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Do androids dream of electric sheep?
GAUGES and STRETCHES (+ other related items)
if i see another person calling stretched lobes "gauges" i will scream.

i.e. - when you say you will "gauge your ear" it means you are going to measure your ear.
"gauge" refers to the size of the jewelry in thickness. Plugs, Tapers, Tunnels, Bars, BCR's etc. they all have a gauge. "Normal" piercing gauge is 14ga (roughly 1.6mm thick - i.e. navel bar size).

i.e. - you can say "I am going to stretch my ear lobe" because that is what you are doing.

so when a person has ZERO GAUGE lobes you can indeed say that they have 0 Gauge Lobes. HOWEVER you do not say "They have gauged their ears" because they have not measured their ears they have stretched them.

- Gauged Lobes

+ Stretched Lobes

TWO) if someone says this to you;
"Gauging is when they put a hole in the earlobe. Stretching them is stretching it out before the gauge."


Putting a hole in the earlobe is simply a piercing it doesn't matter if it is done by needle, gun or punch it is a piercing however punching lobes it a little iffy if you intend on stretching them as it takes away needed flesh. Scalpelling lobes is also completely different.


PLUGS and TUNNELS are completely different! PLUGS tend to be solid - you cannot see through them.

TUNNELS show that you have a large hole in your ear. both pieces of jewellery come in a range of sizes (gauges) and can be made of pretty much exactly the same materials.

When referring to any stretched piercing, remember to actually clarify WHICH piercing.

REMEMBER: ANY piercing can be stretched!

do not just assume that because someone is (correctly) referring to their stretches that they are talking about earlobes. (I for one have stretched my helix as well as my ear lobes)

ALSO the "U" in Gauges is SILENT! it is pronounced "Gay-j**z" to be perfectly blunt! it is not "Gow-j**z" or "Gow-Jezz" and when referring to gauges in shorthand always use an "a" after the "g" because we are not referring to grams! remember "Ga" not "G".


BELLY refers to a rather large area of skin you have a NAVEL piercing (Belly button if you must) however saying you have a BELLY piercing opens up alot of other possibilities.


When doing a DIY piercing using any kind of safety pin heated in a flame or boiled in a pan of water is not a good idea. boiling the pin does not mean it is clean it just means it is wet and hot. passing it through a flame doesn't mean it is clean; far from it! it just means it is now hot and covered in soot..... congratulations you are going to home tattoo the body part you are also going to try and stupidly home pierce!

any time you do anything stupid related to piercings your god kills a bunny, a kitten, a lamb or a puppy depending on HOW stupid you are. think of the animals before you are stupid!

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