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As soon as Kalena broke Nyx free of the bindings he was in, Kalena felt her own power backfiring against her. She knew something was wrong, but it was too strong to fight.
Kalena’s heart fell asleep, leaving Kalena in the world of her nightmares, since day 1 after she and Nyx were separated. To a girl with all the darkness removed from her heart since that day, there were many terrors that she had encountered, including some that others may think to be fears only a child would have.

Dk: (She looks over at everyone) “I have a faint connection with her heart still, we couldn’t fully break the bond, but you shouldn’t find any of my nightmares, since I still live. Regrets, yes, but not nightmares, I will face those. However there are many lives shes lived, and so many terrors one may have to face. I cannot descend into her dreams, but I’ll be there keeping a watchful eye.”

(Dk looks at Nyx) “Nyx, I am unsure if you will tread this alone, but know this, she has many fears, you may find that you come to face yourself, or the many faces of yourself or everyone here inside of her. Many lies cover the faces, they cover the truth keeping them from her. Take me for instance, to her now, she has little fear towards me. In her nightmares, I am the side of her that wants to destroy everything, just to become more like Kumagawa and you after the darkness has taken over fully. That did happen in the waking world, however that has ended. In her nightmares, the darkness never ends. She is fearful of many things. However, there are memories of hers that will appear as well, many of these memories are memories that she cannot recall due to outside forces. Take extra care in those. She’s waken times where she was doing paperwork and then she was someplace else altogether.”
(Dk’s eyes were strong, yet she could sense what Kalena’s nightmares were. She did not seem affected)
“I will do what I can to speed you along thru the beginning years, however it is the years since my creation that things start to get down to the nitty gritty. That should be where the tougher enemies would appear. If they become too strong, they will manifest themselves into the real world. I can weaken them if they do come to the waking world.”

((May just skip until current Kalena’s years, all of the fears from year 1 after Nyx has returned to current Kalena, may need Fiendish Az to help out with this. Will put in first hand stuff from Kalena))

(Age 6, day 1 of the academy. Headmaster Shinji is taking Kalena to the academy for the first time. Kalena is dragging along a plush white tiger toy. Kelina, several other young organization members appears, the rest of them cloaked, comes in, Kelina is a teenager. Headmaster Shinji disappears. Kalena is unable to summon her keyblade so she just runs away only to be put into a strangle hold by Kelina, Kalena passes out. Everyone appears around Kalena who wakes to be in a spiked cage with chains of darkness on her, leaving a collar, handcuffs, and anklets pretty much rending Kalena immobile. Kalena’s light aura is around her but quickly fading. There are numerous nobodies watching)
((Battle start, nobodies’ vs anyone who came into Kalena’s mind. 4 twilight thorns, 40 dusks, 10 snipers, 2 samurais, 7 assassins))
(After the battle, Kelina’s voice is heard, she is talking to Xemnas)
Kelina: “We have retrieved the girl of light, as you requested, Superior. She won’t be escaping any time soon. “
(A nameless nobody comes up ripping Kalena’s key pendant from Kalena’s neck. The light aura around Kalena is gone. A portal opens and it appears someone in a nobody cloak was trying to get Kalena freed.)
“stay strong Kalena, if your light goes out, all light will fade away.”
(Young Kalena starts to open her eyes. The person trying to get Kalena freed gets caught and Kelina beheads the person right there, Kalena gets splattered in blood.)
(Kelina chuckles) “ha ha ha!!! The more you fight back, the more we get to kill. Give up already. You won’t win.”
(young Kalena shakes her head weakly) “I will never give up. I don’t care what you do to me, you big meanie, I feel s---“
(A playing card hits Kalena in the face and Kalena passes back out)
Kelina: Can’t we just kill her Uncle?
(The man looks down at Kelina and smacks her so hard that she falls against a wall) “you don’t understand her power do you. If we kill her now, she’ll just come back in a new life, we need to put out that light before we kill her. Then its checkmate for all.” (The man leaves)

(The scene changes a little bit to where Kalena is a teenager, she was still caged up barely able to fit in the cage. She looked much worse now. Kelina grabs Kalena out of the cell)
Kelina: “Kick me out of the organization will they, well, then they can’t have you. Heh, I can’t believe I’m doing this, going against my own kind. You better be happy the Headmaster can give you new memories and lock away these, little brat.”

(the nobodies who were with Kelina when they captured Kalena in the first place now attempt to stop her. ((possible fight, Kelina fighting alongside you with darkness/twin katanas) one nobody with dual keyblades, one with gravity power/battle axe, one that summoned demons and used fire, and one that used time stop with water))
(Battle Phrases:
Kelina: You guys are no fun. Get back! I don’t expect to survive this battle. The girl of light will die by my hands, not Xemnas’s. Give me darkness! Slice and Dice! Her heart is for me to devour!
Dual Keyblades: You won’t escape traitor. I expect you to die. Im sorry old friend but this is a order (towards Kelina). You are weak!
Gravity Power/Battle Axe: Bleed! I love watching you bleed! I will squish you like the ants are you. I will crush your skulls!
Summoner/Fire: Burn! Feed the ever-lasting flames of hell! Demon! Come forth and destroy our foes. You won’t live. Ha! Kelina’s a traitor! I will eat your hearts!
(Demon only uses melee attacks)
Water/time stop: Stop! Comon! Drown already! Acid rain! You gotta do better than that. You can’t fight the tide!
(After the fight, even if successful, Xemnas shows up and blasts them both into the abyss)

(Scene changes, at the academy, Kalena is expected to fight against Headmaster Shinji, Master Yen Sid, and Professor Omter (advanced magic teacher) to see how strong her power is. Their power level together is ((Battle start, all insanely strong, teenaged Kalena is with you fighting alongside, Kalena gets beaten several times however she forces herself up even with visible broken bones and continues the fight.)
(After the fight, Kalena is hit hard in the back of the head by Yen Sid making her pass out.)
YenSid: “She is much too powerful to keep around. She’ll only bring about the wars again.
Shinji: But she is still a little girl! I feel sorry for her. It doesn’t feel right, she’s done no crimes to permit her to be locked away.”
Omter: “Agreed. But we need to keep a close eye on her. Mabye we should let her show us her mark of mastery.”
Shinji: “She already has.”
YenSid: “Keep her locked up, keep her memories locked up as well. She doesn’t need to know who she is. She is a normal 14 year old girl. Shinji, she’s under your protection now. Keep her away from the keyblade graveyard, lest her memories will awaken and the wars will start once again.”
(Omter and YenSid leave. Kelina enters)
Shinji: “Kelina…..cast that key into the darkness. Not a word of this to her.”
Kelina: (snorts looking away) “whatever, I just couldn’t let the organization have all the fun.” (She takes Kalena’s keyblade and key pendant from her throwing them into the abyss.)
“Will she get another or will those come back to her?”
Shinji: (he gives a heavy sigh) “I can alter her memories to give her new keyblades, that will stop her true keyblade from coming back, until these memories are known. Take her to my quarters, let her rest there.”

(Everything changes again, Kalena is already headmaster in a wheelchair. Kelina comes in)
Kelina: “Kale, there are people here to take you out of position. They say you are unfit.”
Kalena: “Dammit, them again! Why is it they won’t allow a female headmaster, bull headed people”
(A battle ensues, Kalena loses her control and some of the seals keeping her true power are broken, half of the academy is destroyed. Kelina comes up behind Kalena knocking her out cold altering her memories once again)
Kelina: Sorry Kale, can’t let you awaken your power. You’ll be as bad as the last girl I did this to. (A shadow crystal is stabbed directly into Kalena’s heart)

(Everything changes again, the first time Kalena meets Nyx. He looks so much scarier than he actually is , everything becomes warped in her mind. Then she meets some of the twili accusing her of bringing harm to them. The monado comes out and it looks so much stronger. Everything in Kalena’s eyes is warped, nothing is making sense.)
(There is a voice calling out to her from the darkness)
Voice: “You won’t be able to save everyone from the darkness you’ve caused, light wielder. Let them destroy you so the seals break, everything will fall into the darkness. You can’t win. You will NEVER win.”
Kalena: “But I can’t give up so easily, too many people count on me.”
Voice: “so what? They put their faith in the wrong person. You are just one pathetic little girl trying to fight gods.”
Kalena: “B…but Light never failed me.”
Voice: “Pathetic. That is all you are. Pathetic. You’ll never learn if you continue to trust that little ‘light bulb’.”
(The voice turns out to be DK’s anger towards the light guardian within Kalena, also that Kalena doesn’t know any of her true memories. ((Battle start, Kalena (and whoever else) vs DK (fragment) ((Dk looks totally different than she does so need to get her a new form for this battle only. Dk uses dark power, sword(not current sword).))
Battle Phrases:
DK: You won’t win, Kalena. Give up already! You will destroy everything that is close to you, believe me, I’ve watched you do it. Are you sure you’re a ‘light’ wielder, you’re not even close to where you should be! The light will only bring you harm. You’ve casted everyone you ever loved away, believe me, I’ve seen it. Ha! When I take you over, I will bring utter destruction! Love…..I don’t quite understand that anymore. (Said in a hurt voice)
Kalena: Back off! I will never give up, not when there are lives on the line! I won’t let the darkness consume me. Don’t you know a thing about love!?
(After winning the battle, Dk (fragment) will chuckle.)
“Not bad. You’re not as pathetic as I thought, but you’ve already done the damage. It’s time to accept your punishment.”
(Kalena’s memories are slowly starting to unlock after the battle)

(Time moves again, Its when Kalena meets DK in the living world)
DK: “Heh, so the light avatar did create a new me.”
Kalena: “Uhhh…..what? Why do you look like me….you look familiar?”
Dk: “of course dumb dumb. Im you from 45 years ago, you lost me 30 years ago because of your ‘so called friend’ Kelina. Now, where is she so I can slaughter her?”
Kalena: “Leave her alone! What did she do to you!”
(battle start, (Kalena is supposed to lose to this) )
Dk: “As I said, you have no idea what you are up against.” (Dk sees Ethan running to the rescue)
“oh, he’s quite cute. I think I’ll take him from you to teach you a lesson. Hehee!”
Kalena: (passes out)
(Time skips to where its to where Nyx is scolding Kalena in the alley to between, between light and the world that never was. Kalena had no protection from light at the moment. She agrees with everything hes said.)
((need to decide do I actually need this part or just fragments?))

Nyx: “Now tell me my dear little sister...Was that choice really worth it? Locking me away like some of freak...Locking away your very own brother like some sort of sick freak away while you watch your friends the very friends that you cared for to the better end age away and die in front of you while you sit there and watch then breath their last breath while you never age. Tell me was it all worth it?”
Kalena: “it wasn’t worth it. You were right....in the end, they were my destruction as well. You were the first, and most painful to seal away. There have been others but none as painful, as regretful as you. Family will always be family, even if one makes the wrong choices in life."
(Kalena’s thoughs were heard now)
“I don’t want to lose him, not again. God….what do I do. He’s family! I still don’t have all my memories back, why did I do all those bad things to him!?”
Nyx: “You were always the worst at making decisions...Didn't I say before that you would regret locking me away” (He pointed at her as if he was presenting something.

“Now look at yourself...Your more pitiful then a typical Heartless,This is only the beginning of what you most owe to me as well as those who have past.” (he lowered his hand looked at her with his eye in disgust.) “The people of Torres are just a glimpse of the sorrow of what you have done in the past...I expect you to take full response ability for the Deaths that will occur.”
Kalena: “a lot of what has happened to others wasn’t my fault to begin with, Nyx. I followed my heart and yeah, it gets me in trouble but it always sees me thru. You were the first decision I made because I didn’t follow my heart. The people of Torres became too chaotic. Something had to be done but I didn’t agree to put them in the twilight.”
(Kalena didn’t know if this was the truth, about the people of Torres, she was just doing what her friend Zanza said. She had no idea she was being manupulated)

(Kalena tried to smile to Nyx)
“I do regret what I had to do to you, and I will have to live with the mistakes and pay the consequences of those mistakes, but I was doing.....what I wanted to do, to follow the light in my heart. If I have to fight against you, brother, I will be sad that I do. I love you, even after all these years, but I can’t stand aside as darkness, the power inside you, tries to destroy it all.”
“God, what am I supposed to do. I did as I was taught. I was taught that the darkness was our greatest enemy. I have so much more I need to learn. Maybe DK and the twili were right, maybe….I should just fade out….but I can’t! I don’t want to leave Ethan. Or our children, they came to us for a reason. They were right, I am the monster to bring all these problems.”
“I just..." (Kalena looked at Nyx sadly)
“I don’t want to lose you again....im afraid that everything I do....I push you away and I don’t want that..."
(Kalena felt her strength was leaving her, she felt her body starting to give out on her)
“If I die here….im sorry Ethan. The darkness is just eating away at me. At least….I’ll die, knowing what I did…and who I did it to. Mabye….I can fix all I did, all the bad I did. Heh, who am I kidding….im just a ordinary girl, one life to live, that’s it. I have failed.”

Nyx: “I see...Your mind is starting to uncloud itself now that the Light is no longer with you right now. …as well as your Heart. At this moment of time you have finally gained your free will that was taken from you and with that I can finally get say that I never gotten to say in the Keyblade Wars long ago...”
Kalena: (She seemed surprised, she didn’t understand what he meant, but understood the words.)
“What? Yeah…my memories are coming back, I never thought I didn’t have a free will because of light.”
(She felt Nyx place his hand on her head)
Nyx: “You've grown up Little Sis”
Kalena: “are you sure, Nyx. Are you sure you don’t mean DK. I don’t remember the wars. Yeah….he must be talking about DK. I am nothing but a mindless girl. But….his voice sounds so sweet, so safe. I don’t understand why I am calm right now. Oh god…here comes the tears.”
“I really missed you too, Big bro.”

(A voice comes into Kalena’s mind, it hurt so much, it was light pushing into her mind)
Light: “Kalena! Where are you! DK and I are coming for you!”
Kalena: “No! Stay away Light! I don’t want you! I want my big bro!”
Light: “Kalena! He’s trying to warp your mind! Keep away from him! He’s nothing but darkness”
(light appeared with Ethan)
Light: “Kalena! Get away from him NOW!”
Kalena: (she looked at Light) “no.” (She spread her arms wanting to protect Nyx from Light)
“oh god. Ethan is here. If I have to choose between my brother and my love, I don’t know if I can make that decision. I don’t want to lose either of them. At least Ethan understands what light did to me. Hm, I feel something changing in me.”
(Kalena watched Nyx hit Light away with a dark move. She felt the strain on her body)
Nyx: “You weak as always Light. You don't have the right to be on the same world as my litte sister you disgusting little Lightbulb”
Kalena: “Dk said that too….”
Light: “Kalena, your coming back with us.” (Light said in Kalena’s mind)
“Kalena, comon, you know...you know I'd never do that, you hated violence to being with. You befriended Kelina because she makes you fe-“
Kalena: “She makes me feel normal! Not like the freak I am, at least Ethan knows whats going on. He loves me for me, not the power.”
Light: “yes, and he is in balance with his light and dark, but you can’t live without me.”
Kalena: (To Light’s mind) “You want to bet?! I’ll defend against you!”
(Kalena felt her body feel a lot of pain, something changed about her. However after the change, she felt everything about her change. A polearm appeared in her hand. She remembered a long lost memory of play fighting with her brother, he always winning.)
"I can try" she said, her voice getting a bit darker.
Light: (in Kalena’s head) “That’s it Kalena, your coming with me, you want me as the bad guy. So be it.” (Light let out a huge pulse to render Kalena weak, very weak. She then could sense that Nyx had the same memory, and with that, a shard of light left in him.)
“Ah, so you did something right, heh, very well, we may be able to save him after all.”
(Light spoke out loud again)
"im sorry Kalena, but if I have to fight you to get you back, I.."

Kalena: “you wont fight, its against our rules” (She slashed her polearm in the air and a powerful blue magic surged from it hitting Light really hard)
“I need to keep light away from Nyx. Oh god…Ethan…I don’t want to harm him. Well…I’ll give him the choice. I still won’t attack though. I love him.” (Kalena lowered her weapon)“and....what about you, Ethan. I still love you. Your right though, I can't stand Light, not right now....but I dont want to lose my brother, either. During your last battle at the moon kingdom, our kingdom, even though I was at the academy, I could feel Leon's heart leave. I know how hard it is, but what would you do to get him back, if you had the chance?”
(Light started to get back up from Kalena’s attacks, she knew she didn’t have much time to get Kalena back under her influence.) “Ethan! It’s her! It’s Kalena talking, not the darkness, now’s your chance!”

(Ethan nodded to Kalena blushing lightly at her resolve. Watching them struggle to fight each other which ended with Kalena winning he looked back to light hearing her call to him and nodding turning back to Kal and smiling softly )
“Your right... I would do anything to get Leon back, but no matter how much he can do he won't return my Leon back will he? Even if the smallest amount of darkness enters his body he's not Leon anymore, that can still be Nyx but it's not him right now Kalena... It's darkness wearing his face, like Light wore yours" He shouted to her. "Please don't follow him into dark, don't make him change you like she did”
“Ethan....” (Kalena started to walk towards him, her body gave out, she started to fall. Kalena blacked out)

(The scenery changes once again, Kalena has changed her form once again, she now looked like her normal self. Ethan had turned against her, Kumagawa has just appeared, a masked twili with terrifying power, and there were countless weaker enemies being summoned by all. Kalena felt defeated. Kumagawa had taken away the only exit. Her heart was shattering when Ethan turned against her, she did see that he wasn’t wearing their wedding ring, that alone made her feel heartbroken, it burned so much. The twili had disappeared with Zanza’s help.
Dk had won. She did say that she’d take away her love from her just to make a point. But how did he turn Ethan against her. She felt her body becoming so cold, she couldn’t care anymore. So much sadness, so much regret. She didn’t care if she died right there. She just felt herself falling deeper and deeper into the dark. It was so lonely in the dark, so cold. Kalena couldn’t find the strength to fight Ethan. She was so tired, so weak. She let herself get into his mess, just to make Nyx happy, but then all this happened. )

(The scenery changed, Dk was there with Ethan, the two were fighting, but then the fight stopped. They were just trying to get Kalena to realize that Nyx was right, that Light was keeping her from doing what actually needed to be done, for her to wake up and stand on her own two feet instead of being a mindless puppet. Dk wasn’t evil, mean, yeah, but not evil. Ethan said that he wouldn’t return the same after fighting Kumagawa. She made Light promise and made a permanent connection between her and Ethan. She knew she didn’t want to be alone, never again.)
(The scenery changed once again, it was at the keyblade graveyard, months since she last saw Ethan. The twili still hated her. She looked down at a keyblade, she was breathing hard when Yosuzume was talking to her saying all the harm shes done to the twilight, to the people of Torres.)
Kalena: “That’s it. Ok, that’s it.” (She sounded angry at herself as she thought this. She brought her keyblade up to her knee breaking it in two. Light exploded from the keyblade undoing the curse, the one that was harming the people of Torres, all of the Twilight. She felt all of her strength disappear. The people she thought were her friends, Alvis, Zanza, turned out to be enemies, manipulating her and DK. No wonder Dk had so much anger and regret. Dk was exactly like she was, except she had grown up so much more than she did herself. That was when she started to have 2 sets of memories, her own current memories, and then, DK’s memories, on a 30 year lag. She felt happy, Dk found Tenebrae, well, he found her, a old romance bloomed from there. She wished Ethan was there, she felt really alone.)

(Everything changed once again, this wasn’t a memory, it was everything that Kalena had figured out about the darkness, which she decided to nickname ‘end of life’. She could see that the Nyx Manifestation had tied itself all around Nyx, her older brother. Each time she got close, Kumagawa would appear and get in her way. Kumagawa is stronger than he normally was. It appeared she tried to fight him, however, now she was tied to Nyx Manifestation, the light guardian was covering Kalena trying to protect her from Nyx manifestation, however wasn’t that strong. It was barely able to protect her heart, Dk’s keyblade armor was also around most of Kalena’s body as another wave of protection against Nyx manifestation. )
Kalena: “im….sorry…..everyone.” (Kalena’s eyes were blank, she wasn’t winning the battle)

((Possible battle would be against Kalena (maybe kuma and kalena?) Kalena would wield a dark? Keyblade, unable to control herself)
(add in Persona 3 - The Battle For Everyone's Soul (Dual Mix)/burn my dread (final fight mix)/me against the world/Stand My Ground from random playlist for background music, try to get non kh ones)
((need to look up Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance and watch as many cut scenes as possible))