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Rough Draft
Topic:Axis Powers Hetalia
Rated T for Romano's (Lovina's) potty mouth~ I've toned it down a LOT.
Notes: Fem!Us, Fem!Vargas Twins, Nyo!Bela, One-Sided Fem!UsxUk, some IggyPan, eventual GerIta Spamano AmeriBel PruCan , 1st person pov, fem!Us pov, OOCness? oAo
Writer's notes to self- descriptions of other character's looks, tiny bit more in character


It was as if the whole world moved slowly every time I passed by him, staring at him in the mere amount of time that I was given. Of course, with him being a gentleman, he smiled at me, his emerald green orbs radiating politeness and worry. "Alfred, how are you doing?" He asked, for I've been “sick” for the past week. I say “sick” because it’s a cover up for my vaginal area bleeding nonstop for an entire week.

Yeah. He didn't know that I was a girl.

Obviously, I would tell no one that I was a girl besides the people who already know, which includes Mattie, and Dmitri, along with the Vargas girls (who were sort of in the same situation as me). See, every day since I, Amelia F. Jones (also known as the United States of America, or America for short) began the Revolutionary War, I've had to pretend to be a male, since women were inferior to men at that point of time. I'm lucky that I was even able to win that war.

I grinned back sheepishly. "Yeah, British dude! Awesome as ever!" I exclaimed, giving him a thumbs up. Arthur winced at my "normal" (which it really wasn't) volume. He turned away, muttering, "Git.." before looking back at me. "The afternoon conference begins at 3:30 PM. Don't be late!"

I scoffed at him, "Why would the hero be late? The hero is never late! Everyone else is just early! Ahahaha...." I trailed off, attempting to stay in character. He twitched in annoyance, trying to keep his cool. "Well, you're the hosting country, so show up on time." And with that, he left. I sighed in relief. It was 11:20 AM at the moment, so I had around 4 hours to kill.

"Hey, burger b***h, you alright?" I turned to see the Vargas twins in their male attire as well. "Ameli- I mean, Alfred, ve~ How did you like the pasta?" Feliciana Vargas (the personification of Northern Italy, also known as just Italy) asked me. "Yeah, Lovi, I'm fine, and I loved the pasta, Feli. It was amazing!" I replied after making sure that the coast was clear. Lovina (the personification of Southern Italy, otherwise known as Romano) roamed her eyes around the area, before she and her sister came closer to me. "You were overdoing it, Amelia," she told me. "Shoot," I muttered, "Well, thanks for telling me." She nodded, as she and Feli smiled at me. "Anytime."

I’ve never been so glad to meet nations in the same situation as me. The three of us actually found out about each other a few years back; it was ironic, because that meeting happened during a conference like this, and in the same city too. It was during lunch break, and most of the nations had gone out of the building to wander around San Fransisco- since most of them deemed New York City to be way too overpopulated for their taste-, looking for a nice place to eat around the hills. Others decided to go to the café under the conference room. I walked outside the conference room, and seeing no one in the hallway, I rushed into the women’s bathroom.

I looked at myself in the mirror as I stood before one of the sinks. Stupid womanly features, I thought, tracing my jawline with my fingers. I took off my fake glasses and set them by the knob for cold water, and leaned down towards the sink. Turning both faucets on to get warm water, I cupped some water in my hands and splashed it in my face, and dried myself. I sighed exasperatedly, and closed my eyes. How long will I be able to keep this up? I pondered.

I was so deep in my thoughts that I hadn’t even noticed that two more people came in. “Burger b*****d? What are you doing in the women’s bathroom?” An Italian voice asked. I looked up alarmed, noticing Lovina (whose male alias is Lovino) and Feliciana (with her male alias, Feliciano) were the ones who came in. After registering Lovina’s words, I countered, “Well, I could be asking you the same thing!” Lovi’s face flushed in anger. “Sore-I mean, fratello, don’t be angry~” Feli told her sister, sensing that she was about to yell.

I combed my wig with my fingers to calm me down, only to hear a soft thud on the ground. I gasped and turned to grab my wig, then faced the two Italians, who were silently looking at me. Feli began bouncing up and down. “Sorella, America is like us~ Now we have someone else to talk to~” She exclaimed in joy. I cocked my head to the side. “Eh? What do you mean by ‘America is like us’ Italy?”
Lovina rolled her eyes at me. “Ugh, she- she means that we’re….g-girls too, idiota!” She yelled, with her eyes shut and her face full of embarrassment. The phrase ‘we’re girls too’ flashed repeatedly in my mind before it officially clicked. “You’re….not kidding, are you…?” I questioned slowly. Lovi feebly shook her head, while Feli looked confused. “Why would we lie? Lying is bad~ Oh, and what is your actual first name~?” She asked.

“It’s…Amelia…and I’m just making sure,” I replied shyly, looking down to avoid Feli’s gaze. “Amelia, huh, burger b***h? Lovina.” Lovina introduced herself to me. “And I’m Feliciana~ But you can call me Feli for short though~!” Feli said. “Feli and Lovi, huh?” I asked.

“H-hey, don’t make nicknames for me!” Lovi stuttered at me, while Feli and I giggled at her. I readjusted my wig on, and made sure that none of my actual (and healthy, if you must know) hair was sticking out, since Feli and I were about to run out of the bathroom. “Amelia. You. Will. Die.” Lovi said threateningly. I faked a hurt look. “You don’t love me anymore?” Lovi’s green eyes glimmered with annoyance, but also with happiness, while Feli’s brown eyes twinkled with excitement.

From then on, the three of us have become close friends, and closer by the day. They were the sisters I never had. I smiled at myself, glad to get close to the Italians. I would have kept going if it weren’t for the thwack on my head. “…elia…Amelia…Amelia F. Jones, you better ********!” Lovi shouted. I snapped out of my remembering state. “Huh?”

“I said, do you want to go get some food? Geez.” Lovina replied, turning away from me. “Ehehe, sorry, I was just remembering about how we three found out about each other,” I told the two as I took the lead to go downstairs first. The twins followed me down. “Oh, I was remembering about that yesterday~” Feliciana said.
“Well, where should we get some food, gals? Or actually, can we change into girl clothes first?” I asked. Lovina thought for a moment, and nodded in agreement, then began walking to the closest restroom. Feli and I followed in suit, and we each took a restroom stall. I began undressing until I was only in my undergarments. I packed my suit, dress shoes, glasses, bindings, and my wig into my black duffle bag and proceeded to bring out my black flats, skinny jeans, black cardigan, and a white t-shirt that had “I Heart America” on it. I put on the new articles of clothing, and took out all the bobby pins and the hair tie that held up my hair and stored them in my white bag, which had my phone, keys, and wallet. Assuming that my hair looked fine down and didn’t need to be brushed, I cleaned up anything else I left out in the stall and shoved it in the duffle bag, and exited the stall.

Soon after me, Lovi came out of her stall, carrying her bags as well. She was wearing black High Top Converse, a black knee length skirt with matching leggings and cardigan, and a green shirt and headband that matched the shade of her eyes, which complemented her dark chocolate hair. “You look dolled up today,” I complemented her. She blushed in response. “Thanks, Amelia,” she responded, smiling. Right then, Feliciana had burst out of her stall, “ve~”ing. Her honey oak hair was up in a high ponytail, and she was wearing a white knee length sundress with a pink sash around the waist, and a matching baby pink cardigan and pair of flats, with pure white tights.

“So Lovina, Feli, where should we eat?” I asked them. “Well, I don’t know,” Lovi stated. “There’s this café that I’ve been wanting to try out. It’s called ‘Zumi Café’ (*1*) down on Market Street,” Feli suggested, having her thoughtful face on. “Hm, sounds good to me!” I said happily. We went up to the lady at the counter, and gave her our bags, and she stored our bags full of our suits for us.

When we finally arrived at the café around 12:15 PM, we took a table by the side entrance. (*2*) Luckily, this restaurant was one of the few without a lunch rush today. Our waiter came by soon afterwards. “May I take your order?” He asked. The three of us nodded simultaneously, and we let Feli order first.

“Could I get the King Farm garden salad please?” Our waiter nodded at her, and continued, “Your drink?” Feli looked at the list of drinks for a while. “I’ll….get some fresh lemonade please~” He finished taking her order and turned to Lovi, awaiting an answer. “Oh, yes, I’ll have the Pizza with Wagon Wheel cheese. Could I get a glass of limonata?” Lovina told the waiter. “Sure,” he responded as he wrote down her order on his notepad. Finally, he turned to me. “I’ll…have the beef hamburger. No extras, please. And I’ll have a diet coke.” I said. He then left to go place our order and came back to deliver us our drinks.

“So Amelia,” Lovi stated with one of her devious smirks. “How’s your progress with the tea b*****d?” I groaned in response. “Amelia~ Please tell us~” Feli begged, giving me her pouting face. I caved in, since Feli was too cute. “Well, not much has happened. Lately, he’s been nicer to me, and he’s been sweet to me lately. It seems that he’s beginning to change,” I told them. Lovina squealed uncharacteristically with her sister in glee. “Okay, okay, enough with the squealing. How about you, Feli?”

Feli clapped twice as she and her sister stopped squealing. “Oh, well, Ludwig is just fine~ though, for a German, he’s pretty weird by not being able to tell my gender~” She said in a sing-song voice. “I still can’t believe that you would like the potato b*****d, of all people,” Lovina grumbled, crossing her arms. Feli and I giggled at her. “Oh, honey, at least you have Antonio all over you. You have him wrapped around your finger!” I told her. Lovina blushed furiously at my comment, while Feli continued to giggle. “Pfft, like I even like him…” She pouted, her blush lingering on her face. Feli stopped giggling, and looked at us. “I think we should have a sleepover soon~” She announced.

I nodded, “I agree; we haven’t had one in a while.” Lovina sat up. “Then it’s settled then, at your place, burger b***h.” Lovi smirked at me. I closed my eyes and waved my hand in front of her face. “Yeah, yeah, when is it not,” I replied lazily. I exhaled deeply, and opened my eyes. “Girls, I think…I’m…” I trailed off. Feli looked at me curiously while Lovi raised her eyebrow at me. “Well?” Lovina asked impatiently.
“I think I’m going to confess to Arthur today…” I mumbled softly. “What?” Feliciana asked, for apparently I was incoherent. I took a deep breath in. “I said that I think I’m going to confess to Arthur today,” I repeated louder, with a hint of determination.

I really was determined, actually, though a bit nervous. What if he rejects me? How will I tell him my gender? A million thoughts had entered my head as I began to daze off, but Lovina’s voice called me back to reality. “Seriously?” she pondered. I nodded firmly at her, showing my response. The Vargas twins looked at each other, before squealing in delight. “It’s about time you did~” Feli told me as our food came. “I know right? She’s been, like, heads over heels for that guy since forever,” Lovi agreed, as she and Feli began eating their meals. I rolled my eyes at them. “It hasn’t been ‘forever’,” I stated, picking up my burger and taking a bite at it. Amazing flavors had burst in my mouth as I chewed on the burger; it tasted heavenly.

Well, all burgers do taste heavenly.

Scratch that; the bad burgers taste disgusting.

Anywho. “Pfft, yeah, and I’ve dated a moose,” Lovina replied sarcastically. “Ve~ Sorella, why a moose?” Feli questioned. Lovina face-palmed herself. “Sorella, that isn’t the point! The point of that was to express my sarcasm.” I chuckled at the two sisters, who were now discussing the use of sarcasm.

It was around 2:00 PM when we finished eating. Feli called the taxi, and we had already paid the bill.

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