yes i know it's a lot but im determined to get all of these ^^;;
and i'll need all the help i can get!

the ei's i am questing:

nightmare x3
fallen wish
fremere's guard
gogh reed
heremes moon
kottan bell
lyndexere's journal
nartian rock
padmative's lotus
picolitrosso's urn
the cold case of pietro
yama no tamago

My Wishes:
Penguin Slippers
seal slippers
kitsune mask
ancient katana
staff of angels
horns of the demon
jacked-up shoes
chuchips blessing
bani clips
Tsurara the Demon Cat
Kokutan the Demon Cat
Matao the Demon Cat
Shibuya Nobody
G blade
Midnight Kei
Plague Noir
Noble Plumage
Apep Cobra Armor
SDPlus #110 Capella
Krankles the Kiwi
Prince Patchouli
SDPlus #101 Radio Jack
Flight of the Macaw
Wild Dawn
SDPlus #165 The Sentinel
SDPlus #120 Carl
SDPlus #166 Ginoverseer
SDPlus #18 Lex
Golden Fleece
Ballad of Orpheus
Pale Marionette
Anurla's Amulet
Valhalla's Eternal Armor