bcuz i dotn know what to write in journals, (bcuz i usually drew in mine), i suppose i should just right about what im thinking about at the moment.

right now, my uterus is falling out of a my vag, and i can say that without giving a damn about if its gross, sick, nasty, inappropriate, bcuz i'm in pain and i just dont care. happens to all woman and some men.

my ovaries on each side feel like someone is pinching them and twisting them back and forth counter-clock and clock wise, as if their tuning a radio station.

its also 3:44am, and i'm awake (bcuz im nocturnal) and bcuz of cramps.

i often wonder if blood donations would except period fluids. i suppose they wouldn't seeing how its not exactly blood that's leaving the body, but...

pfft, l8r.