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"Here now the words of the witches....."

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I do not remember much about the night I was reborn. What I do remember is my life before. My name then was Amelia; I was the oldest of three children, a witch and a Magazine editor. I had a younger sister named Lily she was a ballet dancer and my younger brother Thomas was a doctor like my father. My best friend was had been the same all my life her name was Charlie and she was the best photographer at the magazine. Now enough about that the coven’s historian Rogue wants to know my story so here I go.
I woke in for posted bed; the only light was coming from the glowing ambers of the fire. All I remember was the trucks headlights coming towards me. I remember someone pulling from the twist metal of my car and feeling really cold, then blacking out and waking up in this strange yet romance room. The room had polished board floors, the curtains that hang from the windows were blood red velvet. Near the fireplace was a small red cedar coffee table with two red velvet 18th century chairs you would find in a castle. On one of the walls, was a huge bookcase filled with hundreds of old books. Off to the right of the bed was a large bathroom, and lead to the bathroom was a huge walk in wardrobe with many articles of clothing. At the far end of the room was a desk with stationary and some blood red roses on it. I was feeling quite cold so I got up out of the bed to warm myself the fire. “I’m I dead,” I thought to myself. Then I saw myself in the mirror, my once dark brown hair was now jet-black, my once blue eyes were now a deep violet and on my neck was to little puncher marks. In all my years as a witch, I had heard about vampires but never met one, and now I believed I was one. “This can’t happen to me, I can’t be a vampire. I am supposed to be otherworldly being like my ancestors. This is crazy I have become my worst fear a demon. I’ve spent my life fighting them.” That’s when to big wooden door opened behide me I went straight into defense mode. A woman my age walked in. She had the same angelic features like me the jet-black hair and the deepest violet eyes just like mine; she moved with such grace and was very regal.
“Don’t be afraid Enigma my name is Mirage. My brother Jett found you and pulled you from the wreak that was your car. He bought you to our estate. I see the transformation has worked.”
“You made me into a demon.” I yelled.
“No! Jett did, it was by your choice Enigma, We the Rotham clan only change those who do it by their own free will. We don’t hunt humans we protect them especially those with magic abilities.”
“Witches you mean” Mirage nodded her head. I could sense that she did not want to harm me; she was there to help me to deal with my new circumstances.
“Why would the otherworldly beings let this happen I am a Worthington witch for god sake! I had saved to world from apocalypse several times with Charlie and Lily.”
“You are a Worthington witch?”
“Yes I just said that. I am the most powerful the first born of the Worthington sisters”
“Well that’s an interesting development; you might the second coming of our queen. But enough of that we must get you dressed and fed we don’t want you to give into your blood-lust and kill many mortals.”
“Rotham why do I know that name?”
“The first witch in your family tree was a Rotham, Marina was her name, and she was married to Lord Fitzwilliam Rotham. She later became Enigma after a mysterious illness killed her. She was the first of our kind.”
“So you are telling me my great, great, great, great, great, great grandmother was the Queen of the Vampires! Now I’m a vampire.” heart

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