/Belly laugh

Long time...haven't posted in furrrr-ever.

Change name of journal? Yes, I think so. Later.

Um...Currently trying to figure out how to make me profiilee purdy, but haven't had much luck with CCS. I'd loooooove to be a computer programmer, but I doesn't know the language, so it's been a little difficult. If anybody knoooows and would not mind letting me in on the secret...

And now a song and dance.

Cut my meat into pieces
Last course before dessert
Good eating!
Don't really care if my steak is still bleeding!

Cut my meat into pieces
I've reached my final course
Mastication, good eating.
I'm just happy to be feeding
And I don't really care if my steak is still bleeding

Touch my meal and we may fight
Steak knife in the eye
Chances are dynamite
I am feasting well this night
Charring up a rib eye side

Barbecue sauce!
Barbecue sauce!
Please don't tell me that the lid's become lost!
Barbecue sauce!
Saur Kraut rocks!
Someone put horseradish into my socks!