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Confusion is killing my mind
I'm having one of those confusing moments were you are just unsure of what to do. Well, I'm having one of those days. But it seems a bit bigger than your normal confusion. I'm more confused about...The World. I know it's odd to say but I just don't get it anymore. When I was a kid, still in middle school, I thought I had the world figured out. After those years came by and went, I began wondering if I ever figured the world out. I guess not or I wouldn't be writing this right now.

So, what confuses me? Truth be told, everything. About Money, meaningless words, government policies, and lastly all the rest. Whether you think of me as crazy or a genius is up to you. I don't care. All I want to know is, what happened to the world that I thought so highly of being a innocent kid? Surely someone knows the answer...At least one. So here it is, what's going on in the world that makes it great living everyday for and still makes you feel trapped? Is the world in general that cruel? I doubt it is. I remembered when I believed that the world's problems and humanity's problems were different. That is until a user in this website told me differently. He said it's silly to make the world's problems separate from Humanity's. At first I didn't really understand. How could the world's, mother Earth's, problems be the same as Humanity's? Didn't we leave all that behind us during the stone age? Well, I find myself searching now for the answer. Is the world's problems the same as ours? No way, I think to myself. But that question still pops up in my head and I wonder.

The World was made and created how ever you believe it was but do we know, truly know, 100% if the world was meant to be these way where Humanity killed off so many innocent people? What's the greatness in that? I think it kinda sucks. Why is Humanity so disloyal and cruel to the point of death? To the point where abuse and hateful words are being passed on without a second glance. Has the world truly been this way since time...Probably so. And it's very sad.

I grow sick of all of what the world is becoming. And if the world is Humanity than I guess I'm sick of Humanity as well. Too long have I been confused by the cruel beings of man and too long have I been spoon fed by the thought of money, politics, and differences. Too long have I seen death grip beloved family members and friends by a gun. I grow so sick with the world.

But the world to a newborn is beautiful that makes me want to cry. The beauty and innocence and truth that they see in the world tires me apart. I remember the world that I so innocently believed was so good. I begin to grow restless to search for that world again and the images I so vaginally remember.

So with the bittersweet taste of the world, I grow confused at what title I should give it. Not Great Country or Humanity. They are silly names to call something so messed up in people's emotion. I realized that the World's problems are different from Humanity's. Humanity only worries about when they get paid on how long can your car take you. Stupid, useless things...I distaste them. the World's problems are simple and I can understand them better. Like, when can the flowers bloom? Will there be rain? And will their be a great sunset at the end of the day?

So, I ask you again what is the world?

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  • [02/18/11 12:47am]
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