I'm going to try to be as unbaised as possible...
So you can only guess what kind of club I'm going to talk about. Anime. So yeah it was pretty retarded of us being so sure of ourselves being elected but if it wasn't for one person, it would have been so. M-san decided it would be smart and funny of him to loudly proclaim that I had caused the club to be boring last year. I basicly started the club from ground up that year, the year before being a total dissaster due to not my fault. So obviously M-san's friends aggreed with him (two or three people) by the time we actully got them to calm down enough to vote (in between this he had nominated M-chan to Prez) he had gained 10 people in his cause. I lost to M-chan by about five people, I had to say I was pissed. Bad. I have nothing againt M-chan but she's pretty quiet, I think she'll do a good job but I know she has no idea what she's doing and what she going to do. I basicly had the whole year planned before summers end.
So I was thinking more and more about M-san's comment and then I began to draw on a particular recurring event last year in the club.
For exsample when asked (and we spent at least two whole meetings on this) what anime they wanted to watch the basic responce was (and I'm not exsagerating) "UUUuuuuhhh...Pokemon." I not ******** kidding. So I reach what I think is a fair and resonable concusion it was not me that sucked it was them, I don't think I should be blamed for this. It is a democratic country we live in ( or least I do) and the system is what the people create, not the leaders they elected. The president and vice President did not come to the club prepared or even thinking about running, it was the comment of one person, which caused everything to fall to mass choas. I am a sore loser because I never lose beacuse I never put myself up to lose. But since middle school I knew I had it in me, the personality to run an organization and was always something I wanted to do. And in my senior year running a fun, effecenct anime club was something I was really looking forward to especially without Ryan in the ICC (who moved me to near emotional tears in front of my peer on two seperate occasions).
I felt really bad because right after I bagged on the vice prez (my longtime friend from middle school) pretty bad.
I don't I just didn't feel like being treated like that after all the hard work and time into that club and then be ousted, was fair. But what are you going to do with brainless monkeys (btw the unbaised just ended there). ******** M and his ******** emo hair!
What do you think of this?