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Diabolical Thoughts ---by Darth_Vader-chan
This is my third online-journal so it may not be updated a lot. >.>; I like all sorts of things including music, guys, anime/manga, and writing. When I do write in here, the entries are usually quite long. ^^;;
[color=red]1.] How much gold do you have now? 5391 2.] How much do you want? 12000+ 3.] Are you a boy or a girl? girl 4.] How old are you? 18 5.] Do you like Gaia? kinda, its a bit boring 6.] How told you about it? my sister was on it and I decided to try it too 7.] Do you have pets? a fishie! 8.] Whats your favorite animal? snakes/lizards/fish/birds 9.] How many friends do you have? on Gaia I have about 5, offline I dunno ^^; 10.] Who is your best friend on Gaia? uhh... dunno 11.] If you could pick one superpower, what would it be? changing my shape 12.] Do you bump often? not really 13.] How many people do you think own a Gaia account? 100 000+++ 14.] Yes or no? You can trust people who lied for a good cause? yes 15.] Do you like school? yes 16.] Why did you join Gaia Online? curiousity and wanted to dress up a cute avatar 17.] Have you donated anything? nope 18.] Where do you live? canadaaaaa 19.] Are you in a relationship? ya! :heart: 20.] Do you like pizza? yes! 21.] Yes or no? Love is non-existant, it's all about sex. NOPE! 22.] Which Forum do you visit most? Chatterbox 23.] Do you cry often? no 24.] What's your favourite type of weather? warm summery but with refreshing strong wind 25.] Do you believe in online love? dunno, not really I guess 26.] Are you in an online relationship? nope 27.] Yes or no? The inflation on items is fair. um... no? 28.] Do you own a house? nope 29.] What do you think of the upcoming Battle System? I know nothing about it ^^; 30.] Did you ever take a day off just to play Gaia Online? nope 31.] Who's your favourite actor/actress? Johnny Depp! :D Hugh Laurie~ 32.] What are you looking forward to? sushi with Ben tomorrow! :D 33.] What kind of music do you hate? whiney punk, icky rap, most raggae, whiney folk 34.] Are you a good or an evil person? I consider myself to be relatively good 35.] Can you burp the alphabet? no XD I'm a LADY lol 36.] If not, would you like to? (If you can, post Mr. Green icon_mrgreen.gif ) not really XD 37.] What do you think of Moira? She's cool. There should be more fanart of her 38.] Yes or no? It's okay to be a nudist. um... if you're not bugging others I guess 39.] Would you identify with the statement "Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die!"? DAVE MATTHEWS BAND!! :D um... not really 40.] What's your favourite donation item/Monthly collectible? um... the egyptian goddess wings look pretty cool! :D *can't remember any others right now* ^^; 41.] Do you have that item? nope! 42.] What is your avi wearing? the long, black, slightly ripped up looking dress :) 43.] What do you fear most? turning into someone I don't like or can't respect without realising until its too late 44.] What's your favourite type of music? dance, stuff with ENERGY~!!, JRock! :D 45.] Do you like the Weekly Comics? Why (not)? I don't keep up with them but they're probably good ^^; 46.] Yes or no? You would beat someone to smithereens if s/he said bad things about you. No (though my reaction depends on what they said and to what degree they went on about it I suppose) 47.] Where do you like to be? In Ben's arms~ :333 48.] What's your favourite emotion? sleepy-comfortable-warm ^^ (like right after a warm shower XD) 49.] Do you have a role model? My mum, Kazuya Minekura, Diana Wynne Jones, Lynnie, um... 50.] Do you believe in the supernatural? subconciously yes it seems XD;; 51.] Which sport(s) do you like most? soccer? um? archery? I'm not a sports person really XD;; Kung fu! :D 52.] What's the first letter of your first name? J 53.] Do you have a Dream Avi? ya 54.] What would you do if you saw a dead (wo)man lying on the floor? stand stalk-still, back out of the room incase there was a killer still in there and run for help (and try not to scream XD;; ) 55.] Would you laugh at somebody if s/he was made fun of?" Depends how clever the joke was and if the person was asking for it and if I liked them or not and if the joke was hurtful or not 56.] What are your hobbies? watching anime, reading, drawing, hanging out with Ben, singing, shopping, wasting time on the computer (my specialty XD;;; ) 57.] What's your favourite movie? uh.... cause I just saw it a couple days ago, I'll say Pan's Labyrinth perhaps :P 58.] Who's your favourite artist? drawing-wise? Kazuya Minekura, and Nobuteru Yuki!!! *o* heart 59.] If you could change something about yourself, what would it be? to have more motivation and determination in doing things 60.] Which emoticon have you probably used most since you joined? hmmm... probably XD though I really like :3nod: and :domo: (XDXD) 61.] Yes or no? Fear is a weakness. No, its an instinct or a natural reaction 62.] Have you entered one of the Arenas? Art! 63.] What's your favourite game? Mario Cart! >D 64.] If you had to kill somebody, how would you do it? poisonning I guess since its not as confrontational 65.] Did you seriously answer the question above? to the best of my abilities cause my brain is tiiiiiired right now XD;; 66.] What's your favourite activity on Gaia? getting free stuff!! :D 67.] Do you think the world is good as it is now? not really. there's good in it and there's bad, but some of the bad people seem to have gotten big roles in the world :P 68.] What/who do you like to watch most? anime/Ben? 69.] What's your darkest secret? um...? I think I may be a bit of a masochist >_>;; 70.] What's your favourite genre? humour! action! female-fanservice! XD 71.] What are you looking for in a partner? sweetness, good build, cuteness, and lots of other things that my brain isn't processing that add up into BEN! :D 72.] Yes or no? Compared to others, you act mature. ya XD its kinda sad though... 73.] Who's your favourite person? Ben! :D My mum, Lynnie 74.] What's the strangest thing you can do? uh... procrastinate for months and still be able to pull off a really good mark that I finished writing mere hours before handing it in? :P 75.] Are you proud of that? not really, it just means that I procrastinate too much XD;;;;;; 76.] Have you ever bitten someone else? yup! 77.] Can you remember your last dream? nope, a few days ago though I drempt that there was another Diana Wynne Jones book that came out that I bought :) 78.] What was it about? (If you can't remember, run around in circles panicing) uh.... look up :P 79.] As a child, what job did you want to have? I alternated between wanting to be a rock-climber to wanting to be a bus driver XD 80.] If you could give away 1 billion dollars/euros/whatever, but couldn't give it to yourself, to who/what would you donate it? random charities that seemed to be in need, like orphanages, run-down churches in the countryside, give a bunch to my aunt+uncle as thank you for letting me stay there with them. I'd probably try to give the majority of it to people in third world countries so that they'd have access to some stuff that'd let them live better (i.e. farming tools, etc) 81.] Do you practice any kind of self-defense sport? Kung fu! :D 82.] If so, what? If not, would you like to? Kung fu! :D 83.] What's your favourite kind of flower? red rose :3 84.] Are you afraid of sharks? not particularly since I've never been around one. i imagine if I was near one I'd be pretty freaked out though 85.] Can you play any kind of musical instrument? nope 86.] If so, what? If not, would you like to? It'd be really cool to be able to play the cello or violin 87.] Are you introvert or extrovert? um... introvert still maybe? 88.] Do you have white teeth? .....they're getting there 89.] Do you consider yourself to be polite? ya 90.] Ever pulled a prank on someone? tried and failed XD;; 91.] Would you want to do that (again)? sure I guess I dunno 92.] What colour is your skin? white, very much so actually 93.] Do you think it's rude to fart/burp in public? ya, loudly at least. 94.] Did you ever yell at your teacher? probably 95.] Ever used drugs? nope 96.] Do you prefer to wear tight or loose clothes? tight, but not restricting :P 97.] Ever wanted something badly but couldn't have it? YA 98.] What/who was it? MANY MANY unattainable crushes P 99.] Which of the 7 deadly sins does probably correspond to you most? sloth XDXDXD;;;;;;;; 100.] And which of the 7 virtues? uhh... dunno those actually ^^;;;;;; 101.] Are you bored yet? ya! and SLEEPY! 102.] Are you listening to music at the moment? ya! 103.] Why are you taking this quiz? bored and determined and TIRED! 104.] When you eat breakfast, it usually consists of...? TEA! 105.] What do you think of vegetarians? I couldn't live like that. I think they're silly if they're just doing it on a whim/fad but if they have their reasons for it then that's cool I guess 106.] Which country do you hate most? U.S. its moreso resentment though I think 107.] And which do you like most? uhh... Japan? XD;;; I duhnno, Cananada? 108.] What are you really good at? drawing? being cute maybe? 109.] Do you think others would be jealous of that? lol I guess maybe? XD 110.] How many hours a day do you sleep? XD uh... 7 or so sadly 111.] What's your shoe size? 6-6.5ish 112.] Is that normal to you? ya I guess.... 113.] Yes or no? People are all the same, if you'd take away half of the Earth's population, no one would mind. NO 114.] Ever been in a fight? ya 115.] How about one that involved combat? uh maybe 116.] As a child, what was your favourite activity? climbing, playing sailor moon and other games with my friends :) 117.] Do you work out? no 118.] What's your favourite colour? PURPLE, MARROON 119.] Have you been honest with all the questions so far? YA 120.] Are you usually an honest person then? YA 121.] What's your dream job? MANGAKA 122.] What do you think of Oreos? AWESOME AND YUMMY 123.] Yes or no? Death is inevitable, there is no afterlife or whatsoever. NO 124.] Do you like being in charge? ya kinda 125.] What's your favourite candy? watermelon-flavour! 126.] If you could change into an animal, which animal would it be? crow lol 127.] Imagine, you're walking in a somewhat abandoned dark alley at night, suddenly you hear a maniac's laugh echoing through the alley, what do you do? RUN 128.] Was the maniac you? lol that'd be a relief XD 129.] What time is it where you live? 12:15 am T_T 130.] When do you usually go to bed? 11:30-midnightish 131.] Which of the following corresponds to you most? Gangster, emo, punk, gothic, jock, geek, other? haha... geek I guess XD (pfffft gangster...) 132.] Do you like my questions? they're interesting and PLENTIFUL 133.] You lied didn't you? nope 134.] Did you have (or do you still have) a monster in your closet? nope, they live in the mirrors in the dark :P 135.] Under your bed? nope, that's where the bugs and spiders live (probably) 136.] What do you think of Halloween? COOL! :D FUN AND FUN! XD;; 137.] What about Valentine's Day? X33333333 (can't wait actually~) 138.] Yes or no? Celebrities are good role models. NO 139.] What's your favourite day of the week? saturaday? 140.] If you could rule over one planet except this one, which would it be? VENUS 141.] What would you do if that planet was inhabited by freaky aliens? RULE OVER THEM AND BRING MORE HUMANS TO LIVE WITH ME 142.] Do you like Mr. Green? who? 143.] What's your favourite emoticon? :3nod: and :whee: and :domo: DOMOOOOOOOOOOO 144.] Do you have a signature? ya 145.] Do you like it? no 146.] Finish this "Hell would freeze over if..." I finished my essay a week in advance 147.] What's the longest word you know? thrombophebitis (maybe) 148.] Is your urge to bump rising? nope 149.] What would you do if I said you're free to bump all you want? nadda 150.] What would you do if I lied and kicked you out instead? say "you stink" and not care 151.] Don't worry, it's okay to bump here, do you want to bump? no 152.] Ever went fishing on Gaia Online? nope 153.] What's the most time-killing activity you've done so far? GAIA (in general) 154.] Did you pick this quiz as an answer to the previous question? YA 155.] Yes or no? Nature is more important than mankind" No? Mankind is part of nature. 156.] What's your favourite Disney movie? Kingdom Hearts? XD *tiiiiired* PIRATES!!!! :DDD 157.] Character? [strike]Johnny Depp!![/strike] Captain Jack Sparrow!! 158.] Do you still watch Disney movies every now and then? not really :( 159.] What's your favourite tv-show? HOUSE XD 160.] What is the most cruel thing you can think of? nadda, too tired 161.] Did it take you a long time to think of the answer of the previous question? lol no XD 162.] Do you consider yourself to be a competitive person? YA 163.] Are you good at flirting? NO (I think XD) 164.] Can you make a salto? uhh... what? Nope 165.] Underwater? uhh... no? 166.] Out of the following, what do you like most? Snowboarding, surfing, skateboarding. Snowboarding I guess cause its kinda like skiiing XD (kinda) 167.] Have you ever done any of the above? nope 168.] What kind of hair do you have? BROWN longish with BANGS :D 169.] Are you happy with it? Why (not)? YA!! D but I have split ends still :( 170.] What do you think of the word "yo" and "innit" yo is funny, innit is stupid XD 171.] Have you ever been grounded? ya 172.] Do you like flying in aeroplanes? kinda 173.] On a scale of 1 to 10, how good looking is the person most closely to you? 7 174.] Did you actually have to go and look who that person was? YES XD 175.] Ever been to a theme park? ya 176.] What do you think of theme parks? FUN! :D best if not raining or sweltering hot out :P 177.] Do you prefer cold or warmth? warmth 178.] When was the last time you screamed? uhh... sometime during Christmas break 179.] Light or darkness? light~ 180.] Do you like causing pain to others? nope 181.] Can you sing? ya 182.] What do you think of programmes like X-Factor? wha? 183.] Which word do you use most? silly? cute?NYA!! XD 184.] Do you cuss often? kinda 185.] Would you push someone if s/he got in your way? not really I think 186.] What do you like most about Gaia? cute avatars and cute outfits for them!!! XD 187.] What do you think they could change? make easier ways of getting money (the trees... T_T) 188.] Do you believe in ghost stories? subconciously, yes XD;; 189.] What would you do if I said you're in one...? wouldn't believe you :P 190.] Do you want children? ya I think 191.] Do you want to get married? YA! 192.] Did you already get children and married? nope 193.] Finish the following "Love is..." wonderful, uplifting, warm, and mysterious 194.] When was the last time you had to go to the bathroom? 9:15ish I think 195.] Was it during this quiz? nope 196.] Which of the three is your favourite Arena? Art? 197.] Are you mostly inside or outside of your house? outside 198.] Which problem bugs you most? me getting a stupid amount of sleep 199.] To you, what is the most important aspect of a friend? understanding and friendliness, warmth and openness :) patience helps too 200.] When's your birthday? November 2nd 1988 201.] Do you smoke? nope 202.] Think you'll ever finish this quiz? ya, in a day or so XD 203.] What shocks you most? finding out that someone I respected is doing something stupid like drugs or something 204.] How tall are you? 5 foot 2 or so 205.] Are you happy with that? ya I guess :P 206.] Are you religious? ya kinda 207.] Do you think the world is better than it used to be? um... not really 208.] What on Gaia annoys you most? I HAVE NO MONEY!!! 209.] Which season corresponds most to how you currently feel? summer? 210.] What's your favourite anime show? ESCAFLOWNE! HEAT GUY J! OURAN! SAILOR MOON! LOOOOOOOOVE!!! XDXD 211.] Who do you look upto? um... my mum, Kazuya Minekura, Kaori Yuki, Lynnie, BEN XD, lots of people :P 212.] When and where was the last time you went on a holiday? this summer for 2 weeks in England~ :33 213.] According to you, what's the best invention ever? the indoor toilet/plumbing 214.] Remember the superpower question? What would you use that superpower for, good or evil? good I guess, or neutral. It'd just be cool XD; 215.] Ever felt like someone's watching you, even though there's no one there? ya 216.] Have you ever won anything with the Dice Roll, Lottery, Random Number game threads around here? nope 217.] Do you like those game threads? huh? 218.] If you could change your name, what would you change it to? I wouldn't 219.] Do you have any tattoos? nope 220.] Piercings? one in the lobe of each ear :P 221.] Would you walk a thousand miles for someone you love? yes 222.] What if that person doesn't love you back? then they suck 223.] Have you ever stolen something? probably something minor 224.] Have you ever done something bad to impress someone? probably 225.] If so, what was it? I dun rememberrrrrrrr 226.] Yes or no? If life was a fairytale, you would lead a good life, after all, it would end it "And they lived happily ever after". um... ya? 227.] How many posts do you usually post a day? 0.2 ish 228.] Do you think you can ever finish this quiz within a day? not this day :P 229.] What still scares you? failing my test kinda =.=;; 230.] Are you a dog person or a cat person? cat person 231.] Would you rather join a guild or begin one of your own? join one 232.] What colour is your hair? brown 233.] Your eyes? blue/green/grey (they've been green lately) 234.] Have I asked these questions before? not the eyes one 235.] Did anyone ever donate something to you here? Gaelan gave me a gift 236.] If so, who? If not, who do you think should donate something to you? EVERYONE! :D 237.] Do you prefer being alone or with people? with people 238.] Yes or no? No matter how harsh the truth is, it should always be spoken. No 239.] Is life fair? not really 240.] Would you kill a baby if you knew he would turn out the be the world's greatest threat? no 241.] Your dream house would be where? English countryside~~ 242.] Can you pull up an arrogant face? ya haha 243.] Can you show me? nope sorry 244.] Does your avatar resemble you? not at all XD 245.] Yes or no? The internet is the perfect place for deceit. YA 246.] Do you like Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas? YA 247.] Till what age did you go Trick-or-Treating? I did this year XD 248.] If you had to pick one of the emoticons to put on your face for all eternity, which one would you choose? :domo: or :cheese: (It is at this point that Jen goes to sleep and continues this a few days later) 249.] What's your favourite food? SUSHI!! :D Shrimp tempura is my favourite ^.^ and dynamite rolls~~ 250.] Ice cream or milkshake? milkshake! 251.] According to you, what's the best way to prevent pregnancy? no sex XD 252.] How much longer do you reckon it'll take till you finish this quiz? at least another day or so unless I actually get my a** in gear and start working on my art project :P 253.] How long do you think it took me to come up with all these questions? a LONG time XD 254.] Will you be shocked if I said it was over 2 hours? noooope 255.] If you were shocked, can I laugh at you for being shocked so easily? ya 256.] So do these questions bore you yet? a little 257.] Do people often misunderstand you? not really i think 258.] Finish the following "I like..." BIG BUTTS AND I CANNOT LIE!! XD 259.] By the way, did you have to eat anything so far? many things considering there's been a long pause between XD (I want another muffin.... :( ) 260.] Drink? YA 261.] Go to the bathroom? ya lol 262.] If you answered all the questions above with yes, do you think this quiz is taking too long? maaaaaybe, its amusing though XD 263.] What's your first thought if I said it's only 738 more questions? I wouldn't believe you cause I saw a second part XD 264.] So were you born in a hospital? ya 265.] Are you afraid of the dentist? nope 266.] Ever made someone else cry? ya I think 267.] Would you rather swim with pirahnas or crocodiles? crocodiles are cuter~~ 268.] Ever had (or still have) a brace? nope 269.] What do you think of people who wear glasses? they're cool :) I like me without my glasses on buut there are lots of people who look really good with their glasses on 270.] Undies with their name on them? dorky XD 271.] What's the dumbest thing you ever heard someone say? "Count of Monte Cristo... that's a classic american novel right?" (sorry Fuzz XD) 272.] Apart from yourself, ever TekTek'd someone? eh? 273.] Would you do so for gold or as a good deed? eh?? 274.] If someone came up to you saying "You're next" after beating someone up, what would you do? kick them and run away? 275.] Was the person who said it to you... you in a reflection? uhhh? 276.] Ever blackmailed someone? nope I think 277.] What do you think of the Police? STING!!! :D:D me likey ^^ 278.] From the moment you joined Gaia, did you want to spend time on it everyday? NO 279.] What is your favourite question so far? the one that asked if it look me a long time to come up with an answer for 'whats the cruellest thing you can do to a person' XD 280.] Do you hate me yet? nope! :D 281.] Do you think I want you to hate me? lol yes XD 282.] I don't... did you answer the previous question correctly? no... :( I hate you now! 283.] Do you like America's Funniest Home Videos? I used to, now I think its kinda stupid 284.] How good are you at lying? not very, unless its just bending the truth 285.] Ever cheated on someone? nope 286.] Ever made someone jealous for fun? ya I think ^^;;; 287.] What's the worst 'crime' you ever commited? uhh... ?? maybe the mass amount of anime/manga I have thats illegal? :P 288.] Have you ever been arrested? nope 289.] Would you rather eat a cockroach or fish eyes? FOR GODS SAKE GIVE ME THE FISH EYES 290.] Did you ever throw up? lol ya 291.] Was it on someone else? XDXD no thank god I think XD 292.] Do you have a favourite artist here on Gaia? not really, I don't go through people's stuff really :( 293.] What do you think of the people who enter the Avatar Arena with starter clothes? they don't know very much :P 294.] Friendship or family? friendship, but mostly cause you should be friends with your family too :) 295.] Yes or no? Inner beauty is more important than outer beauty. YA 296.] Would you reject a potential lover if s/he had the perfect appearance but a rotten personality? YAAAAAA 297.] Ever had a blind date? nope 298.] Do you want to have one (again)? not particularly ^^; 299.] What do you think of... people who rap? if they do it well then I commend their creativity. If they can't then they're nausiating 300.] People who sing? cool unless they're just doing it to appear cool and be a celebrity or something 301.] People who punch people who rap and sing? stupid and narrow minded unless they had a reason like the rap artist or singer acting like an a*****e 302.] Could that person be you? probably not, i like kicking better than punching :) 303.] Did you ever... see a llama? NO!!!! ToT 304.] Kiss a llama? no! though i want to now!! XD 305.] On the llama? ..eh? 306.] Did I bring up a memory of yours with the previous 3 questions? uhh... not really 307.] What is your law? never assume, and be nice to others :) 308.] Did anyone ever broke that law? oh ya 309.] Did you ever pretend to be someone you're not? ya ^^; not to a big extent though or anything :P 310.] Can you drive? not really, its been awhile XD;; 311.] What would you like to do atleast once in your life? gaaah the only thing I can think of it to have a really great sexual experience with someone I love X3 (XD;;; ) 312.] Imagine... you're falling from a height of 10000 feet, what would you do in the time you were falling? scream, PRAY, maybe cry, appreaciate the nice wind, PULL MY PARACHUTE STRING 313.] Would you want to fall from a height of 10000 feet? NO 314.] What do you think of ninjas? cool! XD 315.] What's your favourite martial art? KUNG FU! XD 316.] Ever seen a school play? ya 317.] Ever been in a school play? ya 318.] Medium or well-done? medium? 319.] Can you remember the last time you ate a cookie? hmm... a few days ago o tuesday i tihnk when Ben got a bunch from Subway :) 320.] Was it today? nope! 321.] What's your sexual orientation? I'm pretty sure I'm bi technically, but I'm more inclined towards guys :) 322.] Happy with it? ya I think :) 323.] Did you modify your profile since you got here? oh ya 324.] What's on your Wishlist? PURPLEISH PIMP SKIRT!!! T_T 325.] Do you like to dance? ya! :D By myself though XD 326.] Would you humiliate yourself to win someone's love? nope 327.] Are you a confident person then? more or less I think 328.] Blizzard or thunderstorm? THUNDERSTORM!!! *wants winter to end* 329.] Hurricane or earthquake? um... earthquake? 330.] Tidal wave or eruption? tidal wave? 331.] Can you think of any other disasters? epidemic? 332.] Have you ever witnessed one? I don't think so 333.] Can you still feel your fingers? lol yes XD 334.] Did you know you've answered over 1/3rd of the questions so far? :O :O :O 335.] I'm proud of you, does that mean anything to you? yes thank you XD 336.] How many posts have you posted since you joined? probably about 20 :P tops 337.] What's your number of 'Posts per day'? you asked this already XD 338.] Are you an active Gaia member? noooo 339.] What do you think of the Fox Ears? they're cute 340.] Do you know what kawai means? YA! you're missing a i though ^^ (its cute btw XD) 341.] Konnichiwa? Good afternoon! 342.] Voulez vous couchez avec moi? Do you wanna sleep with me? 343.] Blasted ruffians! ? YES 344.] Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious? sdgsndlg 345.] Wentelteefje? asbl;hnlH!I!I!!! 346.] What languages do you think were used in the previous 6 questions? japanese, japanese, french, english, silly, and gibberish! 347.] What do you think of 50 Cent? blaaaa 348.] Panic at the Disco? dunno what they sing ^^;; 349.] The Teletubbies? XDD OH GOD 350.] How much more do you think you can take? I can take at least 10 more I think :P 351.] Do you know Freddy Krueger? not personally 352.] What's your general impression of horror movies? they're good once in a while, a lot of them are really corny and dorky though so you have to be picky if you want something worthwhile XD 353.] Do you like to scare others? not particularly 354.] How about teasing others? good-humoured ya 355.] When was the last time you got angry with someone? dunno 356.] Was it about something important? probably not ^^; though i can't remember :P 357.] Can you pull up a pokerface? ya! 358.] Yes or no? Most people are egocentric, that's why there's such a gap between the rich and the poor. Partially true, thats not the only reason 359.] How good of a kisser do you consider yourself to be? fairly good, Celina thought I was a pretty good kisser and I can see her having kissed a lot of people >.> 360.] Do you have any prized possesions? ya! 361.] Would you kill someone if they'd try to take one of those away? I would probably beat them up or else reason with them, but hopefully not kill :P 362.] Did you earn a nice amount of gold so far? NO 363.] Do you think I should make more than 1001 questions? I know you already have XD 364.] What's the best question so far? you asked this already 365.] What's the worst job you can imagine? something where you're isolated and when you do have interaction you're belittled 366.] If you see a real heart, do you think of love? no 367.] If you see a deer, do you think of Christmas? no 368.] If you see yourself, do you think of yourself? YA 369.] Have you ever been on tv? I don't think so 370.] Would you like to be famous? for something worthwhile then maybe, not for the sake of being famous though :P 371.] How about being famous by committing the worst crime in human history? nope 372.] Do you think fame is all about glitter and glamour after the previous question? I never thought it was 373.] Is there a tv in your eye of sight? ...if I turn my head there is 374.] Do you have a big room? its fairly big but I share it with my sis 375.] Would you join the army for the rest of your life, to bring a deceased loved one back for one more day? probably not 376.] What's pain to you? hopelessness 377.] What could make you run around in circles panicing? finding out that I need to finish something really really quickly or something bad is about to happen 378.] Thanksgiving... What are you grateful for? my family, my friends, being able to be happy and healthy for most of the time so far in my life :) I'm thankful for finding great people like Ben and Lynnie and everybody else and for being able to grow and learn in a safe environment ^^ 379.] Donuts or pie? PIE 380.] Cheesecake or Strawberry shortcake? Strawberry shortcake~~ *o* 381.] Sun or the moon? moon 382.] Sound or silence? silence (my head hurts abit XD;; ) 383.] Joy or grief? JOY 384.] Is there anyone in your live you'll never forget? my mum, Lynnie, Ben 385.] Is that person still alive? YA 386.] Can you write in newbie language? eh? I guess... 387.] cn u red wot m sain? I can read what you're saying XD 388.] Can you talk like you're illiterate? ya I think 389.] Are you proud of the answer you gave to the question above? its kinda funny XD it mostly happens when I'm tired :P 390.] Imagine... You wake up, but your behind is still 'asleep', does the thought of something happening to you while you were asleep cross your mind? no... but it might if that happens now that you've mentionned it o.o; 391.] Who's your favourite Gaian? my avatar? Moira? 392.] Did you know I might give you something if you choose me? GIMME 393.] What's more romantic to you, chocolate or strawberries? strawberries ^^ (*just wants them now* XD) 394.] Would you say sorry even if you knew you were right? probably 395.] Are you a proud person then? kinda ya 396.] Are you hungry? ya!!! *wants more muffin* 397.] Thirsty? ya a bit, my lip feels dry :( 398.] Well I am, do you think I should take a break? NO YOU MUST SUFFER TOO 399.] Are you a kind person then? XD 400.] What do you think of the idea that there are hundreds of thousand of billions of microscopic little creatures running over your body right now? I'd think you're probably right but I don't want to think about it XD 401.] Do you think I'm mad? ya lol 402.] Do you think you're mad? maybe a little :) 403.] Yes or no? Normal doesn't exist. no (norms exist all over the place :) ) 404.] Do you read comics? YA 405.] Collect them? YA 406.] Cosplay others...? YA 407.] Yes or no? With internet around, there's no more need for the newspaper. NO 408.] Do you think being a millionaire is great? YA 409.] Do you have long nails? not really... T_T 410.] When was the last time you had a shower? this morning XD 411.] A bath? aaaaaaaaaaages ago 412.] When you laugh, are other people scared of you? lol no 413.] Do you look a lot like your parents? I look like my mum when she was younger, it doesn't help that my eyes seem to be going green now too XD 414.] What's your favourite snack? BUGLES, chips, (I want now~~ T_T), muffin~ 415.] On a scale from 1 to 10, how badly do you believe in Santa Claus? 2? 416.] Ever felt like screaming your heart out? YAAA 417.] If so, did it work? YAA 418.] Do you think there's someone out there who can afford 10 Mini Angel Wings and 10 Mini Nitemare Wings? oh ya probably XD 419.] Would you like to be that person? YAAAA 420.] Does your avi have any Monthly collectible equipped right now? Nooo :( 421.] Do you think avi's can only be good when they're equipped with Monthly collectibles? lol no :P 422.] Do you randomly add people as your friends you don't even know? if they talk to me and add me 423.] Would you vote a 10 in one of the Arena's if someone gave you 10g for it? give me 100 and I'd do it 424.] Do you think it's okay to PM someone asking for donations? if they would gimme XD 425.] Do you like water? ya.. 426.] How about a whirlpool? ya 427.] Are you more of a hero or a villain? hero lol 428.] Did you ever scare yourself? lol ya XD 429.] Are your parents married or divorced? married 430.] For how long? um... at least more than 18 years :P 431.] Did you ever say "I love you" to someone and actually meant it? YES!!! :cute: 432.] Have you ever said "I love you" to someone and didn't mean it? maybe 433.] What would you like to be good at? connecting with people :3 434.] Imagine, you found a lamp, what would you do? ...is it a magic lamp? 435.] The lamp turns out to be magical! Will you rub it? XD YES 436.] The genie of the lamp appears even before you made up your mind about the previous question. What's your first wish? to have a really cool job that is fun and gets me a nice amount of pay :D 437.] Your second? to have good luck 438.] Your third? health for my family and friends 439.] Did you wish for more wishes? nah 440.] Too bad, genies don't exist, do you hate me now? YES!!!! >O 441.] Did you actually think the wishes would come true? YA lol XD 442.] Just out of curiousity, how much gold do you have now? 5477 443.] Did you earn a lot of gold thanks to this quiz? NO 444.] Are you happy with that amount? NO 445.] How many times did you take a break from this quiz? 1 looooong break 446.] Did you know that if you finished this quiz, you'll end up in the Hall of Fame? yay! :D 447.] Do you think I should give you a prize for completion? YES!! And it should be BIG and EXPENSIVE 448.] Isn't earning all that money enough? NO 449.] Did anyone ask you any of these questions before? ya 450.] Do you want the questions to stop? maybe lol 451.] Have you ever seen lightning? YA 452.] A woman with a beard? lol no XD 453.] A pixie? YA!! XD 454.] Two pixies?! no.... :( 455.] Did you seriously answer the questions above so far? lol kinda 456.] How much time have you spend on this quiz so far? a looooong time, dunno how much 457.] Do you think my questions are boring? not really :) 458.] Do you say that just to make me feel good? nope 459.] You're so kind... Do you think I should give you something for that? YA!! :D 460.] But that's just your thought, I don't think I should/shouldn't, right? you SOOOO should! 461.] Are you greedy by the way? YA 462.] Lazy? YA 463.] Always hungry? not really 464.] Are you a trouble-maker? nah :) 465.] Are you a nice person? ya! gimme stuff! 466.] Will you be my friend? ya! gimme stuff! 467.] Will you be his friend? *points* NO 468.] Do you know who I meant? nope! 469.] It's a maffia boss! You shouldn't be his friend, right? thats why I said that! :( 470.] Do you think I'll get kidnapped for pointing at him? YES 471.] Do you want me to get kidnapped for pointing at him? YA gimme stuff! 472.] Are you a slave to someone? nope 473.] Have you ever done something you didn't want to? lol ya 474.] What do you think of the games of Gaia? they're alright. the slot machines suck though 475.] Is Word Bump good? ya I guess 476.] Fishing? never played it 477.] Jigsaw? fun! 478.] Slots? ICKY BORING 479.] Cards? bla 480.] Why are you here and not playing those games? cause most of them suck XD 481.] You've made it till question 481, I'm so proud of you, did you know that? YA 482.] Do you know when Gaia's Birthday is? NOPE 483.] Can you tell me when? nope 484.] Do you know how long I have been member? 18934573496839463485734857348 days 485.] Did you look it up? ya 486.] Yes or no? Other people consider you to be arrogant. No i think XD 487.] Finish the following line "Without Gaia I'd..." SLEEP 488.] Left or right? right 489.] Babies or teenagers? lol teenagers? 490.] Prince or princess? princess! 491.] Gold or silver? gold! 492.] Computer or laptop? laptop!! T_T 493.] Legal or illegal? legal! 494.] Friend or foe? friend! :D 495.] This or that? THAT!!!! 496.] Stop these questions or don't stop these questions? OH GOD STOP!!! 497.] I stopped them anyway, how are you feeling? unbelieving XD 498.] Do you get tired of my questions? kinda 499.] Do you want to quit? kinda 500.] I've made up 500 questions now, how do you think I'm feeling? you must be feeling pretty special, good for you XD 501.] Yes or no? I should take this quiz myself to feel your pain. YES XD though it must e even more painful to have thought up all these questions XD 502.] I'm going to, did you know that? YAY! :D I so called it!! 503.] Did I surprise you? ya ^^ 504.] Do your fingers hurt yet? not really, my back does ^^;; 505.] How evil can you laugh? pertty evil, its a cute evil though XD 506.] Did you try it out just to answer the previous question? not really 507.] Did you ever get hypnotized? nope 508.] Do you want to (again)? ya! 509.] What's the strangest thing you know? uhh... dandropheliac means to be sexually attracted to trees 510.] What's the most romantic thing anyone ever said to you? ummm~~ X33 511.] What do you think of Domo the icon_domokun.gif ? DOMOOOOOOOOOOOO :domo: :domo: :domo: :domo: :domo: :domo: :domo: 512.] Can you imitate others? kinda I guess 513.] Do you like pirates? YA! 514.] Vikings? YA! XD 515.] Asterix and Obelix? not really kinda 516.] Can you tell me who Asterix and Obelix are? they're the big guy with the big rock (obelisk) and the little guy who drinks the strength potion in the french comic! ^^ 517.] Who's your favourite superhero? Spiderman! :D 518.] Do you believe there are people who are a superhero? nah 519.] Is your inbox too small? no! it GREW!!!!! *O* 520.] Are you social or antisocial? social kinda sorta 521.] Did you ever go against the will of your parents? a bit probably 522.] What's your favourite mythic creature? cockatrice! or basilisk! or wyvern!! :D 523.] What do you think of your profile? its bla but thats alright :P 524.] Do you want me to leave a comment? YA lol I don't care 525.] If people want to wake you up in the middle of the night, what would they have to use? force 526.] If you had to wake someone else up in the middle of the night, what would you use? force 527.] Which Forum do you like the least? dunno 528.] Have you posted on all the forums? nope! 529.] Apart from the Chatterbox, which Forum do you visit mostly? lol um Anime/manga? :P 530.] Is there any emoticon you've never used before? most of em actually ^^; 531.] Just how new are you to Gaia? not that new but I don't do anything on here :P 532.] Could you pick a number between 1 to 10 please? 5! 533.] Do you still remember it? ya! 534.] Can you remember it till question 550? ya! 535.] What's worse to you, dying or being old and alone? old and alone 536.] Which country would you like to visit? JAPAN! :D 537.] What's your favourite piece of furniture? uhh... Dorian's n****e automan!! XDXD 538.] Your room, what does it look like? MESSY! :D 539.] Are there any things lying on the ground? YES 540.] Do you still remember your number? ya! (its 5 :) ) 541.] You see a spider's web in the corner of the room, what do you do? KILLL!!!!!!! (after running around screaming) 542.] When you look more closely, the spider's web turns out to be made of a billion gaian gold, would you steal that poor spider's web? YES!! 543.] The spider notices you glancing at HIS precious web and attacks! How big is the spider? it better be puny and easy to kill!! 544.] Are you scared? YA! 545.] Are you afraid of clowns? if they're creepy clowns 546.] Imagine, you and a friend of the opposite gender hand in the exact same essay, the teacher doesn't notice. One of you gets an A+ the other a B-. Would you tell the teacher that you handed in the same homework? no, he probably noticed anyway XD unless it was just a simple non-essay thing then I would probably bug the teacher, or else we'd just laugh about it amongst ourselves for ages after XD 547.] For what would you kill? self-protection or to protect the ones I love 548.] Did you ever amaze yourself? ya! 549.] Do you still remember your number? 5! :D 550.] Your number, was it carrot? it was 5 you dork! XDXD 551.] Still enjoying the quiz so far? kinda my head hurts a bit 552.] Did you know you finished more than half of it? YA! though it feels kinda sad to only have done that much 553.] I'm proud of you, but you already knew that, right? YA! :D 554.] By the way, are you punctual? mostly 555.] Rebellious? not really 556.] Scary? oh yes XD 557.] Could you sum yourself up in one word? haphazard and content 558.] You didn't asnwer "myself" in the previous question did you? lol no though that'd be pretty good XD 559.] Do you have any idea what you're gonna do after this quiz? hang out with Ben and/or homework 560.] Did you ever betray someone? probably :( 561.] Would you ever do it (again) to become rich and wealthy? no 562.] Yes or no? Justice is fair. my definition of justice is :P 563.] What's your favourite song? currently .... um... the first ending and/or openning for FMA? 564.] Why did you pick that one? cause I couldn't think of anyting and I really like those songs!! XD 565.] What do you think of the Amish? they're boring *is shot* 566.] Would you like to be one? not really, I wouldn't be able to stand it after that long 567.] Who is the last person who was being unfair to you? uhh... I dunno 568.] What do you think of Mickey Mouse? blaaaa 569.] Goofy? annoying 570.] Donald? odd 571.] Sora? YAY!! :D 572.] Do you know who I meant with Sora? KINGDOM HEARTS!!!! :D:D:D :heart: 573.] So do you have Kingdom Hearts? no!! T_T 574.] Which games do you have? Soul Caliber 2, Mario Carts, Double Dash, One PIece, and random others :P 575.] What do you think of girls who game? they're cool, and coming up a lot 576.] What do you think of boys who wax? uhh... a bit odd but if thats what they got for ^^; 577.] Did the previous two questions confuse you? a little XD 578.] Are you bored yet? a little (hungryyyyy) 579.] Are you going to finish this quiz? ya! D< 580.] I bet you won't make it, do you think this is a challenge? yes, and I think you're right XD 581.] Do you think I should motivate people to finish this quiz by turning my pixie into a prize? pixie? 582.] Well it IS my favourite (and only) pixie, do you have a pixie? nope :( 583.] Shadow Spirit? no XD 584.] Gwee? noooo 585.] Mochi? nope 586.] Momo? nadda 587.] Do you think you can finish the list of 'pets'? lol no 588.] You see a friend getting beaten up, what would you do? beat up on the a*****e who's beating up my friend 589.] Was it you who beat him up? not my friend 590.] Just wondering, but do you have a dark side? kinda 591.] How about your light side then? I guess maybe? 592.] So... two you's or not? kinda sorta not really :) 593.] Is the world ready for two you's? lol maaaaybe 594.] By the way, what did you eat since you started this quiz? a LOT since this has been over the course of several days 595.] Did you got to the bathroom at all? ya you asked already 596.] Are these questions too personal? nah 597.] Have you answered them all honestly so far by the way? mostly, or else with a great deal of sarcasm 598.] Do you think anyone will actually read all your answers? no XD 599.] What's something people will remember you of? uhh... I'm cute? XD I draw? I'm a fangirl?? XD 600.] Where do you shave?um... legs, armpits... 601.] ... Please, will you never answer THAT specific again? lol as lolng as you don't ask it again XD 602.] Wow, just 399 more questions, does this ease your mind? not really XD 603.] What are you thinking of right now? head hurts, me want snacks, me no want to abandon computer, me want Ben to come XD 604.] How much time a day do you spend watching tv? almost never 605.] On the computer? LOTS XD;; 606.] Outside? uhh... does that count busses? 607.] Are you happy with that? not really 608.] How much gold have you earned with this quiz so far? almost nadda 609.] What are you going to use it for? nadda :P 610.] So are you on a quest then? noooo 611.] Do you think some items are overpriced? YAA!!!!!!!!! *EMPHASIS!!!!* 612.] Do you own a shop? nope 613.] How much did you earn with that so far? nadda (guess why) 614.] What do you value most? my mind and feelings and people around me :) 615.] What do you want out of life? happiness and love 616.] What frightens you the least? marshmallows 617.] Are you literate? ya 618.] Ever made someone laugh? ya ^^ 619.] Are you muscular? noooo XD 620.] What do you think of muscular women? they're kinda scary to be honest XD unless its just that they're fit 621.] What did you ask Santa to give you? lots of CDs that I didn't get :( I also wanted the Escaflowne dvds~~ T_T 622.] Do you think he'll give you that? I tohught I'd get at least /some/ of the cds :P 623.] What are your wearing at the moment? XD dark blue shirt, grey stripped pants, underwear, socks, and shoes 624.] What would you like to wear? cute skirts, cute boots!! and a cute shirt too I guess 625.] Blindness or deafness? blindness 626.] Hands or feet? hands 627.] Penguins or rhinos? PENGUINS!! :D 628.] Up or down? UP! 629.] Evil or twisted? evil 630.] Would you like to be immortal and never age? not really 631.] Yes or no? Women fear death, that is why they keep trying to make themselves look young. No, they want to look their best for the people they like and want people to think well of them, we're also proud 632.] Yes or no? Men can only focus on one thing at the same time. No 633.] Who's your favourite character? DILANDAU! CLAIR! TAMAKII!! HOWL! CHRESTOMANCI!! 634.] Is s/he from a book, videogame or something else (what)? Escaflowne(anime), Heat Guy J(anime), Ouran(anime/manga), Howl's Moving Castle(book), Chrestomanci(book) 635.] Would you like to be like him/her? not really :P 636.] Why do you like him/her? cause they're cool and cute and awesome!! and funny! XD 637.] Can you look angry? ya! 638.] If so, did you practice or is it all natural? If not, do you want to? I can practice when I'm reeeally bored 639.] Do people think you're cute? ya! ^o^ 640.] Ever drank beer? ya its gross XD 641.] How about wine? ya its also mostly gross XD 642.] What's your opinion about alcohol? it shouldn't taste like alchohol 643.] Did you discover any grammar mistakes in my questions so far? naaaaaah thats silly lol ya 644.] Do you like my questions? they're fun, you asked this 645.] Would you give this topic a thumb up? lol ya but its kinda tiresome 646.] Do you have a job? no 647.] Imagine, you discover an old painting of a rather ugly woman, what would you do? sell it cause I don't like it annd its ugly 648.] Later in the news, there's been reported that a painting is worth 1 billion! They show a picture of it, it turns out to be the old painting! What would you do? sell it to them for a discount XD 649.] With or without your help the painting ends up in a museum, when you go to visit it, you have a good look at it again. You hear a voice and the woman's lips on the painting moved! What would you do? talk to it and look crazy XD 650.] Do you ever feel like life is just too hard? sometimes a little bit 651.] Who was the last person you saw? Justin's right infront of me XD 652.] How old is that person? uh... 20sometihng? 653.] Are you attracted to that person? not really 654.] Does the person have rabies? YES XD 655.] Yes or no? It's better to hurt someone than to get hurt yourself. No 656.] Is there a thread you think everyone MUST see? (yes this means you can advertize, but just this once) Not really ^^; 657.] According to you, what's a fitting reward to those who finish the quest? LOTS OF COOL ITEMS FOR ME!!! :D:D 658.] Do you like playing hide and seek? sometimes ^^ 659.] How about basketball? ehh I guess kinda if the others are just as out of shape as I am. kinda. 660.] Have you ever RPed? a little, not really though 661.] Have you ever written a song? ya it SUCKED XD 662.] Which animal matches your personality? I wanna be a sparrow or a robin! :D 663.] And your looks? un... human? :P 664.] Do you like those animals? ya I guess 665.] What do you think of Brad Pitt? he was pretty hot but he's getting kinda old (LESTAT+LOUIS!!) 666.] Do you think there's something wrong with the number 666? not really 667.] What do you think of Angelina Jolie? BIG lips, she actually seems pretty cool as far as celebrities go :) 668.] Is there anyone you look upto? If so, who? I SAID this like twice already, screw you XD 669.] What's the first thing that comes in mind when you read this word Butterfly? DDR XD 670.] Casanova? BlackJack 671.] Lick? lollipop 672.] Rose? babys breath 673.] Menstrual disturbance? CRAMPS 674.] Force? Star Wars XDXD 675.] Tornado? the movie twister and a big green field 676.] RAWR! ? CELINA XD 677.] So how do you like the quiz so far? word association is fun XD 678.] Did you know you already passed 2/3rd of it? oh wow XD 679.] Are you proud of yourself? a little :D 680.] Do you like carrots? ya! 681.] Is there any particular person who has big long ears? uhh... not that I know :P 682.] Do you know something white? this computer is relatively white... 683.] Is it fluffy? no XD 684.] Who do you think of when I say "Eh... What's up doc?" BUNNY! 685.] Did you like the five previous questions? very odd XD 686.] Are you bored yet? a little 687.] Do your fingers hurt? no, my head does though 688.] Do you want me to stop asking questions? a little XD will you?!?! 689.] How much gold do you reckon you've earned so far? NADDA!!! D< 690.] Do you want more? YAAAA!!! 691.] Are you greedy? YA!!! 692.] What do you like most about yourself? I'm open to lots of stuff 693.] Would you date someone for money? maybe 694.] What do you think of blind dates? thy're odd and an interesting idea though I can't see them working that well. I feel kinda sorry for the person paying for it if it goes bust XD 695.] Are you a talkative person? if you get me going on something XD 696.] What's the most cruel thing you've done during this quiz? um... ignored someone a bit in favour of answering these questons ...also getting no sleep prettymuch by stayingup late answering questions =.= (its cruel to me!!!) 697.] Do you have any scars? ya 698.] Burn or freeze? freeze 699.] All or nothing? nothing 700.] Yes or no? yes 701.] Do you think humans should have long(er) tails? no, it would be bothersome with pants :P 702.] Which of your fingers is your favourite? my pinkies :) 703.] Is that finger hurt of all the typing? a litle XD 704.] Do you have ever made a long topic? not really 705.] What the item of highest value you own? um... maybe my Bruise Mistress top or else the big black ripped up dress I'm currently wearing 706.] Is that your favourite item as well? ya! XD 707.] What kind of warrior will you most likely choose with the upcoming Battle System? uhh... dunno 708.] Do you think Gaia will get better with a Battle System? sure? 709.] Do you use hairgel? nope, too long 710.] Stuff to clean your skin? water and soap count? :P 711.] Make-up? not anymore XD 712.] If you got 100 billion gaian gold, would you share/donate some? YES (donate) 713.] What if it was real cash? YES XD 714.] Yes or no? You get what you give. no 715.] Have you ever licked someone's eyeball? NO!!! ew!!! XD ow!!! 716.] Given someone a lovebite? yes XD 717.] Is there anyone you'd like to kiss? YES! X3 718.] Do you have frizzy hair? nope 719.] Do you want your hair to be an other colour? nah I like mine :3 720.] Would you ever wear what your avi is wearing right now? lol sure, though its kinda sleazy XD 721.] What time is it now? 5:08 pm friday T_T;; 722.] How much time have you spend on this quiz so far? LOOOOTS :P;; 723.] How much time do you think I spend making up these questions? WAAAAY MORE XD 724.] Are you a compassionate person? ya I think 725.] Could you massage my fingers please? They hurt... I think I'd hurt them more if I tried ^^;; 726.] Say, have you ever massaged someone else? I think I've tried :P 727.] How about singing for them? ya! 728.] Are you an artistic person? ya 729.] Are you right or left handed? right! 730.] Do you prefer writing with pen or pencil? pen! :D 731.] Do you like to write? ya ^^ kinda 732.] Which of your hobbies would you like to turn into a job? drawing! :D 733.] Do you think you'll get rich with it? no XD;; 734.] Ever lost your keys? MANY times, in my room mostly so its all good 735.] Would you be frustrated if it happened (again)? yes XD 736.] Are you easily frustrated? 737.] Do you have a lot of shoes? 738.] How many would you like to have? 739.] Finish the following "I can't..." 740.] Are you a townsperson? 741.] Do you like to party? 742.] Have you ever been jealous at someone? 743.] What's your least favourite emotion? 744.] What's your favourite number? 745.] What's your favourite thing you dislike? 746.] Did the previous question confuse you? 747.] Are you hungry? 748.] Would you kill someone for food if you were? 749.] Do you think anyone could finish this quiz without going to the bathroom or having any kind of break at all? 750.] Do you believe me if I said you could? 751.] Yes or no? Words alone can't really hurt you 751.] Are you happy you've finished over 3/4th of the quiz now? 752.] Ever witnessed an accident? 753.] Do you believe in aliens? 754.] What would you do if your best friend said he saw a UFO? 755.] Do you like looking up at the stars? 756.] Imagine, you're looking up to the sky at night, you see a red dot that keeps getting bigger and bigger, what do you do? 757.] Suddenly you hear the sound of an alarm, warning everyone in town, would you panic? 758.] It turns out to be a false alarm, do you believe it? 759.] However, when you look at the red dot, it's still coming your way, a second after it reaches you and goes straight to a part of your body. Somehow, this quiz allows you to select what part of your body. Which would you choose? 760.] Are you an uncle/aunt? 761.] Would you like to be? 762.] How many brothers and sisters do you have anyway? 763.] Do you think having brothers and sisters is annoying? 764.] Would you panic if you saw 10 people who look exactly the same? 765.] Would you like to experience weightlessness? 766.] Do you like the questions so far? 767.] Why are you still here? 768.] What does the season of Spring mean to you? 769.] Summer? 770.] Autumn? 771.] Winter? 772.] Are you looking forward to your birthday? 773.] Do you like decorating the Christmas Tree? 774.] Has anyone ever mistaken you for someone else? 775.] Have you ever mistaken anyone for someone else? 776.] Would you like to roar for me? 777.] What's your lucky number? 778.] Do you like Dragonball? 779.] What about Final Fantasy? 780.] Are you looking forward to a game release? 781.] If so, which one(s)? If not... say Ahrrrr! 782.] Do you hate someone? 783.] Do you reckon you can come up with 1 million questions? 784.] What does the word pain mean to you? 785.] Have you ever moved? 786.] Would you like to (again)? 787.] Do you change clothes more than once a day? 788.] Do you clean your own room? 789.] Are you afraid to clean your own room? 790.] What kind of bed do you have? 791.] Do you like oranges? 792.] What word do you use most? 793.] And what letter? 794.] And what symbol? 795.] Do you have hair on your toes? 796.] Do you wax? 797.] What do you think of people who wax? 798.] Yes or no? Fastfood is worse than not moving a lot 799.] Did you ever fake a feel-bad? 800.] How aobut pretending to be sick? 801.] Finish the following "Children are..." 802.] Do you think of the future often? 803.] Do you think someone who sneezes is dirty? 804.] Have you ever been in a situation where you did things you never knew you could? 805.] What's your favourite band? 806.] Motorcycle or car? 807.] Did you ever faint? 808.] What's the stupidest song you've ever heard? 809.] How old is the oldest person you know? 810.] Did you ever have to pee so bad but had no where to pee? 811.] What would you do if you were in that situation (again)? 812.] Ever ate squid? 813.] Oisters? 814.] Dog food? 815.] Do you like any of the above? 816.] What's the most disgusting type of food you can think of? 817.] Did you ever see an animal do something weird? 818.] If so, what was it? If not, would you like to? 819.] Did you ever walk right into a door? 820.] Would you laugh if you did it (again)? 821.] Do you use the word "Whatever" often? 822.] How long can you run in one go? 823.] Did you ever break something? 824.] If so, was it part of you? If not, can you imagine being such a goody-goody like you? 825.] Do you like the hospital? 826.] How about needles? 827.] Do you think you would do a better job as a politician than most politicians around? 828.] Do you thinks things through before you act? 829.] Imagine, you were alone, upstairs in your house. It's night, suddenly, you hear a scratching sound, as if it was scratching a blackboard. What would you do? 830.] Shortly after you hear someone walking up the stairs quite aggressively, would you go out there to face him/her or hide? 831.] The sounds are suddenly gone and it's been silent for 5 minutes now, how would you feel? 832.] An unexplainably strong feeling simply wants you to go downstairs... When you enter the door of the living room you hear one word echoing through the room... SURPRISE! How do you react? 833.] Are you physically stronger than you are mentally? 834.] Do you lose your concentration easily? 835.] Did you ever play a mind game on someone to entertain yourself? 836.] If you had a tail, would you chase it? 837.] Do you have any item of your family that's been passed on for generations? 838.] Do you think you'd be a good teacher? 839.] Are you good with children? 840.] If you had the power to change one thing in the world, what would it be? 841.] Do you think the answer of the previous question was noble of you? 842.] Are you tired of my quiz yet? 843.] Bored? 844.] Still you stay, why? 845.] Are you happy with the amount of gold you earned? 846.] Are you easily satisfied? 847.] Do you think you'll finish this quiz? 848.] Have you ever been to a wedding? 849.] Do you think you know someone you'd like to get married to? 850.] If you could manipulate one of the following elements, which would it be? Fire, Earth, Water, Air 851.] Do you believe in people who can read minds, contact ghosts or any of that sort? 852.] Could you tell me a riddle? 853.] How about a joke? 854.] Tea or coffee? 855.] Life or death? 856.] Disaster or tragedy? 857.] Punch or kick? 858.] Emo or gangster? 859.] Do you wash your own laundry? 860.] To you, what/who's the cutest thing in the world? 861.] And what/who's the least cutest? 862.] Do you like laughing? 863.] Yes or no? Crying makes you look weak and vulnerable 864.] Do you often find yourself understimating others? 865.] Do you think items on the Marketplace are being sold for a fair price? 866.] Did you ever sell an item for an unfair price? 867.] Finish the following "Anger is..." 868.] Imagine, you heard a big bang while you were innocently reading this question, would you go check out what it was? 869.] Regardless of whether you looked or not, the person closest to you claims it to have come from inside the house, what do you think it was? 870.] It turns out that some blasted ruffian entered your house and lit his own explosive fart. Would you beat him up for this 'crime'? 871.] Did you yawn during my quiz? 872.] If you did, it won't make me sad, but you knew that right? 873.] It..really.. won't *sniff* make me sad *sniff sniff* (would you cheer me up if you saw me like this?) 874.] How many push ups can you do in a row? 875.] Did you go actually go and try out how many push ups you can do in a row to answer the question above? 876.] Did you answer all questions honestly so far? 877.] Do you like 'em? 878.] Did you get to meet new people in your quiz-answering-ness? 879.] Did you ever stumble across a Pink Link since you joined? 880.] How about a Magical Giftbox? 881.] Should you find a giftbox. Would you open, sell, give away or just let it rot away in your inventory? 882.] When was the last time you got physically hurt? 883.] Were you yourself the cause of it? 884.] Are you embarrassed if you hurt yourself, even though no one sees it? 885.] Would you cuss if you hurt yourself? 886.] Do you like The Simpsons? 887.] How about Family Guy? 888.] Would you ever skip school to be with your lover? 889.] Who would you want to be for one day? 890.] Are you easily relaxed? 891.] Do you believe in an eye for an eye? 892.] How high can you jump? 893.] Do you have a creditcard? 894.] You have to take care of your own lunch, what's in it? 895.] Do you eat healthy? 896.] What do you think of Feng Shui? 897.] What about starsigns? 898.] Reincarnation? 899.] If you could master any kind of thing, what would it be? 900.] If there's an insect buzzing in your house, would you kill it? 901.] What everyday activity is really annoying to you? 902.] Just 99 more questions, how do you feel? 903.] If all people's inner beauty would become their appearance, do you think there will be a lot of ugly people? 904.] How about you, do you think you'll be prettier or uglier? 905.] How much does the outfit your wearing right now cost? 906.] Yes or no? The more expensive clothes, the better they are 907.] Did any of the questions offend you? 908.] If they did, you DO know I'm sorry, right? 909.] Did you ever have a day where everything seemed to be going wrong? 910.] Would you rather have a son or a daughter? 911.] Did you ever have to call 911? 912.] Would you rather be a vampire or a werewolf? 913.] What was your last halloween outfit? 914.] Imagine you're a famous singer, would you have weird demands like your hotel room being all white, and bringing your own toiletseat? 915.] On one of your shows, a fan of yours faints right in front of you, would you continue your performance or stop to help him/her? 916.] Do you think your personality will drastically change if you went from normal to celebrity? 917.] So in general, would you like being famous? 918.] Black or white? 919.] Knocking your head or knocking my head? 920.] Pee or poo? 921.] Bite or nibble? 922.] Meow or RAWR! ? 923.] Did any of the questions confuse you so far? 924.] Did any of them make you laugh? 925.] Can you stay calm in a stressful situation? 926.] Do you like going out at night? 927.] Did you ever go to a party uninvited? 928.] Do you know why it's important to arrive at a party late? If so, why? 929.] It's because you're new and interesting, was that the answer you gave? 930.] What's your favourite Disney movie? 931.] How old were you when you first watched it? 932.] Do you still watch it? 933.] Can you still sing along to its songs? 934.] How many languages can you speak? 935.] Which languages would you like to speak? 936.] By the way... do you still feel your fingers? 937.] Do you have any idea what the following question might be? 938.] Ever ate camel? 939.] Did you peek when you read question 937? 940.] If you were in a competition with your friend and you threaten to defeat him/her, would you hold back just to let him/her win? 941.] What could be the source of everlasting youth according to you? 942.] Could you think of a nice question? 943.] Can you answer it? 944.] Do you like your own question? 945.] Are you going to try and make a thread like this one? 946.] Do you want me to stop? 947.] Are you crying? 948.] Your fingers hurt don't they? 949.] Do you think I'm laughing evilly right now? 950.] I already was the moment you joined this quiz! Are you shocked? 951.] Do you think I'm crazy? 952.] Just 49 more questions, are you excited? 953.] Would you kill something that got between you and finishing this quiz? 954.] Is there anything you'd like to ask me? 955.] Is there anything you think I should ask you? 956.] By the way, would you scream if someone crunched your n****e? 957.] Would you laugh if you crunched someone's n****e? 958.] Are you a cruel person? 959.] Did you learn more about yourself thanks to this quiz? 960.] Squares or circles? 961.] Running around in circles or slapping yourself back to your senses? 962.] Smart or popular? 963.] Flowers or chocolate? 964.] Coca Cola or Dr. Pepper? 965.] Did you have trouble answering the 5 questions above? 966.] Who's your favourite comedian? 967.] Do you think you'd make a good comedian? 968.] Who's your favourite member on Gaia? 969.] Have you played any other MMORPGs? 970.] Do you think it's worth paying for them ? 971.] Do you care about nature? 972.] Do you fear the future? 973.] Have you ever witnessed a heat wave? 974.] How about extreme cold? 975.] Do you chew on pencils? 976.] Do you still have all your teeth? 977.] If you had to give up one thing of your body,

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