as well, ending with them coming to agreement that they'd be moving back to Norway after the wedding. That added another stress in their lives trying to plan how to pick up and move to another country. They were lucky with the people in their lives. Vivianna took care of the small things back in Norway over the year. She covered everything from the caterers to decorations. It was what she was made for.

In that year leading up to the wedding Johnathan passed and put things on hold for a moment. Adrianna was upset, but no where near what Garrett's family must have been feeling at that time. Vivianna and Johnathan became her parents after Christmas, and they had gotten very close the several times Garrett and her came to visit after that. The funeral hit like a ton of rocks. He was a lively man and to see everyone as somber and depressed was a stark contrast to his life. She hadn't known this kind of loss before, not something so permanent as death. She had said goodbye to her family close to a decade prior, but there was always the chance of re-connection if she so chose. This was a final goodbye.

Wedding planning was put on hold while they reconnected as a family and grieved. But as Vivianna had stated, Johnathan wouldn't have wanted them to stop their lives because of this. Several months passed before they were on track once again. Being able to fully submerge herself into work and planning their wedding helped Adrianna keep her mind focused on their future instead of dwelling on the death of Johnathan. Though she still worried about how Garrett was feeling on a day to day basis. She had only know him for a few short months, but this was Garrett's father, his blood. It was a connection she didn't have on the same level.

A year in their lives came and went in the blink of an eye. Before she even realized it, it was the beginning of April. Most of their apartment was barren, minus a few staple pieces that would be moved once they left. Every time she came home it was a small realization that their lives were changing in a big way. She'd become a Norwegian citizen after their wedding, she'd be leaving her clientele, and her friends. Leaving Naty was probably the worst part of moving on. Naty had become her rock, her best friend after she started dating Garrett. Naty was like a sister to her and while they'd still be in constant contact, she'd miss their face to face. Naty had been a big help with planning the bridesmaids and the bachelorette party. Naty went all out as expected. It was just a small group of them as Adrianna didn't have a huge bridal party and Natasha was back in Norway. The day portion of the party was spent as a spa being pampered in every way they could imagine. The night portion was where Naty let loose. p***s decorations, cocktails flowing, a male strip show at one point, and ending the night dancing until three in the morning. It was the best of both worlds, and Adrianna was enternally grateful for what Naty did for her over the past two years.

The beginning of April finally came and flagged in their last days in the United States. Their apartment lease was on its last days and was empty. Her studio had been packed up and moved the month prior and her private collection was moved into the storage rental they had bought until they were on their feet in Norway. The last day she was a bundle of nerves and emotions with last minute packing and scrubbing the apartment until it was sparkling clean for the next tenants. Garrett was the only person that was able to soothe her anxiety about everything changing, he always was that person for her. The moment she felt his arms wrap around her body, she felt all that tension that was in her body melt away. He was every thing to her. He was her emotional support, best friend, sex fanatic, and love of her life. In the most stressful times of that year, she was constantly reminded how much she loved him and her nerves would subside. She was excited about a new life, a new journey with him. She couldn't wait for the family they'd make and the lives they'd live together.

Adrianna and Garrett lived with his mom and sister during the weeks leading up to the wedding. The house became the hub of wedding central. The wedding dress was stashed away so Garrett wouldn't peak, the cake had been ordered and decorations were being made at the house. Because they had chosen an outdoor wedding, they had to make decorations that were biodegradable and wouldn't leave trash. It made the house feel alive and warm with how many people were in and out in the weeks until. Those weeks turned into days and guests from out of the country started arriving. Naty and Victor stayed at the house, as did most of the wedding party. Garrett and Adrianna's friends from the states all bunked together in the several rooms of the house. The house was noisey and crowded, but in the best possible way. Every single person that was the most important to them was under one roof to celebrate their nuptials. They couldn't have asked for anything more than that.

They day of the wedding finally arrived and Adrianna had gotten only a few hours of decent sleep. She was like Garrett on Christmas, excited beyond a doubt. The two had opted for staying apart until the ceremony. The house had been divided into men on the bottom floor and women upstairs. The wedding coordinators were there early to take all the decorations and food to the venue and cleared out the first level for the men to spread out and get ready. The house was alive with laughter and celebrations the entire day as they got ready. The photographer darted in and out throughout the time they were getting ready to get photos of the wedding party before they were ready, with a focus on Adrianna's gown and her and Vivianna and Naty. In all the buzz of the day she hadn't even seen the photographer snap a few photos here and there, her mind preoccupied with who was downstairs.

Before they left, Naty was given a small box with cuff lings that Adrianna had bought for him as a wedding gift. they were a simple silver with Nordic patterns carved in and their wedding date inscribed on it. Naty was tasked with taking the box downstairs to him and giving it to him. There was also a card that she had penned the night before describing all the ways she loved him. She also thanked him for the best two years of her life and her excitement for the next several decades together. After Naty returned it was time for everyone to start the caravan to the venue. It was only a few miles down the road, deeper into the forests that surrounded the cascading mountains. The men left first, followed by the rest of the wedding party. Once there, they were all situated to walk down the aisle. Adrianna was kept hidden with Vivianna, who was the one giving away Adrianna in place of a father figure. On cue, the music started filtering through the woods, signaling the start of the ceremony. Adrianna gave Vivianna's hand a gentle squeeze before they got in line behind the wedding party. Everyone looked so beautiful in the color she had picked, but let the women choose a dress that fitted their body the best. She was just so overwhelmed when she saw the lighting and the flowers that lined the forest floor, it all lead to the reason she was there.

Garrett stood at the end of the aisle, looking around at the crowd first before his eyes settled on his bride. Her heart stopped as she saw him there waiting for her. It took everything in her to not cry in that moment, the last two years of their lives all leading to that moment. The walk down the aisle was lined with all his family and their combined friends and they were just surrounded by nothing but those who loved them. After what seemed like a lifetime, Vivianna turned to Adrianna and lifted her veil and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "Thank you." Adrianna whispered before hugging her tightly. Vivianna released her from the hug and handed her over to Garrett who was waiting with his arm outstretched. Adrianna's smile grew and her heart felt like it was going to beat out of her chest at that point.

It took a lot of restraint not to kiss him all over in that moment, she had been apart from him for only a day, but it felt longer. Her heart couldn't even contain how happy she was and a few tears did spill over and down her face. Naty was already on hand with a tissue and helped her pat away the few straggling tears before Shepard started the ceremony. "We're all gathered here today for..." He started. The standard ceremony dialogue was thrown out and they let Shepard create his own speech about their love and what he's witnessed in the last two years. It all lead up to their vows. She had written hers at least a dozen times, feeling like nothing could be said that captured her devotion to him. In the end she kept it short.

"If you had asked me three years ago if I would be standing in a wedding dress, I would've have laughed in your face." She started, the crowding chuckling in good humor. Much like her letter she wrote to Garrett, she reiterated the ways she loved him, but also added the ways he had made her a better person and full of passion and life again. She closed her vows with all the promises for him and their life. This is when she couldn't hold back the tears as she finished saying everything she wanted to say. "And in short, If we love each other as much as your parents did for one another, we'll make it through anything." She closed with. Shepard gave them a moment before he turned the mic to Garrett for his vows. Adrianna patted her eyes and dabbed the thick tears that had streamed down her face. Thankfully the makeup artist had planned for all of this and her flawless work stayed in placed through the heaviest of tears.

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