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Anemia Of The Soul

(first) Name: Xiaozhi (means 'little iris')
SurName: Tsen (means 'Journey')

Race: Oriental[chinese]/DEMI-Human Bunny (half-breed; Her face is more towards the genes of her [shall i say...western looking?] demi human bunny mother; so she is only half oriental, but doesn't really look like it at all.)

Class/profession: Fist Fighter

Age: 17

Height: 5' 10"

Weight: 155 lbs


Hair Silver/Purple ((Attached to the back under part of her hair are two long white braided ponytails of ribbon, at the end of those ponytails she has cut off part of her hair and attached it.))

Eyes: Light Purple

Skin: Pale

Bunny Ears/Tail: WHITE ((she has NO human ears!))

Clothes: for simple starters, she wears a plain black unimportant choker necklace. For her top, she has black armor parts to cover up her breasts; the pieces swirling and looking like a broken puzzle. On her torso, she wears a black corset with white designs on it resembling her breast armor; there is a black stretchy piece of cloth that she wears under her breasts on top of her corset just for looks...and comport. And, simply, around her wrists she wears metal cuffs with broken chains attached to them.
For her lower half is nothing special. Just a black hakama. For her feet she wears white tabi socks and black zori sandals.

pictures I've drawn of her:
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sandals: [x] [x]

pants/hakama (her's are black): [x] [x] [x]

Personality: Xiaozhi has two sides to her; a loving caring side that makes her seem as though she is an angel descended from heaven. And then her other, more common, side; she tends to get drunk in the evening and, even when sober, always loves to fight and be fought. She revolves her life around revenge, but keeps her problems from herself. She is in love with Nabishi Youshu, a wandering highlander samurai.


Ability name: 醉拳/Zui Quan (Drunken Fist)
Function: A traditional Chinese martial art. It is a style of wushu that imitates a drunkard in its movements. The postures are created by momentum and weight of the body, and imitation is generally through staggering and certain type of fluidity in the movements. It is considered to be among the more difficult wushu styles to learn due to the need for powerful joints and fingers. Zui Quan is sometimes called Zuijiuquan (醉酒拳, literally "drunken alcohol fist" wink .

Ability name: 蝴蝶拳头 (butterfly fist)
Function: To be simply put, the Butterfly Fist is the style Xiaozhi uses when she is not using the Zui Quan, or to be but blatantly, when she is out of alcohol. This style is of her own, but her movements are very similar to the style Capoeira; she is constantly moving, BUT her attacks are those made up of her own. In short, this style is more powerful then her Zui Quan, but being drunk is much more fun. Especially when you can still kick some a**.

Accessories and Weapons:
Item: Sake bottle
Description: a Sake bottle attached to a twine wrapped around her shoulder and to her other side, this carries all of her alcohol for her Zui Quan. It reads 酒精 (translates as 'alcohol' in chinese) on it.


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