hello my name is highyata. ive been curious but, why do people hate noobs! well i keep on hearing mean comments about noobs, wich afend me because i 2 days old on gaia. im typing this for all the noobs out there that get picked on. today i was on gaia and i was asking people questions and they kept on calling me a "noob" cry they also said "ewww a noob" and run away from me. crying it makes me mad.
for example,a guy said this to some other noob, "GET THE ___ AWAY FROM ME YOU NOOB!" not cool man not cool. the thing i dont get is why do they make fun of noobs. is it a joke,is it for fun,i mean what! tell us y u make fun of us,thats all i asking for! what is in us that they see bad!? were only humans! were just like you regular people,just registered allot sooner! how did noobs get this reputation,its just us wanting to try new things, i say there is nothing wrong with that!!! biggrin
So id like to know y people make fun of noobs. if u know y then please comment.
i hope you have enjoyed my journal. plz comment,and tell me what i did wrong and what should i aprove on,oh and there might be some typos sweatdrop
hope you have enjoyed!!! biggrin

(this goes out to all the noobs in the known online worlds of the internet)