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me jurnal
500 black ops suronding the building Fireheart is in Fireheart looks around he see's 100 black ops in 1 side of the hall lined up and ready to kill he looks at the other side and see another 1oo lined up to kill

Fireheart - *smirks* this is gonna be fun

Fireheart qiuckly takes his jacket off you see Fireheart in a vest with his 2 demon fangs guns on his vest he looks at both sides then pulls out his demon fangs these guns are very speacial there made to use shadows as bullets and can never run out and even though they look like pistols they shoot faster then you think

black op - get READY

black op - SET

Fireheart - *still smirking*

black op - SHOOT

the black ops start shooting Fireheart doges every bullet passing him to kill instead the black op across the room then Fireheart shoots 2 bullets qiuck then those bullets go through 20 black ops then he turns and gains speed starts to run at the black ops then when hes at the end jumps over the black ops and keeps shooting them down

Fireheart - thats all you got

Fireheart runs down the seconed hall just keeps runing he takes out his shadow blades and slices everyone in his path just keeps going and going he see's a window runs to it and jumps as he is falling he crashes to the ground kneeling then gets up opens his eyes and see's helicopters , black ops, cops all of them pointing guns at him

Fireheart - *smileing* this is going to be fun

want more plz comment me and i will tell the rest hope u like it peace out and love ya heart

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