Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Who made your profile?
- It was made by Siorraidh, pretty neat-o, huh?

2. What song is playing on your profile?
- Lights by Ellie Goulding

3. Can you make me a fansign?
- Bribe me.

4. Are you a Filipino?
- 100%. I won't say I'm half-Spanish/Japanse/Chinese or Half-anything that other Filipinos claim to be. (Although, I do think I'm part-human, part-cat. HAHA)

5. How old are you?
- Kinda creepy but please, check my 'About' Section. It's there for a reason. : )

6. How do you earn your gold?
- I play Booty-Grab, exchange, and vend.

7. Do you use/buy Gaia Cash?
- No, I don't believe and will never patronize buying pixels with real money. It's just wrong, imo.

8. H3yYy ,. tH3re3 qUrL.
- Hello there, I don't really mind chat/733t speak since I am able to understand them. However, being literate is always a plus.

9. Can we be friends?
- Sure, talk to me, I'm no rabid animal that can cause rabies.

10. Can I add you?
- If we are somehow close enough to each other than, yeah, sure, hit me up with a request.

11. Can you donate? I got scammed/hacked, booohooohoo *sobstoryhere*.
- File a Hacking or Scamming report. I'd be even more obliged you link you to the Charity or Gaia Aquarium Forums. Aaaand I'd be even more happy to teach you how to play booty-grab or even exchange.

12. Are you questing items right now? What items?
- I am ALWAYS questing. Gaia tempts me so bad by releasing too much awesome items I want. Please refer to number 13.

13. What are your dream items?
- Oisin's, Chuchip's, and Cerynitian's Blessing, Magical Mender, Winged Anklets, Angelic Pendant, Majoko Mariko Doll, Kanoko Doll, Kanoko's Nightmares and Dark Reflection, Angelic and/or NM Scarf & Sash and of course Angel and NM Minis. A looong way to go.