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Contest Winners!!!
Contest Winners!!!

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Calea, what I really like about this piece you did is the fact that it feels like major fantasy. Asnea here kind of reminds me of a witch or a princess flying through the air. -
I placed you first not because of your amazing style or the fantasy theme; its how it represent Asnea.

Asnea is a happy and yet strange child, and the feel has been placed upon this piece. I truly love it, and I hope to see more works from you in the future.

Congratulations making it 1st Calea XD, and I really do thank you for participating in my contest.


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I truly love this... and to be honest, I loved every contest entry that was handed in. But what made this into 2nd place is the amazing water you drew. I've known you a long time, and I probably heard you say: "I hate drawing water", and I can understand.

I probably couldn't draw water that "leaky" if you understand. My water would look very solid and unrealistic. You did a good job on this, and if I could encourage you, draw more water in your future drawing projects.

I also love the outfit. Its not exactly like the Gaian outfit, and now it feels like it has its own kind of design. Truly well done!! The only suggestion I would love to see is to see the color in digital. It'll come out very smooth indeed~ but anyways, this is good.

Thank you so much for doing two pictures of her Panda, I was happy you joined this contest and used a different outfit. Good job making it 2nd too!!

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Tora, you have a very powerful skill in digital art and vector. I was so surprised when I saw it, and I just smiled when I saw she was holding a box of cake biggrin

I also loved her cute sweet smile as if she was happy to have it. I am very proud of the fact that you drew her like that, and the design of her clothes are so beautiful!

The bow could have been bigger, but I understand if you hold a style. I also a tad curious on her eye color, but that is just fine with me~!!!

I truly encourage you to keep drawing more and more characters along with that vector background style you hold!! You are a great artist already!

Thank you very much Tora for doing this piece, and participating. Good job on making it on 3rd place!


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Angel, I love your fashion taste. Asnea is so cute in that dress you drew her in!! I can't think of a lot of complicated designs, and so I thank you for sharing one for my character. I love her smile, and she looks cute as ever!!

I know this is lineart, but I would really like to see Asnea color solid, and maybe try to shade the ocean blue upon her? You still did a fabulous job, but coloring it would fill it up with more fun!

I encourage you to draw more and more!! I love your fashion style. You should share it in the suggestion thread for Gaia ^___^

Thank you so much Angel for drawing this piece and participating! Great job making it 4th!


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Well aren't you the cutest out of the cutest that ever existed on the cutest planet on earth. (wat?)

This is sweet!! I love how you drew Asnea here in her normal outfit! It so innocent too!! I can tell you tried your best on this piece Ishy Poo, and I am VERY happy to see that you improved a lot! I proud of joo!!

You still have a lot of learning, but don't rush that!! Have fun while drawing. Drawing with a pencil might be a better way to practice too!! So I encourage you to draw more and more!! Get into more contest like this too!! I am sure you will improve on the long run. I am happy that you participated here!!

hint hint!! Make a original character for yourself and draw them a lot, and make more and more characters, and you have the whole world in your dreams to draw and improve on!!

Thank you so much Ishy poo!! Congrats on making it 5th!!


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Miomi, this is very attractive indeed of how you made Asnea here!! I am happy to find out that you made her a lot like the Little Mermaid. It just a nice taste of resemblance. I am very happy to have a piece like this!!

Her dress is pretty too!! I am sure she might catch a handsome fish out there a mile away~ (lol)

I like it!! I do!! If you would like to do better, I would learn how to shade your coloring maybe? O___O It would enhance your drawing to look real nice. Once I learned, it takes years just to get into it. Shading can be hard, but I bet it would make your drawings a lot more awesome!! (but it already awesome, what me saying!?)

Thank you so much for drawing this and participating


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Echo, I think this is cute from what I see. It so innocent, and I adore that! But since we are all blind, we can't see what of it the most!!

I wish you had a scanner for us to see it better, but I like it anyways. Screw scanners for the time being. (er)

I would encourage you to keep drawing and drawing every day, and you will improve like no other!! I am truly thankful you participated.


Thank you all for joining in the fun for drawing Asnea!! Now I am happy as a button, and you are too probably because of the rewards!! But naa you happy because Asnea was fun O______O lol

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