*yawns* yup.. very bored- and I have homework, which makes it even WORSE!! blurg.. see?!? THIS is how bored I am- I'm posting in my DIARY!! *dramatic gasp*
whoops- diary, journal- whatever... -.- either way...
yup- that's right- I should be doing my HOMEWORK right now~ ^^ but honestly- what kind of teacher forces her students to copy and color in a map?? NO-ONE!! actually- it's kinda funny because that's the truth- you see, I CHOSE to do this from a LIST- just goes to show how challenged I am, huh? oh god.. *collapses on bed, sobbing* someone kill me now- colouring... shading.. then I'll have to WRITE!! 0.0
it doesn't make it any better when I just KNOW that sometime when I'm bored another time, I'm gonna READ this, and laugh- LAUGH I tell you!! I'm such a cruel person.. *sniffle* and it DEFINITELY doesn't help when I keep on pressing the wrong BUTTONS!! AARRGGHH!! and spell check doesn't know how to spell definitely, anyway!! (looking back- yes it does.. *facepalm*)
lalala... I'm just gonna act like I don't have homework, because that means I won't have to work on it any more today~ mrgreen yup- ignorance sure is bliss~