I went to a youth conference called SEMP and had a life changing experence. SEMP stands for Students Equipt to Minister to Peers. It was really an awsome thing and I learned a lot. Today we talked to the congergation at my church about it and shared our stories. It was crazy though because this guy came today to our church. He has had heart problem and it feels like he has heart attacks. His story sumed up is he meet a random lady who has been given vissions from God about certain people and they have all been true. Well she told this guy (his name is Jason) that she had a vission about our chuch and told him she has no idea where it is but he had to find our church, because there is something for him here, or he would stop breathing and die in his sleep. So he found our church and after the sevice we all, the senior paster, youth paster, and everyone who went to SEMP prayed for his healing and he excepted Christ as his savior. I was almost in tears listening to this guy. He was about to cry and really I have never been there when someone came to Christ and I just was a part of his. It was amazing!