Sounds of rain pattered hard against the tall glass windows. The constant noise pattern was starting to drown out the one thing Oliver was trying to listen too: anime. Not just anime, but more properly known as hentai. He added a groan of his own to the mix. I can't turn this any louder, the neighbors complained last time... The boy didn't like the couple in the apartment next door, one of those older ones that believed he was the work of the devil. Oliver liked to believe everyone was out to get him. He looked at the clock on the screen, rather than the show playing. The time read 2am, not a good time. He shut down the internet followed by turning off his lap top. Tomorrow was a work day, and if he fell asleep again, Anti-Christ knows what his boss would do with the surrounding knives. He tirely dragged his feet across the hardwood floors to the bed, not bothering to remove anything but his socks.

Another pattern drowned out what he wanted to hear again. But instead of rain and porn, it was buzzing and silence. A hand flopped hard to the snooze button as legs kicked off the bed. Oliver sleepily rubbed his eyes with a wide yawn. Half awake, he began to search the room for clean shorts. Settling on a plaid and work t-shirt combo, he migrated to the bathroom. Taking care of usually business. Next was a short journey to the kitchen a sticky post-it on the fridge.
"There is food. I will be gone at the place again for another day, don't ******** up. Aunt." Oliver read the note aloud. The place. That's what it literally said. Oliver had know idea where that was, but his aunt was there.
Oliver grumbled into the open fridge after he swung it open.